Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Last Two Saturday Treasures!

Don't get me wrong - this isn't my last Saturday Treasure, but the last two Saturdays that I shopped, OK?  I was busy helping Brenda get ready for her move and just did not get the last two weeks posted - got it?
As you can tell, I hit a motherlode of vintage lace and trim.  I was just shaking because I was so excited.
I got two vintage tablecloths, a lot of crocheted potholders and doilies and many linen pieces with wide crocheted bands.
Found this darling, curvy little set of sugar and creamer and tray all in Silverplate.
A cute little Silverplate basket.
Love this intricate little Silverplate dish and oh my, that little pink plate is the sweetest thing.  It is marked Bavarian china, #239 Everett Studio Hand Painted.
This darling little pitcher and/or creamer.  The blue crocheted trim you see is crocheted around blue rick rack.
Some cute little pieces.  The two separate pieces I think are chalk and the other one is china marked Japan.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let's Make Some Fabric Tassels!

Let's make some fabric tassels, OK?  I think these are fun to make, can be made out of any fabric and are so cute hanging on door knobs and/or cabinet knobs.  So, let's get started.
You will need:
Cotton Fabric
Hot Glue Gun
To start off, tear - it's very important that you tear and not neatly cut these strips - your fabric strips.  I tear mine 3/4" wide x the width of the fabric - normally 45".  You want to cut  six strips. You will use five for the tassel and the extra one for the hanger and to tie off your tassel.
Then you will cut the strips in two - which means you'll have five strips 3/4" x 22.5".
Fold the strips in half and take your extra strip and knot at the top.  This will be your hanger.
Go down 1 1/2" from the top and wrap tightly with your extra strip.  When you get this wrapped, hot glue it.
At this point, you will want to trim up your bottom of your tassel in case you have any strips that are way too long.
You can see in this photo, I made one of mine a tad smaller.  Just trim them to the length you want.
These are fun to make in any color you want, very little fabric is required and they are super quick.
So, go make yourself some tassels.

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Most Precious Gift

I received the most precious gift(s) from a reader named Ruth.  She and I have communicated back and forth for some time now.  This package came in the mail and I was almost in tears going thru all of the goodies in the box.
There were these two beautiful hatboxes filled to the brim with these....
A beautiful assortment of Blue Willow children's dishes.
You may recall that I have some of these and am always excited when I pick up a few pieces at sales. 
This is the darling card she sent with the package.  Do you think it and my entry wallpaper are related?
She wrote the sweetest note and I will treasure it always.
As if that was not enough, she sent me a beautiful yellow shoe - MC COY!!!!!!  She knows me pretty well.
But, look what she made for my dollhouse - she crocheted these tiny doilies and a small rug - but, look at the tiny potholders!!  I put a dime beside them so you could see how tiny they are.  Amazing talent this woman has.  And the little white handtowel has a hand embroidered flower on it.
I cannot wait to start on my dollhouse and use these precious gifts.
Thank you so much Ruth!!
One thing I have learned for sure, is that bloggers are undoubtedly the sweetest and most giving people I have ever met.  I just cannot tell you how many people wrote me wanting to know what they could do to help Brenda with her move.  Such compassion and love for someone they have never met. 
The move is done and finalized.  Brenda is a new person in her new home.  There's a lot of confusion until she gets everything "just right", but I keep telling her it just takes time.  But, thank you all for your concern and love for her.
Stay tuned for a fun project tomorrow!

Friday, April 18, 2014


The sale is over and was a success!  It's kind of sad to see Brenda's house all empty.  Notice I said house - not home.  Brenda is in her new home making it beautiful by the hour.
We had so many people come to the sale and basically sold 90% of everything we had.  I want to thank Kay and Pam for coming to my aid because John was sick.  Thanks to you two!!
Now, that Brenda is moved and settling in, I must get started on my house and my Etsy shop.  So, look forward to lots of new items and posts soon.
Tired Judy

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Sale At Brenda's Is Tomorrow!

Starting at 8:00 in the morning I am having a sale at Brenda's old house of all the things she didn't take with her because of space.
Now, this is a lot of photos and it's hard to believe that her new place is full also.
Wish you all could be here tomorrow.
Here's some photos of some of the things for sale:
It is amazing how much stuff she had in that little house.  So, wish John and I luck and hope we have lots of serious buyers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Old Grey Mare Ain't What She Used To Be!!

Well, the move is complete.  Now, you still can't get around too fast because of all of the boxes and stuff, but all of Brenda's treasures are in her new home.  I am betting that the new home will be a showplace rather quickly.  That's just Brenda for you!  But, I must say, it was more tiring than I thought it would be.  Brenda and I are both worn out.
Her plants all survived the move wonderfully - even tho, we had to cover all of the outside plants with a tarp as we had freezing temps last night.  Today was beautiful tho and the movers were a delight and so careful with everything.  Now, it's just getting everything where she wants it.  But, like I said, knowing her, it'll be done quickly.
Did any of you see the Red Moon last night?  I was still up sewing around 2:00 a.m. and took my camera out to take a picture.....
as you can see, I'm certainly not good with that wide angle lens.  The thing is too heavy and I couldn't hold it steady.  But, trust me, the moon was blood red.  (I will practice using that lens some more - I promise).
Brenda has the internet people coming on Wednesday to hook her all up and she'll be back in business!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flowers and Weather

The flowers are just gorgeous today - at least part of the day.
My phlox just continues to amaze me with it's beauty.
The hostas are unfurling at an amazing rate.
I always love the boxwood because of it's brilliant green .
And I truly love the bright yellow little dandelion flowers nestled in the green clover.
John and I went over to help Tiffany, our granddaughter, finish her yard work.  She had been in Dallas all week at a conference.
And then - suddenly.....
clouds appeared,
and they got darker,
and darker,
and darker.  Then, the winds came up and the rain started.  We got the lawnmower in the truck and by the time we got home, it was raining big time.  We live no more than 3/4 mile from Tiffany's home.  We had just pulled the truck under the carport and it started hailing.
Now, let me explain Oklahoma weather.  It was 81 degrees today.  Tuesday morning it is suppose to be 30 degrees with a freeze warning and by Thursday, it's back to the 70-80's.
Crazy, isn't it?  But, that's Oklahoma weather for you.
Tomorrow, Brenda and I are going to pack up what remaining little stuff she has - like lampshades (and boy, does that woman have a thing for lampshades!), pictures and items too big or awkward for a box, and take them over to her new home. 
The movers come on Tuesday for all of the furniture, etc.
So, her move is slowly but surely, getting accomplished.  This would definitely make an episode of Lucy and Ethyl on
"I Love Lucy"!  If you all only knew!
Wish us luck!!