Sunday, September 30, 2012

On The Way To Canton

OK, now remember, I left on Wednesday to go to Canton, TX to the First Monday Flea Market.  Well, I left early so I could hit a few places on the way because my friend Diann would not be there until Wednesday evening.
My first stop was Atoka, OK.  I just got off of the main road and went downtown and found this darling shop - Muddy Boggy Antiques and Collectibles.  It was awesome.  Let me show you what I got.
First of all, look at this gorgeous piece of cream colored McCoy!!!  Then, this precious set of vintage children's dishes with the cherries on them.  And the beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers.  They are huge - about 6".
I found this huge old bowl full of buttons for three cents apiece.  So, I shuffled thru all of them and picked out a sack full.  Got these little tin jello molds and this really pretty blue and white dish with lid.  It was probably a sugar bowl.  The lid has the sweetest little top on it. There's also a small sack of tiny white pearl buttons laying there.
These are just amazing.  They are clothing you could order from a company Fashion Frocks, Inc. out of Cincinnati, OH.  The pages include a sample of the fabric on each page. 
One page reads "Attractively Styled Wash Frocks".  You could order 3 garments for $5.50.  The deposit was $2.00 and the C.O.D. price was twelve cents.  If you didn't order C.O.D., the shipping was free. One garment was $2.19 with a thirty cent deposit.  I am thinking these were from the 1940's?????

So, to recap my first day on my trek:
Six antique stores
Four Ross stores
Three TJMAXX stores
One HomeGoods
And a partridge in a pear tree......
To tempt you with my Canton trip, look at the mum plant I got.  This baby is over three foot wide and just bursting with blooms ready to pop.  They were 2/$25.00.
More on Canton Day later....
Till next time, Judy

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall is Here!!

Fall is definitely in the air.  The nights are getting cooler and the daytime temps are just in the 90's.  (You must remember all of the 110+ temperatures we had all summer.  90 is good for us!)

It doesn't look like we will have many pretty colored leaves this Fall.  John says it's because it's been so dry and we've been under drought conditions all summer.  The tree leaves have been mostly brown and burned up here all July and August.

But, thank goodness for artificial flowers and leaves. 

This old birdhouse planter has weathered many winters.  I bought it at a craft show many years ago but still enjoy it.

I tucked some artificial pumpkins in my flower bed with a couple of small pots of REAL mums.

The darling bench was a gift from one of my clients whose home I helped with.  On Christmas Eve, she and her husband came carrying this in.  I was so surprised.  She said she remembered that I loved it when we were out shopping and wanted to get it for me.

So, it sits out on my covered front porch and I decorate it for the seasons.

See that large white cast iron grate thing? It is sitting beside the birdhouse planter.  I got it at an Estate Sale and don't know what to do with it.  Any suggestions?  It's about four foot long and heavy, heavy, heavy.  I keep thinking I will have a sudden inspiration - but not yet.

I have been so blessed to have so many clients that I have worked with during my Interior Design days.  These people have all become dear friends - not just clients.  We all celebrate good times and not so good times.  I am blessed that the Lord put so many kind people in my path in that field.

After you work months and months with someone in their home - whether it's old or new - you do become part of their family. So, I am really thankful to have this extended family.  So many of them were so dear to me when we were going thru all that we did with Landen and they will be precious to me forever.

Till next time, Judy

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Old Office Chair Redone

Do you have one of those old, ugly, brown leather office chairs that the "leather" has cracked on?  Well, I did and it scratched my legs when I sat on it.

So, one day I decided to recover it.  It was fairly easy.  I used Moda fabrics.  I covered the seat with a layer of batting and the fabric and covered it just like you do a seat on any chair.  Pull it taunt underneath and staple it.  Remember, to work from center top to center bottom and then center left to center right.  Then work in the fabric in between your staples.  That way, you won't have an excess of fabric at one point.

