Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bella the Bumblebee

Bella the Bumblebee says
Happy Halloween!!

My View On Life

So, I think this really tells you my view on life!!  I really do keep pretty calm regardless of the situation and I get a big thrill out of buying shoes!!  I love shoes!!
I hate the fact that due to foot problems (and age) I can't wear the 5" heels that are so popular right now.  I wore pretty high heels when I was younger - much younger!
So, I look at all of the pretty shoes and then buy the ones that are the most comfortable (which usually are Clarks).
It's not a fun stage to be at in life.
But, I still like to buy shoes!!
Till next time, Judy

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Last Hoop Project (for a while)

I promise this will be last embroidery hoop project for a while.  This would make such a great Christmas present for anyone in your family.
Gather your supplies:
Embroidery Hoop
Fabric (I used Osnaberg)
Acrylic Paint
Painter's Tape
Sponge or Foam
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Paper Towels
Remember to put a hard surface underneath your fabric to stencil.  Tape it down good all around the edges.  Form your sponge or foam into a ball and dip in the acrylic paint and dab several times on a paper towel to get most of the paint off.  Then gently dab the color on the stencil.  I only used dark brown and a green.
Put your fabric in the hoop centering your design. Cut the excess fabric off leaving enough to go over the edge and glue in the back.  Pull the fabric taut and glue on the back inside with hot glue.
Now, with a heart paper punch, cut the number of family members you need out of scrapbooking cardstock.  I cut mine out of a deep red.
Take a Sharpie fine point pen and write the family member's name on each individual heart.  Lay them out on the tree and when you get the layout to please you, just put a dab of hot glue on the back and glue them down.
Run a bright colored ribbon thru the top and you're ready to hang it or wrap it if it is a gift.
Till next time, Judy

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Saturday Outing in Arkansas

Week before last, my husband and I took off with the intentions of going into Arkansas to hit a bunch of the Arts and Craft Shows.  But, we didn't make the ones we headed out for.  Instead, we stopped at every little place that looked interesting.  And boy oh boy, did we have fun!!

We first found this darling little shop - Cottage Haven right inside the Arkansas line in Springdale.  It was such a cute shop and the owner was so sweet.  It had some really cute items.
Then, down the road a little farther, we found this huge flea market.  And these are my treasures.......

Look at this precious little cream pitcher (I guess??) in the chintz pattern, the tiny silver box with a china top and the darling little ceramic rocking horse that is a bank.

I found these two white dinner plates with the dark green border and the little spray of cherries.  Isn't this salt and pepper shaker adorable.  The stand is silver and the strawberries are glass.

In the first picture, you'll see a few additional items I found:  some red hankerchiefs, a whole roll of white with red polka dotted ribbon, a big bag of buttons, a carrier with little glass bottles (it's not old) and a fabulous rusty, bedspring wreath.  I had a bunch of bedsprings, but when I saw this already made up, I thought it was worth it to buy it and not have to wire mine together.

My splurge was on these two original hand painted pictures I got in Bentonville at a craft show.  A very talented artist from Nebraska had painted them.  I saw the big square one when I entered the convention center and after going thru the whole show, that was the only thing I really and truly wanted. 

The one above is a window pane.  She actually painted on the glass.  The verse around the tree says "This family is like the branches of a tree, no matter which way we go, we still have the same roots". The painting is magnificent.

I am going to use this as a starting point when I redo my kitchen - hopefully before long.
This is her second piece I purchased.  The snowman is out of old book pages and she has painted on top of it.  He is on wood.

So, we had a delightful day.  The day was warm and sunny and the trees were so so.  Not as pretty as I would have liked.

As we in the middle of the U.S.A. enjoy our Fall weather, let's remember to pray for the East coast as the hurricane passes thru. 


Till next time, Judy
Sunday, October 28, 2012


Thanks to the wonderful crew at Office Depot, I am back in business!!
Thanks guys!!
Till next time, Judy

Another Hoop Project

I have another easy hoop project for you today.  This one is very similar to the first one. 
Put your fabric in the hoop and draw it very taut.  Cut off the extra fabric leaving enough to fold over the edge and glue down.
Then you want to glue it down with hot glue.  Be sure and use a fabric with some substance because of the weight of the items we are going to glue on.
After you have glued the fabric down on your hoop, then the fun begins.  Start adding your pieces.  In this project, I added the vintage doily at the bottom, letting part of it hang off the bottom of the rim of the hoop.  I love this effect!
I added a strip of lace across the side and a small doily on the upper left hand side.  I then cut a small piece of linen and - BELIEVE IT OR NOT - the words Bon Appetit are spelled out with those rub on letters!!  I had no idea that would work, but it did wonderfully.  I wouldn't use them on fabric that was going to have a lot of handling, but it'll work for this.
Glue the small fabric piece on and then attach your vintage silverware.  I was lucky enough to have a set of three pieces of vintage silver that matched.
I then ran a piece of vintage lace thru the top and it was ready to hang.
Hope you enjoy this.  I have one more hoop project and then we'll move on to something else, OK?
Till next time, Judy

Monday, October 22, 2012

Computer Problems

Sorry, but I'm having computer problems and don't know how to download my photos from my iPad, so....

