Monday, July 30, 2018


Hello from crazy weather Tulsa, OK!!!

We go from over 100 to 80's in just a few hours it seems.  Right now, we're in a cold front - 80's.

I have had a very busy July and wanted to share what I have been up to with you.  I spent a few days in Missouri with my sister Jeannie at the first of the month.  She had knee surgery and was just beginning to get around.  So, we had a fun time.  Didn't do a whole lot but enjoyed the "sister time".

Then,  Tiffany and I made a wild trip for her to be in a wedding in New Hampshire.  We flew into NYC and spent a day an a half running at top speed trying to see all we could see in that short time.  We had a wonderful hotel - The Renaissance Hotel right across from Times Square.

Then we rode the AmTrak to Boston and on to Salem, NH for the wedding.  We flew home and it took me a week to recuperate.  But, it was an amazing trip.

I'm in the full speed mode on the wedding.  Would love to show you some of the creations I have finished up however, I'm having trouble loading my photos from my phone?????  Will show you soon.

Then to the bad news.  Saw the orthopedic surgeon a few weeks ago and am going to have to have shoulder surgery in October.  When I fell in June, I tore the RotoCuff almost completely in two.  He will probably have to do a "graft"? so I'll be in the hospital instead of a surgery center.  I can't drive for 6-8 weeks and I already know I'll go stark raving crazy.  LOL  The recovery will be long.

Right now, I can hardly use my arm to type on the computer.  So would appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and rapid recovery.  If the rotocuff tears into before then, it will mean immediate surgery.  I'm trying to hold out until after the wedding on September 15th.  

So, just to keep you updated, that's where I've been.  My house looks like a storage facility for flowers and wedding stuff.  Everything is just about done.  It has been so much fun.



Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Is Definitely Here in Oklahoma!

Summer has definitely arrived in Oklahoma!  We are running in the high 90's and the heat index has been around 103-110.  WHEW!  That's hot.  We went from cold weather into hot summer overnight.

Wanted to share some of my past Fourth of July decorations.....

really love this Coca Cola one - it hangs over my desk...

The flowers are doing great.  I water in the mornings and later in the evenings.  They are really drooping by the evening with this high heat.

Am really missing my Bella.

She was just so much company to me.  I still miss her greeting me at the door every time I come home.  I never know when the mail has come because she always barked before the mailman even stepped foot on the porch.  I miss her sleeping beside me at night and waking up so happy every morning.  Pets become such an avid part of the family and it is so hard to get over the loss.

Had a couple of pieces of my red transferware potted at the flea market with succulents.  There is a lady there that sells them and you just bring her a container and she pots them for you.

Here's hoping you have a good weekend and a great Fourth of July.



Sunday, June 10, 2018


If you have followed my blog, you know I have a real fondness for transferware.  I have red, blue and brown.  This shelf is in my dining room and filled with all kinds of beautiful pieces of brown transferware.

A month or so ago, I went to the Tulsa Flea Market and while walking up and down the aisles just checking everything out.......

Suddenly, I see this booth that has this amazing brown transferware pitcher.  GEORGEOUS!!  I talked to the lady and finally got it for $28.00.  I was so thrilled.

I was so thrilled that I wrapped it up and just left the flea market.  Couldn't wait to get home and find a place for it on my shelf.

Then, I thought to myself - self, why don't we stop at Sonic and get a Route 44 Diet Coke and we'll be set for the evening.

So, as I got home, I got out of the car with my gorgeous pitcher safely wrapped and in a bag with handles, my wonderful Rt 44 Diet Coke, my purse and keys.

Took about 4-5 steps and fell on the concrete sidewalk.  Shattered my pitcher and spilled my Diet Coke.  Now, how much worse could it get!!  Well, I couldn't get up.  I fell on the right side really hard and my whole right side was just aching terribly.

Luckily, my phone was in my purse still on my shoulder.  I called Tiff and she and Adam came immediately.  They were afraid to try to lift me up and called an ambulance.  How embarrassing!

Went to the hospital and spent 9 hours with them checking everything out.  I had Xrays and Cat Scans and no broken bones.  Thank you Lord.  I just had deep tissue bruising.

So, to make a long story shorter, I have had constant pain in my right shoulder and am having an MRI on Tuesday and see the orthopedic doctor on Thursday.  I have already informed him that if I have to have surgery, I can not do it until after the wedding in September.  I still have too much to do.

So, no photo of the beautiful brown transferware pitcher.  Wish you could have seen it.  It was a really beautiful piece.



Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Busy Couple of Months

Well, summer is in full bloom here.  We went from April 2018 being the coldest month on record here in Tulsa to May being next to the hottest month on record.  We had no Spring - just went from bitter cold to sweltering heat.

Things have been really busy here the last few months - here's a idea of what I've been doing:

Laynee had tubes put in her ears,
Went to large citywide garage sale in Neosha, MO,
New tires put on car,
Gave a bridal shower for Tiff's friend,
Sister Rita's birthday,
Graduation parties for friends' children,
Graduation excercise for Laycee & Kaycee,
Memorial day,
Laycee had strep throat,
Laynee had bad bite of some kind requiring two doctor's visits,
Made Tiff's bridal bouquet,
Made six bridesmaids' bouquets,
Last day of school for Laynee,
Spent time with my sister during and after her knee surgery, 
And a partridge in a pear tree!


Then Tiff and I are going to NYC and Boston for her to be in a wedding and we'll do some sightseeing also.  NYC is one more thing off of my bucket list!  Only two left after NYC.

Back yard already looks like a jungle.  Have had lots of pretty flowers this month.

And of course, my favorite - yellow roses.

Tiff's wedding plans are coming along nicely.  I think the only thing we have left is ordering the cake.

I have started on the 5 corsages, 10 buttonnaires, 10 table decorations and the decor for the actual ceremony.  Tiff had her bridal portrait made last weekend but I won't be able to share because she doesn't want Adam to see her dress until the ceremony.  Drats.

Hopefully, I'll do a little better.  Have missed you all and thanks to the ones who have checked on my absence.




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