Lay the chair down and trace the back on newspaper.  Add a seam allowance.  I added a pocket to the back of mine.  Add a layer of batting on this part also.  You know me, I had to add to it so I added vintage lace doilies, coordinating cording to the bottom, a ruffle and a strap across the back.  Look at the beautiful vintage buckle I used.
So now, my chair looks better and definitely sits better.
Till next time, Judy

Memory Plates and off to Canton, TX

This is one of my Memory Plates.  You've seen my Memory Pillows hopefully.  This is another take on using things from your past to display daily for your enjoyment.
This is an antique cream platter.  I Mod Podged the vintage doily onto it and let it dry. Then I added a photocopy of a vintage photo and a vintage postcard.  When I applied them, I used a small square of foamcore so that it would stand out from the plate. The last thing I did was add a cluster of hand-dyed crinkled seam binding.
This is another version.  Each piece calls for something different.  This one has a smaller doily glued on the center and a picture added along with a cluster of small vintage buttons.  I added the cluster of crinkled seam binding from which hangs an old key.
I do have some of these for sale in my Etsy shop, but they really are easy to make.  I make them so that you can take the picture and/or postcard off and put on your own special memories.
As you read this, if I can download it from my I Pad (remember, I'm not real computer savy), I will be at Canton, TX at the First Monday Trade Days flea market with my dear friend, Diann from Baird, TX. 
So, just think about what Saturday Treasures will be this week!!!!!!
Have a great weekend!
Till next time, Judy


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Collection


Yes, I have another collection.  It's really all my Mother's fault.  She love to collect some of the neatest things and I guess it rubbed off on me.  No, I know it rubbed off on me.
Mom always had a pretty dish full of vintage salt shakers sitting somewhere.  She would pick up odds and ends of sets when she and Dad antique shopped.
One of the things we did when Mom passed away was to give her friends a salt shaker from her collection.  They all knew how much she loved her collection.


This set was a set she had that I inherited.  I love each and every one of them. They are all so unique and special. Love the pretty platter too.  Look at the teensy tiny ones.  They are all worn but so precious.

Another thing I love to make out of the vintage salt shakers is a tassel.  They all turn out so different. 

This is one I made that I kept.  It has yellow roses.  It is special because of the yellow roses - that's what I had in my bridal bouquet!!


Till next time, Judy
Monday, September 24, 2012

Projects with Vintage Books

I love to use old, vintage books for projects.  You can find them at thrift stores, yard sales, etc.  Sometimes, I leave the outer covers as is, but alot of times they have printing or something I want covered up.
To start out this project, measure out how big you want your cut-out part to be and draw on the cover.  Then, using an Xacto knife, carefully cut out the cover and a dozen or so pages of the book giving you an indentation.  Be careful and go slow.  It takes repeated times to cut thru the cover.
  This book had a bold imprinted title on the lower part of the cover. So, I simply painted the whole book in a ecru color.  Then I antiqued down the edges with a burnt umber color. 
I then glued a wide band of lace across the bottom where the printing was.  I added a portion of a doily across the top and a scattering of tiny, vintage buttons. 
I used scrapbooking letters to spell out MOM because this was in memory of her.  The tiny cupie doll was found in her jewelry box after she passed away.  So, I wanted someplace to show her off and now, she sits in the book protected, on my coffee table.
This one is rather plain, but I still like it.  I cut the opening out to match a window frame out of the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby.  Then painted it to match the blue of the cover.  I used an old book page to cover the spine of the book.  I use Mod Podge for alot of these projects. 
Then, thinking it needed something else, I glued a copy of a little girl on the inside like she was looking out the window.  I think it will be cute to put a tiny Christmas wreath at the top of the window for the holidays.
This is probably the first book I altered and one of my very favorites.  I did this for my husband.  I cut out the section of the book pretty deep to hold his belt buckle and his pocket knife he had as a child.  I included a couple of pictures - one with a friend and one when he was in a band in the first grade.  Is that not the cutest thing you ever saw?
I used scrapbooking "buttons" to spell out his name.  Then, I added a quote about friendship.
So, go get yourself some old books and go to town!
Till next time, Judy

