Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fa La La La La The Trees Are Done and The Guest Room is Ready for the Holidays

Bright and early on Wednesday morning the crew showed up to work on the trees.  This company was fantastic.  I'll tell you more as we proceed.

It was an work of art.  Bella and I spent most of the day just watching in amazement at the skill of these young men.

They certainly knew exactly what they were doing.  Each branch that was cut off was tied to a rope and went down just where they wanted it to go.

When they got down to about 20' the cut the wedge in the bottom of the tree which was about 39" across.

Then, five of the guys pulled on the rope while the tree trimmer finished cutting thru the tree trunk.

And down she went!!  I thought "I bet the neighbors think we've had another earthquake because it really shook the house when it hit the ground".

Anyway, they removed four trees, grinded all the stumps, trimmed the three big trees in the front yard, and cleaned up unbelievably.

Get this - they raked the entire front and back yard, cleaned out my flower beds, trimmed the hedge in front and back yard, swept off the front porch and even cleaned out my gutters!!  All very polite and so professional.  I have no qualms at all about recommending Watkins Tree Service.  If you are in the Tulsa area, their phone number is on the first photo of their truck.

Since I was home all day, I decided in between running to the back to watch the tree work, to add a little holiday cheer to my guest room.

I used the Santa hat arrangement I had made for the Christmas Every Monday series on my little what not cabinet.

Over the bed from the bedposts, I hung a greenery garland, a red and cream garland and a ball garland made out of felted wool.

I put three little trees on this cranberry cake pedestal.

At the end, I decided to add a bow to each end of the garlands.  I had found this gorgeous velvet ribbon with pom poms on both sides at an Estate Sale a while back.

A little story about the Santa pillow.  My Mom did lots of arts and craft shows at Christmas.  She made tons of these cross stitched pillows with Santas on them.

A lady called my sister Rita who lives in Pryor where Mom and Dad lived and said she had something she wanted us three girls to have.  When she brought them, there were probably 12-15 of these hand stitched pillows my Mom had made and sold at a bazaar in Pryor.  The lady who bought them had passed away and the daughter was cleaning out the house.  She immediately knew who had made them because they had my Mom's initials on them.  She insisted on giving them back to us to share.

So, they will always be really special and so will she.

Thank you sweet lady.



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting Ready for the Holidays

This is what getting ready for Christmas looks like at my home!!  As you can tell, Bella is not at all pleased with all of the boxes and decorations invading her space.  I have always wanted a front window to put a Christmas tree in and now I have one.  I had a console table there before and moved it into the dining room temporarily.

It will work for the time being.

Would you believe I have buds on my Tulip Tree?  I hope it doesn't get confused and not bloom in the Spring.  It was so beautiful last year.

Tiffany brought me a couple of neat signs.  This one is so true of her and the little ones!  LOL

This one is kind of hard to read because it is in shiny lettering but it says:  "I don't need an angel on my tree, I already have one in Heaven looking down on me".  It will always be special to me.

I do have my Dining Room decor up.  I am using silver and white on my tree in the Living Room and carried these colors thru to the Dining Room.

Tomorrow is going to be an eventful day.  I'm having three trees taken out of my back yard.  This one is about 75' tall and is hollow on the inside.  If it falls due to ice and/or wind, it'll take out my new storage building.  They are also trimming up all the rest of my huge trees.  I wanted to get this done before we had any ice or snow and limbs could have possibly fallen on my roof.

I would have much rather spent the money on fun stuff but you know, there are just some things that have to be done.

Hope you have a great week and everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  We certainly did with all of our family in attendance.  It's nice have little ones around again at family gatherings.

Oh yes, need to tell you that my granddaughter Cassie had a reveal party on Sunday.  I'm getting another Great Granddaughter!  YEA!



Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Treasures

Went to several big Estate Sales today in Tulsa.  Around here, the Estate Sales usually start on Thursday and go thru Saturday with Saturday being 50% off.  Yippee!

For some reason this has been a busy week.  You know when you have all of those doctors' appointments every six months for check ups and they all fall in the same week?  Well, this was the week.  But it was a good week.  I am in excellent shape for my age is what I was told.  I guess that's good.  LOL

I found three really cute Christmas vintage tablecloths along with some darling red ribbon with ball fringe on it - at the far left of the photo.  

Isn't this berry set adorable - complete with the little sugar bowl and creamer?

A darling little salt cellar.

Some gorgeous plates.

An embroidered scarf which will make a wonderful pillow.

Some more china saucers.

I also found a huge grocery sack full of AG doll clothes, shoes and accessories for $5.00.


I have gotten each one of the little girls an 18" doll for Christmas.  I started on November 1st and am making at least one outfit a day until Christmas Day.  So, they will have their doll plus a suitcase full of clothes.  They will be so excited!!

Have a great weekend.



Friday, November 11, 2016

Sincere Thanks

So, better late than never showing you Halloween sweeties!

First, let me say thank you sincerely for all of the sweet comments about the anniversary of John's passing away.  You will never know how each one of those precious comments helped me thru that few days.  I really think that this year was harder than last year.  Don't know why.

Now on to my little goblins...

Bentley in his Batman costume...

Laynee in her Belle costume...

their cousin Whitley in her Ariel attire...

Kaycee as Cinderella...

Laycee as Snow White.

To say they had a ball Trick or Treating is putting it mildly.  They were on a candy high for several days until Tiffany finally put it all up for safekeeping.

I am putting new Christmas items in my Etsy shop daily.

There are Christmas pillows,

and some really pretty runners

The last runner is made out of vintage tablecloths and can be used year round.

There are few Fall items still left.  Keep checking as I will add new items every few days.

Thank you all again for your love and support.  You are all very special to me.




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