Will be back hopefully tomorrow with another fun embroidery hoop project.

Till my computer's fixed, Judy

Another Gift to Make or Keep For Yourself

I have several of these old embroidery hoops laying around (a few I got at an estate sale week before last).  Some are older than others, but I thought I would do something with them today.

So, I gathered up some supplies.  I decided to make a wallhanging relating to vintage sewing items to hang over my sewing machine!  I gathered up rick rack, vintage lace, vintage buttons, snaps, pincushion and spool of thread.

I used a heavy fabric kind of like Osnaberg - only much heavier.  You must have something with some body to it to support the weight of the items you glue onto it.

Lay your hoop down and cut a circle a couple of inches larger.

Lay your hoop on top of the right side of your fabric.  This is to use as a guide to where to put your items.  Make sure you allow enough of the trims, etc. to go over the edge of the hoop when you put them together. I just hot glued my items.

Then, place your decorated fabric over the bottom hoop and put the top hoop with the screw on.  You may have to loosen the screw to get the fabric on there.  Try to be careful when you are gluing to not get much glue where the hoop goes.  It will make it too thick .

Tighten the fabric in the hoop really taunt.  At this point, trim your edges down if you need to and hot glue the edges to the back side of the hoop.

After I got this all done, I added a vintage pair of scissors and a tiny pincushion.  I had to glue the scissors several places on the edge of the wooden hoop to secure it.  Don't worry - the scissors are not ruined.  The glue will peel off if I decide I want to take them off.

I was amazed that these scissors still cut very sharply.  Look at that tiny crocheted pincushion hat.  It is such little stitching and look at the darling little purse hanging from it!!

I added a red and white checked torn strip of fabric for a hanger.

You could use this method to make something with gardening items - seed packets, etc., children's items, or whatever suits your fancy.


Tomorrow, I will have another "hoop" idea that I think you will really love.  Be sure and come visit.

Till next time, Judy

Friday, October 19, 2012

WOO HOO!! Estate Sale Score


I was innocently coming home from running some errands on Friday and there were Garage sale signs everywhere, but I resisted!! Until, I saw an Estate Sale sign right on the corner and could see it from the street I was on.  I knew it was a sign that I needed to stop! 
So I did!
It was a fantastic sale.  And yes, I did get all of this very reasonable.  You can see the $.25 sticker on the white ironstone pitcher.  It does have a small chip, but with something in it, it'll never show.
Look at the gorgeous round mirror.  They said it had been in the family for over 100 years.  It is 28" round and has the most wonderful frame - not a scratch or chip in it.  I'm pretty sure it will get painted.  The mirror is in fairly good shape - it has a few bad places in it but to me, that just gives it character!
Look at the detail on that mirror frame!!
I love this little sugar and creamer set with the tray!!
I couldn't pass up this cute little kitten with basket planter.  It'll go good with all of my cream colored pottery.
So, in all, I got a mirror, 4 pieces of cream pottery, three red-topped salt and pepper shakers, a blue dish with lid, a piece of silver on little feet, a blue gravy bowl, a little pitcher with green on the top, the big set of salt and pepper shakers and two pieces of jewelry.
Saturday, my sweet husband is taking me over into Arkansas where all of the Arts and Crafts show are this weekend.  I'm going to take my new camera and even if we don't hit the shows, I'll take pictures and have a nice, quiet, relaxed day.
Enjoy your weekend.
Till next time, Judy

Another Christmas Quick and Easy


Do you need another quick and easy idea for Christmas ?  If you have a friend who is into dishes of any kind, this would be perfect and so easy!!
I bought a greenery wreath at HL (I usually buy these kind of things close to Christmas or after - if they have any left - and store them away for next year's projects!) and fluffed it out. 
Then I had this beautiful red transferware plate that says "Fountain Scenery" on the back.  I used one of the regular wire plate holders and put on the plate.  I took a light weight wire and wired it to the heavy wire frame of the wreath and just criss-crossed it across the back of the plate.  I attached it in several places where the plate hanger was on the back.
I added a red wired ribbon bow to the side and Presto - it's done.  Who wouldn't want to receive this as a gift?  Especially if it has a plate that is special to them.
Till next time, Judy
Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Fast and Easy Gift for Christmas

Do you need a fast, easy and inexpensive gift for the holidays?
This is your answer.
I bought this faux silver tray at Dollar Tree.  I didn't want it the shiny silver it was, so I sprayed it with Rustoleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze.
I held the spray can back far enough that it splattered and didn't do a thorough coat of paint.  Just enough to make it look old and dull.
Note:  The actual piece does not have that yellowish tinge to it.  Don't know where that came from.  It shows the color better in the following photo.
I then added scrapbooking letters spelling out JOY.  At the bottom, I took a nail and punched a hole and threaded a hanging crystal like doo-dad from the hole.  Just knot it in there. I found these in the Christmas items at HL.
I then added a simple 1 1/2" black grosgrain ribbon bow to the top and accented it with a vintage earring.
I hot glued a small black ribbon loop to the back to hang it.
You could use all kinds of lettering:
or whatever you desire.
Hope you enjoy making this!!
Till next time, Judy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Hand-Embroidered Handkerchief

