Sunday, May 28, 2017


Tiffany and I made a trip to Pryor (my hometown - about 45 minutes from Tulsa) to decorate the graves of loved ones.  This is my Mom and Dad's graves along side my youngest sister Jane.

My dad was a WWII veteran and was so proud of his service.  

Precious little Landen and the many lives he touched the short time he was here.

This photo needs no words.

Bella, Tiff and I miss you so much John.

Thanking all of the veterans for their service.  How blessed we are to live in this great country.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

It has been a wild and crazy week in Tulsa - weather wise!  Rain and wind has been unbelievable.  I am amazed at how great the flowers and shrubs are doing.  I have lost a few limbs out of trees but nothing major.  Thank goodness I had the trees all trimmed recently.

This hydrangea in the front yard is in full bloom.  I'm always amazed at the coloring on this one.  The other 3-4 I have show no signs of blooms yet.

Aahhhh!  The beautiful peonies have come and gone.

Mother's Day was great.  Good phone visit and card from son.  Tiffany had a graduation to go to out of town, so I ask her if she wouldn't just bring the girls over for the afternoon.  She agreed the long drawn out graduation ceremony was not conducive to little ones.

How can you not have fun with these three?

Laynee serenaded us.

The girls got awful quiet in the playroom and I went to see what was going on.  When it gets really quiet, you know there is something happening with three little ones.

They were playing dress up and guess who got crammed in one of their play tutus?

Poor Bella.  It didn't take her long for me to help her get out of that.

Laynee graduated from Kindergarten this week.  SOB!  They had a program on Tuesday and today was their last day of school.

She was blessed with two great teachers this year.  This is Ms. Manley who took over at semester break for her other teacher, Mrs. Fondren, who...

had this precious little one.  She came back for the children's program.

Last week was our precious Landen's birthday.  He would have been 13.  Can't believe he's been gone that long.  I know he is lighting up Heaven with that smile.

For you that have asked, Bella's arthritis is doing really well.  The meds she takes twice a day (and loves - believe it or not) are really doing the trick.

So, just an inkling of what my past week has been like.  The weeks just fly by so fast.

Have a great week and enjoy life.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Can't Believe I Missed This

I can not believe I missed this fact yesterday!!

"May 8th, 1886 - Atlanta pharmacist John Styth Pemberton invented the flavor syrup for Coca-Cola."

What an important day in history.

When I get all of the boxes unpacked in the garage, I will share with you my huge collection of Coca Cola items.  I have collected them for probably 50 years.

I have lots of vintage Coca Cola bottles in all shapes and sizes.

I had to laugh because many years ago (32 to be exact), Coke announced they were doing away with the original Coke and doing a New Coke.  I went into hysterics.

One night another couple and John and I went all over Tulsa buying up the 2 Liter Cokes - the original.

My house was stocked with Cokes everywhere. I even wrote them a letter telling them what I thought.

They did answer my letter and told me they realized true Coke drinkers were not accepting the New Coke very well and they would be bringing back the original.

I had two 2 Liters left when the original Coke came back.

So, yesterday was a very significant day for me.



Monday, May 8, 2017

I'm Back!!

The last month has been so crazy!!

Above you can see that I had hail several times during all of the rain we have had lately.  No damage tho.

The Peony Bush is just gorgeous...

Bella has certainly been enjoying the deck so far.  I moved her bed out there because it is so much softer than laying on the actual deck.

She had a bad spell with arthritis in her hip.  Just suddenly one day she could not get up.  Rushed her to our wonderful vet and they did a digital XRay and found out it was arthritis in her hip.  She's on meds now and back to her own self.  Gosh, it's scary when our pets aren't feeling well.

Thank goodness she's much improved.

Have been working a lot in the yard.

I have pink iris...

yellow Dutch iris...

don't know what this pretty big bush is...

lots of greenery on the fence...

and hydrangeas in bloom.

Put my bright and cheerful yellow wreath out on the front porch with this hanging basket.

But, what I am most excited about is that I already have tomatoes!!

They have really taken off.

Also, this last month, my babies have had Strep throat and have stayed with me off and on.  Laynee was so kind to share it with me so, I was down about a week with it.

I am also working hard on items for my Etsy shop for my Christmas in July sale.  I am attempting to make 100 items for the sale which will start on July 1st.

Thanks to you who have emailed and checked on me.  It was so appreciated.  Just been busy.

Have a great week.



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