Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Where Is Fall?

I know it is suppose to be Fall but these almost 100 degree days are about to do me in.  

This is the start of my Fall decor.  My little yellow truck full of pumpkins.  I try to do Fall decor that I can leave out until I start putting up Christmas.

We have had some gorgeous sunsets after these high temp days.

This little concrete bench was my parents'.  It was in their front yard as far back as I can remember.  Originally there was a tree behind it here at my house but a severe wind storm knocked the tree down.  So, the little bench just sits there by itself surrounded by this gorgeous vine.

 The vine all around the bench?  It's teensy morning glory vines.  They are not over an inch wide and open and close just like a morning glory.  They are really sweet.

I still have quite a bit of color in the yard.

I guess some flowers like the heat better than others.

Put the little yellow truck with pumpkins in the Living Room on the bookcase.  

Here's hoping you have a great day!



Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Little Storage Shed

Do you remember when I had my storage shed built last Spring?

I was so amazed at the speed in which they built it.

They had quite a crew including a foreman who didn't measure anything.  He just looked at something and cut it and it worked everytime.  Talk about experience.

They completed it in one day.

The wood was already primed.  So, I had the outside painted white with red trim. (Excuse Bella doing her thing!)

I had window boxes put on it and have really cute black lamps to go on the side of each door.

I love my shed!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Few New Treasures

My sister Jeannie was here last week and we shopped and shopped and shopped.  We also ate and ate and ate.  We have so much fun.

This is my newest piece of McCoy pottery.  Isn't she beautiful?  I don't know the pattern name but I'm sure my dear friend Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage will figure it out for me.  It really looks pretty in the entry.

Found this darling little set of salt and pepper shakers in their own little basket.  Put it in the breakfast room on the baker's rack with all of the red and yellow things.

Got this gorgeous set of ME dishes.  It too, ended up in the breakfast room on the baker's rack.

Found this gorgeous vintage Noah's Ark at an Antique show.  Don't know if you remember or not, but I do collect Noah's Ark items and have quite a few.  In fact, I have enough ornament type pieces to do a whole Christmas tree which I am hoping to put up this year.

The side of this folds out and the top also is hinged.  All of the pairs of animals are metal on a little wooded base with metal wheels.  It is so precious.

This week has been busy.  Went to Laynee's school this morning at 7:15 for a Grandparent's Day breakfast.  Tomorrow I go to Day Care for the twins' Grandparent's Day breakfast.  Don't know how I'll do that with them in different rooms, but we'll figure it out somehow.

Today I ordered tickets to take the girls to the Ice Capades at the Tulsa State Fair.  Laynee and I went last year but we think the twins are old enough to go this year.  We'll see!  LOL

Have a great weekend.


Monday, September 5, 2016

What's Going On Around Here

Just a post about what is going on around here.  I have had these gorgeous flowers pop up everywhere.  I don't know what they are - I suppose some kind of lily????

They are all over the back yard.

Had a very interesting experience on Saturday morning.  My sister Jeannie was here and was up - early as usual.  I was still in bed.  All of a sudden the walls started shaking and rattling and a tremendous roar ensued.  Plates were rattling on the walls but thank goodness, none of them fell.  Some pictures got knocked askew but that was fixable.

Then, we started listening to the news.  A 5.6 earthquake!!  In Tulsa, Oklahoma and it lasted about a minute.  It seemed much longer than that.  So, I've survived my first earthquake that I have felt.

Quite an experience!!

The back fence is covered in these pretty white vines.

These are still blooming profusely.

This is what one side of my front yard looks like.  Remember me telling you a month or so ago that the electric company was starting to put all of the hi lines underground?  Well, this is the start.

This is the other side on the driveway.  Hopefully, it will be finished before too long.

These are the side lights on my garage.  They are original to the house and I love them.

I put my little stone and concrete houses out in the front flower bed.

In the process of the move, in the garage I found a brown paper sack full of bulbs that were from my Mom and Dad's house.  I planted them and look what has come up!!  Elephant ears.  Mother always had those in her flowerbeds.  It's been 13 years since she passed and I can't believe they still bloomed.


If you are interested in any pillows on my Etsy shop, from today until September 10th you can use the code FALL2016 and get a 25% discount.  This is on the 25 pillows already listed.

I am hard at work on Christmas items for my Etsy shop and would just like to clear out some of the pillows.




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