Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring and Fairies Gardens

I can hardly believe what happened overnight in Oklahoma.  I have blooms popping up everywhere.

Yesterday, my grandson and I spent most of the late afternoon working outside - mostly raking and bagging leaves.  Unfortunately when you have huge trees in your yard, that is one of the prices you pay.     Lots of leaves!!

We are lucky in Tulsa, in that if you bag your leaves in clear white trash bags, the city will pick them up.

Look at the rose bushes already.

My gorgeous tulip tree literally bloomed out overnight.  My Mother would have absolutely loved this tree.  It was one of her favorites.

Now, to Fairy Gardens...

I bought this huge array of beautiful little houses that will be perfect for Fairy Gardens.

I have approximately 50 of them in all different colors.

I want to show you the detail in just one...

Look at this beauty!  

So much detail...

Look at the little climbing roses on the side of the house.

If you are interested in any of these for your Fairy Gardens, I will be selling them 3/$12.00 plus shipping.  They are approximately 3" x 3".  I have them in all kinds of homes and shops, so if you have a special request, let me know and I will try to accommodate your wishes.

In the next few days, I will show you some of the really cute ways I have used these houses.

I am not listing these until next week on my Etsy but am giving you all - my faithful readers - first chance.

Have a great week!



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wishing All A Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wishing my Sweetheart in Heaven a very happy Valentine's Day!

Miss him so much but know that God's plans are for a reason and knowing that John is in Heaven in perfect health helps so much.

Happy Valentine's to you all!


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Do You Ever Shop At Habitat for Humanity??

Last week while we were finishing up the deck and pergola, I ran by Habitat for Humanity to see if, by chance, I could find some old railing - wrought iron, wood, anything.

Well, they had none but look what I did find~~

This gorgeous solid wood king sized headboard made by Thomasville with burl wood


I ran home and got the truck and went back to get it.

If you remember what I had in my master bedroom before--

I had an antique looking wrought iron headboard in a sage green color.  I liked it and will keep it but when I got pillows on the bed, you couldn't see much of the headboard.

If you don't remember, these are the pieces I have in my MBR....

an antique dresser that was my folks...

this antique used as a night stand...

one of my favorite pieces, this armoire that houses my television...

and this beautifully carved piece hung above my long skinny window.  This piece was purchased at an estate sale.  It was actually the side rail for an antique bed.  I fell in love with it and immediately knew what I would do with it.

All in all, the woods are all matched almost perfectly.
It certainly was a good day to shop at Habitat.  I go by there on a regular basis because you never know what you are going to find.  

And to think, I wasn't even looking for a headboard.




Thursday, February 2, 2017

I Am Ready For Summer!

Well, my Grandson finally got my deck and pergola finished and I am in love with it.  We still have to stain the steps the same color as the Trex decking but it will have to wait until it gets above 31 degrees.  BRRR!

I am so pleased with it and anxious for warm weather to get here.  Bella and Laynee have already played out there quite a bit, but then it turned into winter again.

He also put the lattice around the base of my storage building.  I was continually having to pull Bella out of the underneath while she was chasing the squirrels. She would get under it and then get stuck. We don't have near as many since the big tree was cut down. See the tree stump on the right side??  We are going to make some kind of little table for the girls to play on.

I haven't decided where I'm going to put the small wrought iron table so am waiting till I have time to play with that before mounting the chandelier.  Can't wait to get the white sheer curtains up either but that will be in good ole summertime.

I have plants popping up everywhere.  This crazy Oklahoma weather is driving the flowers really crazy.  It's in the 70's one day and then 30's the next.  They don't know what to think.




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