Friday, January 23, 2015

My Bargain Bulbs

I was at Wal Mart a few days after Christmas and beside the check out stand they had these boxes of bulbs left over from the holidays.
So, I bought one of Paperwhites and one Amaryllis.
When I got home and opened the boxes, the amaryllis had already grown outside of the box.  I didn't know if it would still bloom or not.  These were amazing in that they had a little block of loam in the bottom which you added a cup of water to and it instantly filled the flower pot with rich dirt.  So, I planted the bulbs and quite honestly, I was not even sure I put them in right side up.
A gardener I am not!!
But, the amaryllis stem started growing like a weed.  There were two stalks of the amaryllis.  It just grew almost overnight.
This one stalk had four huge flowers on it.
Hurray!  I spent four dollars for both boxes and I have certainly enjoyed them both.
I have been under the weather all week with a respiratory virus which included a trip to the Urgent Care.  They of course, tested me for the Flu - which I did not have.  So, I've just had the fever, coughing and sneezing all week and have spent most of it in bed.  Bella loves for me to spend that much time in bed.  LOL She does expect me to get up and let her out occasionally and feed her.
But, I think I am on the mend and really do need to get busy updating my Etsy shop for Spring.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Garth On Hold

I know that you are waiting anxiously for my Garth photos but, something came before Garth the last two days.

Kaycee - great granddaughter - one of the twins that was born three months premature has been in the hospital.  NO, she's not in jail!!  LOL

She woke up Monday morning with 104 temp and was rushed to the hospital.  They admitted her with pneumonia - they thought.  Later in the day, another physician diagnosed her with a lung disease associated with the steroids used to develop her lungs as a preemie.

Then today, the lung specialist came in and basically said it was like asthma????  Her lungs have scar tissue from the drugs given her as a preemie and she had some kind of a virus and that's where it landed.

But, good news is that she is home and doing well.  She will just have to have alot of breathing treatments and inhalers.  You hate to think of a baby going thru that starting this young, but if they would not have used the drugs, she wouldn't even be here today.

They will be doing tests on Laycee also because she probably has the same thing.

But, tonight, she is home going strong.

Now, to Garth!!!!!

OMG - it was an awesome concert going about 2 1/2 hours of constant songs - mostly oldies but goodies. I told Tiffany it's kinda crazy to buy seats and then stand up the whole time but the electricity in the room made you stand and clap and sing the whole show.

I think it's rather rare that every song he sang the whole audience sang also - every word to every song.  Everyone knew his songs - the young and the old alike.  The bottom left photo was "The Dance" and everyone had their phones lit up. 

Tricia was very good also.  Garth had done back-to-back concerts on Saturday night so he was a little hoarse, but he was still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

So, if I can get my hands on tickets for this next weekend, I would go again in a heart beat.  We had great seats and the big screen TVs were wonderful.

OK, Judy, now calm down and get back to normal.



Friday, January 9, 2015


Some of you may not know that I am a HUGE Garth Brooks fan - have been since before he was famous.  I did a large craft show and he was sitting on hay bales outside playing the guitar and singing and that was many, many years ago.

Then, in 1997, he came to Tulsa and did a five night show and yes, I went all five nights.  

Well, he's back in Tulsa this weekend and next and I'm going to see him on Sunday night.  I am so excited that I can hardly wait.

So, expect some Garth phone photos on Monday.  LOL

Now, on to less serious business....

Remember the large dollhouse I got last year already assembled?  I decided it was a little much to take on right now so....

John and I were on a little outing back in October and we passed this little junk store in a small town.  I immediately saw this blue dollhouse.  John immediately knew that the thing to do was to stop (I had him well trained).

I sauntered over and looked around at several things and casually ask the gentleman the price on the messed up dollhouse.

Imagine my shock when he said $10.00.  I could not pay him and get it in the truck fast enough.

It is in really bad shape.  They didn't do too good a job on putting on the wallpaper.

Everything is a little cockeyed.  Notice the stairs.  But, on closer examination after we got it home, most of it is things I can fix.  The stairs weren't glued down so it's just a matter of straightening up everything.

The outside is in shambles but nothing I can't fix.

They used an overabundance of wood glue (on shingles) but a Xacto knife and new shingles will take care of that.

So, needless to say, this is my project for 2015.  She sits proudly on my kitchen table where I can work on her when I get the chance.

I think after I conquer her, I'll start on the other one - maybe in the next ten or twenty years????


And think of me with all of those cowboys and cowgirls on Sunday night.  I can hardly wait. (By the way, this was Tiffany's Christmas gift to me - the tickets to see Garth.  She truly knows my heart!)


Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Fabulous Day of Shopping!!

The Monday before Christmas while I was at my sister Jeannie's for a few days, I went shopping!  I'm sure that's a shock to you that know me well!

My two nieces Shelli and Kris were here from California and my very dear friend Sabra who lives in Missouri all went with me and we shopped and ate!!
Jeannie had to work that day.

My most favorite place in the world to shop is in Joplin, Missouri and is called Rangeline Antique Mall.
It is located at 3421 N. Range Line Rd and is very easy to find.

I as if I could take some photos and the owners graciously said yes.  So, here we go.....

First of all, how many places do you go that have a real covered wagon in their store?  (See first photo)

Lots of signs.....

vintage kitchen pieces....

Don't you love this banner made out of book pages of music?  What a cute idea!

Bed Spring hangings....

Lots of cute displays... by the way, that little teak children's bench came home with me for the girls and to use in displays....

Salt and pepper shakers anyone?

Another cute vignette....

About anything you would want to find....

Isn't this a darling display!

And here are some of the sweet people wrapping up part of my haul.  They wrap items up so well and I've never had a piece broken when I got home.

If you are ever in the area be sure and stop by.  You will have a ball!




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