Thursday, August 11, 2016

Been A Little Busy

Do you remember when I thought I was finished with the entry?  I loved the blue painted chest and then I really loved the wooden piece I found for the top of the blue chest.  I loved the pale aqua plates.

But, I wasn't completely happy with the whole picture.

Enter -pale blue/aqua and cream buffalo check wallpaper and new paint color.

My walls were textured so that meant sanding them down and then four light coats of sheetrock mud with sanding in between each coat. YUCK - that fine dust covered everything in the house even tho the doors were all covered in plastic and tape.

But, it came out so smooth and even.  I hadn't even found the paper I wanted yet.  While I was visiting my sister there was a small shop that still stocked wallpaper and I found the perfect paper.

The same day we went to this craft consignment shop and I found this vintage architectural piece already painted.  When I got it home, it was the identical color of my cabinet underneath.

When I got the wallpaper hung, the white that had been painted to prime the new walls was too white.  So, off to Lowe's to get a cream colored paint to match the wallpaper.

My sister Jean came for a few days and helped me paint the other three walls of the entry.  The wallpaper ended up only on one wall.

Then sister Rita came over for a day and they helped me hang pictures and do various things to help me get ready for a brunch I'm doing the end of the month.

Aren't sisters the greatest?

Remember the Singer Bentwood Sewing Machine case I bought for $20.00?  Well, I finally got it open and guess what was inside?

A beauty of a vintage Model 99 Singer sewing machine complete with the knee pedal and perfect little box full of vintage Singer attachments!!  I was thrilled.

Will be sharing with you in the next couple of weeks the completion of several products I am trying to finish up before the brunch. But,this is my "Bronzer Bunch" of friends I've had for over 40 years so they will understand that my "work room" is really my "work room".  LOL



Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Around The House

I have been working on my office which is right off of my master bedroom.  It has brick walls with a sliding glass door going out into the back yard.

I put my old Ethan Allen secretary in there in one corner. (Don't you love the photo with a can of spray paint on the bottom shelf?) LOL Didn't even see that until I pulled up the picture.

These are the curtains I made for the sliding glass doors.  I lined them with a black out lining since they are on a west facing wall.

This loveseat went with my LR couch but I used the aqua chairs in there, so I moved this into the office.  You can barely see that on this wall are wooden shelves and book cases above the loveseat.

Last weekend I went to my sister Jean's for a few days.  We had a great time as always shopping and decorating and eating.  Her daughter Gina came on Saturday and shopped all day with us.  FUN!! My sisters and I always have so much fun when we are together.  As we get older, we seem to enjoy spending more time together.

I had been looking for a smaller bookcase for my living room.  Found this at an antique store in Joplin.  It is perfect for where I want it.

Also bought this gorgeous Singer sewing machine and cabinet at a garage sale for $20.00.  There is a machine in the beautiful wooden cabinet but I can't get the cabinet open.  At the bottom right side is a little round opening that I'm sure has something to do with opening it, but I haven't gotten it open yet.  I plan on putting the wooden case on top of the hutch on my desk in the work room.

Any suggestions?

Also, found this beautiful etched mirror at an Estate Sale.  

I have had this Coca Cola canvas for a long time.  I hung it over my desk in my work room.  

Added a few more angels and a small white shelf to my arrangement in the master bedroom.

This is in the guest room.  And yes, that's me.  I had curly hair back then - don't what happen to it.  But, then again, my Mom was good at rolling our hair so that may have been the result.  I love that in all of our pictures when were were small, we always had on white high top shoes and white socks with lace on them.

Just a few photos from around the house this week.



Thursday, July 28, 2016

Starting On The Master Bathroom

Here is my window originally.

OK, my windows in my new home are old.  The screens are all in the inside????  The windows are also roll out windows.  They will be replaced but not right now.

So, what do you do to make the small window up over the toilet look better but still let in light?

My solution!

I took the screen out and covered it with a small print off white lace panel.  I hot glued it to the metal frame.

Now, the fun part.  I started adding vintage doilies and lace trim.  I did use a fabric glue for all of the doilies and lace.  I was afraid with all of the heat coming thru that window, they might come loose.  We'll see.

The result:

I am just thrilled with the outcome.  The window is small and up very high so you can't see in it plus there are tree limbs in front of it.  But, now it looks so much better.  So now on to the rest of the pink bathroom.

I have decided for now to keep the pink tiles since there are so many other things I want to do right now.  So, I am toning down the pink and working with neutrals.

Now, to the entry project...

It is still a MESS!!  My walls were textured so they have been sanded, mudded and sanded and mudded and sanded........ you get the picture!  The dust is everywhere even tho every door way was taped off.  I have had to put a hold on this project since I injured my foot.  No ladders for me right now, but soon!!

Stay tuned.



Saturday, July 23, 2016


Last Sunday I was helping Tiffany clean out the garage in her old house.  OOPS!!  Slipped on a black plastic trash bag and fell on the concrete floor.  Went home, took a shower and a couple of Tylenol and laid down for a while.  When I went to get up, I couldn't put any weight on the left foot.

Went to the ER and they Xrayed the foot and said I had a couple of tiny bones broken and wrapped it in an ace bandage.  So, Friday I went to my podiatrist and he put me in this brace.  Also, noticed my big toe was all swollen and black.  I had damaged my toe nail and so, he removed it.

But, I am in no pain and the brace is helping with support.  I am very grateful that I didn't break anything else.  This old age is not for sissies.  LOL

Now, on to more pleasant things...

flowers are doing well....

still getting a few roses.  This bush was yellow to start out and now they are soft white????

Lots of these bright little things...

and these gorgeous lilies just popped up all over the flower beds yesterday.  I am having to water twice a day to keep everything alive.  We hit 101 yesterday with a heat index of 109.

Picked the girls up this week one day and took them to Chic-Fil-A for dinner and to play in the inside playground.

It's just been too hot for them to go outside.

Little Miss Kaycee sliding down the slide.  A year ago today she was dismissed from the hospital after numerous trips there because of her lung problems.  We are blessed that she has gone a year without having to go to the ER and endure a stay in the hospital.  God is good!

Another day, we just went to their new home to play until Tiffany got home.  Laynee was reading to me from her diary. That little girl has quite an imagination.  She just read and read about what all she does and writes in her journal.

Then they decided to wear Tiffany's boots.

They are so funny and such a blessing to me.  Trust me, with the three of them I have no time to be down in the dumps.

Laycee thought the stickers looked better on her face than on the paper.  LOL

Remember the terrible thunderstorm we had last week?  These two photos were taken in the drive way waiting in the car for the rain to slow down.

It didn't happen for several hours.  We had 90 mph winds and several inches of rain in a couple of hours.  Glad that is over.  I have gotten all of the limbs cut up and the city will come pick them on on 8-4.

Can't wait to show you my latest project I have started. Due to foot injuries, it may be a couple of weeks before I can finish it up.

Just a teaser - hint:  it's the entry.




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