Sunday, June 26, 2016


Some days I just have to quit unpacking and do something creative.  I found this cute little teapot at an estate sale last week and thought I could have fun painting it.

Sorry, I didn't take a before picture - it was late in the evening when I started on it.  I am definitely a "night owl" and love to work at night.  I can't work as late as I use to but still work better and faster at night.

I spray painted it yellow and then added the Mary Englebrittish flowers and polka dots.  Adding the different colors just made it a happy piece of work.

I had this little three dimensional bumble bee that I glued to the top.

I just polka dotted the back side.  It will just be used as decoration and the back will never show anyway.

So, I feel a little more creative now that I have done something other than pack and unpack.  LOL

Thank you all so much for all of the sweet birthday wishes for Tiffany.  She was so touched.  We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse last night to celebrate.  That was after she had packed and moved all day.

Next week, she and I are taking the three little ones on a mini vacation.  We are going to a huge inside waterpark and letting the girls swim their hearts out.  It will be the first trip overnight out with them so it should be a lot of fun.  They are so excited that they are going to stay in a hotel and I don't think they even really know what a hotel is.  LOL



Saturday, June 25, 2016

Help Me Celebrate Tiff''s Birthday

Today is a very special day and I am asking for you to join me in wishing my precious granddaughter Tiffany a happy 28th birthday.

To say she has been a blessing to me is putting it mildly.  She grew up in our home and was just a delight to John and I.  She adored her Poppy.  When John passed away, she did not leave my side for a week.  She knows by my tone of voice what kind of mood I'm in and quickly does what she can to improve my mood if need be.  LOL She calls every morning on her way to work and every evening on her way home.  We have a standing date on Mondays at a local Mexican restaurant.

Several years ago, she took on these three darling little ones to raise.  Long story.  She has given up so much to make sure these precious little ones have a home and a happy life.

She has a degree, works for a doctor and works at a home based business at night after she gets the little ones to bed.  They are very lucky little girls.

This little one has had several bouts in the hospital due to the fact that she was born very early and only weighed 2+ pounds.  Tiff drops every thing and never leaves her side when she is in the hospital.

She is so devoted to these three little girls and has given her complete life to raising them.

I am so delighted that they are moving into my original home.  I know they will all love it.

I am so proud of her and would greatly appreciate it if you would join me in wishing her a happy, happy birthday.

Love you Tiffany and Happy Birthday from JuJu.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Sad and Joyous Day at the Same Time

Today is a sad and happy day all in one.  Today, my old home is completely empty.  As I write this, the carpet people are there stretching out the carpet and cleaning it all to get ready for Tiffany and the three sweet, precious little girls to start moving in this weekend.

Remember the shelf with all of my Mc Coy pieces?  It is now empty and all of the Mc Coy has been moved to my new home.

The spare bedroom was already red with all black and white accents.  The rabbit I painted above the door was Tiff's when she was little.  This room will be the twin's room.  We are doing it all in Minnie Mouse with lots of black and white polka dots.  They will love it.  They are both going into twin beds and giving up their cribs.  Should be interesting!  LOL

This is the door to their room.  This was Tiff's room when she was little.  The girls will certainly enjoy it.

This room was yellow.  Now it is hot pink!  This will be Laynee's room all done in Frozen items.  She is so excited to have her own room.

The closets are all empty.  It is a sad time but I am so blessed that I can do this for Tiff and her girls.  I know they will love this home as much as I did for almost 48 years.  Plus I can still go back at any time and visit my old home.

But, it is still a little sad.  You don't put 48 years of your life in one home and walk away without some emotional ties.  I am just lucky tho that it is still and will always be in the family.

Sad but good.


Friday, June 17, 2016

A Fun and Busy Week

This last week has been exciting and cause for celebrations.

Our precious Laynee turned five.  She had a blast at her birthday party.

The theme was "Princesses" (what else could it have possibly have been).  We had a bouncy house that had princesses and also the cake was princess themed.

The cake was so cute.  It was actually all cupcakes underneath.  Perfect for the kids.  We had fried chicken, baked beans, potatoe chips and fruit.  Thanks to Grandma Debi for all of the delicious food.

My granddaughter Cassie has graduated with her RN degree.  She passed her tests this last week and today is getting married!!  What a whirlwind of stressful events for her.

This is at her shower last weekend.  Her sister Caren is the blonde.  She had a great shower.

The weather has been so warm.  Lots of sunshine but temps all week in the high 90's with the heat factor up to 115 - 116.  But, the clouds are gorgeous.

Because of the heat, Bella and I have been staying inside alot.

Does this say comfort or what?  And yes, she does sleep on my bed but has her own pillow.  She has been having a lot of trouble with allergies this year.  So, yesterday we went to the vet for routine visit and they started her on some allergy meds.

Now, for a walk around the yard.

My Morning Glory tree is almost 5' tall - growing like crazy.  No flowers yet tho.

Still getting beautiful yellow roses.  Sweet memories of John.

Hostas are blooming like crazy.

I planted this flower tower a few weeks ago and the impatients are growing great.

And the elephant ear bulbs I planted are popping up.




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