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Treasures

Whoa doggies!!! (That's Oklahoman for boy, did I have a good day shopping at garage sales and Estate sales.)  I even had to take two pictures to show my treasures.
In this first picture, going from back left I found:  a planter with a girl in a red hat,  a beautiful blue saucer, a dish with red and white polka dotted bow, two little chalk dolls, a Humpty Dumpty, crocheted glass cozies, two cream colored little birds, a trio of small white pieces - a salt and pepper shakers and don't know what the other piece is, a birdhouse wall pocket and a tiny box of darning and mending spools of thread.
The blue saucer is stamped "Mason's 'Bour Bells' English Ironstone".  The three piece set has a little base that the pieces  sit on and it is marked  "Marutomoware - Made in Japan", and the two bowl with the red and white polka dotted bow is marked "Shawnee".

These two little chalk dolls are barely 2" tall.  Aren't they cute?
Look at this little box of darning and mending thread.  It only measures 2" x 5".  So tiny and cute.

This is my second "bunch".  I found a mannequin that I need to recover, a beautiful white china planter that has china roses all around the top, a snowman plaque, a cruet set, several salt and pepper shakers and a whole bunch of vintage post cards.  SCORE!!
I was so afraid that I would not be able to find things while the flea market was closed, but.....
Till next time, Judy
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall and Painted Flower Pots


OK, I'm beginning to get into the spirit of Fall.  This old wagon I've had for years and each fall, I fill it with real flowers and some not so real.  I got the wagon new but use it outdoors, so it looks old from the weather.

How about a quick and easy Fall project?  These are some painted flower pots I do every year.  You can usually get the flower pots on sale pretty cheap.

On to the the Candy Corn and/or Pumpkin Flower Pot!!

  You might want to do several at a time since you do them in the steps as follows:
These pictures and instructions are for the candy corn flower pot.  I'll tell you farther down about the pumpkin one.  Take a plain terra cotta flower pot (duh) and spray paint it white. I suggest you use a primer because the terra cotta clay pots really soak up the paint.
   After the white paint dries, cut candy corn shapes out of Contact paper.  You can buy this at the Dollar Tree.  What I got was a wood grain Contact paper.  Adhere the Contact paper to your white pot randomly around the sides. Make sure you have the edges down securely.
Next, spray paint the whole pot black.  Spray over the Contact paper cutouts.
Next, splatter the black pot with bright orange paint.  To do this, thin your acrylic paint down with water and load your brush.  Then take your finger and pull back the bristles and it will cause a splatter effect.  Try this on paper first until you get the hang of it. 
As soon as this dries, carefully take off the Contact shapes and you have your candy corn ready to paint.  The reason for this procedure is that you would never get the bright white, orange and yellow on top of the black if you painted it all black to start out with.
Carefully paint in the candy corn in a bright yellow and orange.  The white undercoat serves as your white part of the candy corn.
I added a orange swirl around the top.
Now to the pumpkin flower pot!!
This one is so much quicker.  Start out by using a sponge* and covering it in orange.  Do a least two coats.  Then sponge a little darker orange and dab on some yellow.  No pattern - just a variation in color.  The use of the sponge really helps cover up the flower pot. 
* I buy 1" foam at JoAnns and cut into squares and fold them up to use in painting.  This works very well and is less expensive than buying the foam brushes or pouncers.
Now, just paint a Jack-O-Lantern face on and you are done.
These are fun to do with your children and they will love it.  Now, if you have your nails done, your manicurist will not like it.  It really makes a mess under your nails.  Oh well....
Till next time, Judy
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Girls' Painted Furniture