"The Hand-Embroidered Handkerchief"
A Necessary Part of Milady's Costume These Days
The American Needlewoman
March 1924
I love to find old needlework magazines from the 20's and 30's.  They always have the most amazing articles in them.  Alot of them have patterns and instructions.
This article I just read told how to draw the threads to get a perfect square.  It informed you that you can get 9 - 12" hankies out of one yard of beautiful linen. 
You must use a very fine needle - 10-12 and two strands of embroidery thread for the design.
You roll the edges and hem them with a fine needle and thread.  Look at those hems.  I could never stitch that tiny!
It was also customary that when you traveled, you purchased a hankerchief from your destination.  Look at the detail on this one and that tiny hemstitched hem.
In conclusion, it said "When dampening and rolling up any articles to be pressed,that have any colored embroidery on them, take a piece of white cloth and lay it between the embroidery and the surrounding material.  This will prevent the staining of any other part of the article, if the colors should run."
Interesting, yes?
Oh, and by the way, you can order an iron-on transfer pattern for seven hankerchiefs for $.15.  No. 488W
Till next time, Judy

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Camera and The Pumpkin Patch


We took our great granddaughter Laynee to the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday afternoon.  Isn't she about the most precious thing you've ever seen?
I took along my camera (naturally) and took some pics.
For those of you who ask, my new camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T3.  I have two lenses with it  - the zoom is 75-300mm. I love that you can just click one picture right after the other.  It's wonderful!!
Till next time, Judy
Monday, October 15, 2012

First Posts With My New Camera

OK, so I have a new camera.  Matter of fact, I've had it several months but this is the first time I've used it. 

Brenda and I went out into the country and these are my first pictures with the new camera.  I don't know much about it except it is a Canon.

We drove and drove (we were actually hunting cows because Brenda says they stand still) and finally came across this pasture with an old barn and a horse.

It was a beautiful day and an old country road.

And a really picturesque country road.

The sun was shining thru the trees.

So, we had a delightful day and I used my new camera.  I was pleased with what I did.  Course, I did have an expert to give me advice.  And I really appreciated it.

Till next time, Judy
Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Treasures


I made a pretty good haul today.  This is my second bonanza this week.  I hit an Estate Sale earlier in the week and will share that with you later.  Around here, the Estate Sales are held during the week and the Garage Sales are on the weekends.
Anyway, to my treasures......
Look at this sweet little cherry cup and saucer.  Don't know what the little white container is, but it'll look cute with my collection of McCoy.  I got four bottles full of vintage sewing items - little scissors, buttons, etc.  Also, some Scotty embroidered pieces, three old wooden embroidery hoops and some lace.
A Christmas print, salt and pepper shakers - the ones in the back are made in Japan, an old picture frame and a cute blue and white candle holder.
You can see the Scotty better here.  A pretty plate, more embroidered pieces, a beautiful Italian woven basket full of cherries, an artificial pumpkin and a cute tote complete my stash today.
Till next time, Judy
Friday, October 12, 2012

Crocheted Potholder Wreath

Do you have alot of the old crocheted potholders from your Mom and/or Grandmother?  Do you have a lot you have picked up at estate sales, flea markets, etc?

Here is a really cute idea to use them and have them out for display all the time.

Start with a plain old straw wreath - you can purchase these at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.  I leave the clear wrapping on to keep the wreath from shedding.

Then, I take old lace - not vintage, just the kind you don't use anymore - and totally wrap the wreath.  This way, if the potholders don't completely cover the area, you will only see the lace versus the straw wreath.  I attach the lace at the start and finish with straight pins.  Be sure to use the ones with the large heads on them so the lace won't slip thru.  You can also add a dab of fabric glue.

This is a sample of the lace I used.

Here is the wreath completely covered with lace.

Now, to the fun part!!

Start with the heavier potholders and the ones with less color.  These will be your base.  Pin them on the back and start adding fabric glue at all of the integral parts - tips and centers

You will start with one potholder pinned on the backside and continue adding potholders as you go around.  Tuck one under another but not in a steady pattern.  In other words, you might tuck one in on the right side and another on the left - just to make an irregular pattern.

If you need to, you can add small doilies to the base part to fill in.  You don't need to worry about the back, just make sure you cover the sides with the crocheted work so that when it is hanging, it looks good.

At this point, you want to look and check out your color arrangement and design.  Some potholders have big patterns (like roses) and others don't.  So, space your patterns accordingly.

Here is another one I did in more pastel shades.

I can find these potholders for around $1.00 - $2.00 at sales.  The red ones are usually more expensive.  Don't hesitate to buy ones with spots on them because you can cover them up pretty easily.

Apply your fabric glue and pin occasionally to hold till glue dries.  You can move them around a bit if you need to while the glue is still wet.  It takes a day or so to completely dry.

Add a ribbon and/or lace hanger and you're done.  Now, isn't that alot cuter than being stored in a box??


Till next time, Judy


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