I promised to show you some of my painted little girls' furniture this week, so here goes!!
This first chair was for a little fashion diva!!  She wanted the bright hot pink and black because she was using a black and white zebra print also.
This next set was in a beautiful lilac color.  It included a little what-not cabinet that I painted scrolls on the sides.  And then, the precious little table and chairs.  I painted an actual place setting on it.  I regret that I don't have a picture of the finished pieces.  I made darling little lilac and white checked seat cushions with ruffles and big ties.
I found the old wooden headboard at a thrift store and decided it would be cute for a little girl with a matching side table.
Last, but not least, a small stool for a little missy.  I painted a hot pink leopard print and then typical little girl things - a diary, CDs, cell phone, purse, etc.
So, hope you enjoyed the girl items.  I very seldom ever paint anything twice.  I like to do something different every time. It's never hard to come up with a new idea to paint.  Enjoy!
Till next time, Judy

Monday, September 17, 2012


OK - You don't have to agree with me!!  Hear that John, Dorothy & Brenda?
What I mean is that I am working on bats this week for my Etsy shop.  They are so cute!!
They are made out of wood and painted with 3-4 coats of a flat black paint and then 3 coats of chalkboard paint.  Yes!!  He's a chalkboard.
"Batty" comes with a hanger of jute rope and a small burlap sack attached with jute rope containing a piece of chalk.  These are so cute hanging out by (not on) your mailbox for you to leave or message.  Or if someone comes by and misses you, they can leave you a note.
He measures 6" x 13" and is for sale in my Etsy shop!!
Till next time, Judy

Using Vintage Linens on Projects

This is a short how-to on using your collection of vintage linens, lace and doilies to make items you can use in your home.  This way you can enjoy the items rather than have them neatly folded away in a drawer.

The first picture has two Christmas stockings made out of vintage tablecloths.  I cut the stocking pattern using a focal point of the tablecloth.  Then, I used chenille for the cuff to add to the vintage look of the stocking.  

Adding buttons - some old and some not so old - just add more interest.  I hand sew the buttons on very securely so I don't have to worry about them coming undone.

The two pillows are made using a vintage doily and a piece of lace.  I place them on the backing fabric and then pin it.  I then hand sewn them with matching thread taking tiny stitches to secure the vintage piece.  I also machine stitch the lace on the edges several times to prevent it from coming unraveled.

This pillow was a very old hand towel.  I folded it in two and used the fringe edge on the pillow front.  I love the detail on this - simple, but beautiful!  I decided that it needed the black ball fringe to complete the look.

Always wash your linens in cold water before you start working on them.  Press them getting out any wrinkles you can.  A lot of time I have to reposition the design according to where there are creases.  Some of these creases have been there a very long time and will not come out.  So, plan accordingly.

An old tablecloth with these georgous cherries had alot of stains in the center which was where the food probably was.  But, the edges with the border print was still just so pretty.  I cut the center panel out, added red rick rack and then a band of red and white polka dotted fabric on each end.

This one was using the vintage end of a table runner as a "flap" on this envelope style pillow.  It is sewn in at the top but not on the sides, so it hangs freely.

The Scotty dog pillow was made similar to the cherry pillow.  The Scotty image was a vintage piece that had holes in it, but the cross stitch design was so precious that I had to use it.  So, I added the black and white polka dot fabric to the sides and added white ball fringe.  I saved the Scotty!!

By adding a red print on the side and at the top, I was able to use this red floral vintage fabric to make a sizeable pillow.  I love using cording on pillows.  I added a cluster of buttons in one corner for an extra touch.  Once again, sewn on securely.

You will notice my pillows are all different sizes.  Very seldom do I make a standard size pillow because of the fact that I start out with an idea and then just add to it.  I never know what size it will end up.  So, as a result, I hand stuff all of my pillows with polyfil.

Hope you enjoyed this and it will give you inspiration to take some of your collection and make it part of your everyday life.

Till next time, Judy
Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Treasures

A Saturday without the flea market!! Alas!! What will I do with myself? 
Well, I'll stop at an Estate Sale on my way over to Brenda's.  And look what I found!!
Two pink and white chenille bedspreads for $2.00 each, two children's chairs, an old wooden window frame, a pretty crocheted potholder and a salt shaker!! 

Not too bad!
I also got Brenda an old vintage wooden ironing board.  We had just been talking about those a week or so ago.  She mentioned how she would like to have one.  So, now she has one.

The two little wooden children's chairs are so cute.  They are really small.  They will make 1st Birthday Chairs for some little one.  One of them had one of the spindles gone out of the back, but Mr. John already has it repaired.  He's so good!
The crocheted piece is a basket that is open at the top.  I have seen some of these that held potholders, so I assume that is what it is for.
These two pink and white chenille bedspreads are much more pink than they look here.  They will make some pretty pillows.
Can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with the old wooden window frame.  Hopefully, I'll have it done by mid-week.
So, I delivered the ironing board to Brenda, played with her pups and came home.  Miss Bella is loving the cooler weather and wanted to play ball.  So we did.  She plays catch several times a day and when she is finished, she just lays down and is done.
Till next time, Judy

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Chair for a Friend

In trying to figure out what to give a dear friend for her birthday, I thought "What about a chair about friendship?".  So, a chair is about the easiest thing for me to do.
I started with a wooden chair and cleaned it up and sanded it slightly.  Then I put several coats of a flat white spray paint on it (I use Wal Mart's $.97 flat white spray paint).  After letting it set for a day or so and completely dry, I started the fun part.
I base coat furniture with at least two coats of acrylic paint.  In this case, I picked the colors from the patchwork fabric I was going to use for the seat.  I used a sage green, cream  and a country blue.
I painted the back slats in patterns that were on the fabric.  I then painted a small wooden plaque with the friend quote on it and added a rolled rose I made out of the patchwork.
I then finished it off with several coats of a non-yellowing water based spray varnish.
As I finished this up for this special friend, I realized how lucky I am to have so many friends whom I have had for a very long time.  I have new friends whom I treasure and am very blessed to have quite a few "vintage" friends.  I am so grateful for what they mean to me and my family.
"Everyone has a best friend during each stage of life - only a precious few have the same one......" 
Till next time, Judy  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Busy As A Bee...

So, I really have been busy this week!!  I had a bride-to-be contact me and ask me to make 25 of my Memory Pillows for her wedding reception.  These pillows are each very unique because I use vintage lace and vintage doilies on each one.  The lace and doilies are all hand-sewn on and then rosettes, pearls, crinkled seam binding, etch. are added making each one an individual heirloom piece.
Each pillow has a pocket formed by the doily and/or lace into which you can add vintage photos, postcards, etc.  This bride is putting a thank you note and a wedding photo in each pocket.  Then the pillows will be placed on the chairs  at the reception.  Neat idea!!  My granddaughter has already made a note of this for her wedding - some day. 
This is something I sit and work on at night and then spend a day sewing them up and a day stuffing them.  Keeps me occupied to say the least. 
Thought you might enjoy looking at the various pieces - they are all so different.  Enjoy!!
Till next time, Judy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lamp Redo

Do you remember the two lamps I got at the flea market last Saturday?  I only paid $1.00 apiece for them. 

Look at it now!!

I gave the base a coat of red spray paint after I taped off the electrical parts.  It took the paint wonderfully.

First, I stripped all of the fabric off of the wire shade.

Then, I took 1" strips of torn fabric and knotted it at the top of the shade, pulled it taunt to the bottom and knotted it again.  Then I snipped the fabric off leaving about a 2" tail at the top and the bottom.

I got this idea from Cain's Creative Cabin.  Dawn made a lamp like this and I was blown away and knew I had to make one for myself.

Thanks Dawn for the inspiration!!

Till next time, Judy


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