Sunday, January 31, 2016


My advice to anyone thinking about moving after living in one place for 48 years - REALLY THINK HARD ABOUT IT!!

I had no idea I had this much "stuff".  Well, I really did but when you are having to pack it all up, it kinda seems to multiply.

I did purchase enough of these pvc shelves from Home Depot to line both sides of the garage.  They were on sale for $29.00/each and have really worked out well.

My workroom is a mess but it sure is nice to have the space to work on things in there.

Remember all of the curly q's in the bookshelves in the den?  They are on both sides of the fireplace.

Well, I finally got new moulding on them and like them much better!

Last summer, I refinished this old hutch to use in my kitchen when I had it redone.  Now, it is in my yellow den.  Looks great.

A perfect place to display all of my red transfer ware dishes I have been collecting.

Got the curtains up in the guest room.

Remember, I told you I was one finial short on the bed?  Well, a friend's father-in-law made me this one and it is a perfect match.  The problem??  The bed had one on the headboard that I took off and took to him and guess what?  The ones on the posts are different, so back to the woodshop to make a matching one. He did such an awesome job!

This precious piece was in the guest room but when I put the curtains up, it was too busy.  So, I moved it to the other side of the room and it worked out great.

This is a piece I inherited from my folks and am using for a night stand in the guest room.  Amazingly, it matches the tall cabinet very well.

Found this vintage desk in my storage room and don't know where I'll be using it.  It's small, so it can go about anywhere.

New chairs delivered for the living room.

More pieces for living room.

This is the piece I will use for a vanity in my small master bath.

This is the one I'll use for the hall bath.

I am very pleased with everything that has transpired so far (with the exception of the finial).  But, I am just itching to start sewing curtains, pillows, and all of the fun stuff.  I'm also very anxious to get my Etsy back up and running.  But, everything will come in time.



Saturday, January 23, 2016


This is the latest progress on my new home.  The living room and dining room are done in these colors.  The floral fabric is what the dining room chair seats will be upholstered in.  The living room is going to have two linen chairs in the teal color as in the afghan and throw pillows.  My sofa is a tan color.  The curtains in those two rooms is a tan linen on wooden rod with wooden rings.

My baker's rack got moved into the breakfast room once I got all of the floor finished.

This is the guest room.  The painted red bed minus the tall posters.  They are getting a second coat of paint.

I love this little painted cabinet that went in the guest room.  I am hoping that all of my red transferware dishes will look good in it - if they are not too busy.

The "monster" armoire got moved into the master bedroom once the carpet got installed.  The poor guys had to scoot it down the hall, thru the den and breakfast room, out the screened in patio and across the yard, then brought in thru the sliding doors off of the master bedroom.  WHEW!

The start of the den with yellow walls, blue rug and red accents.

So.... this is what I have accomplished this last week.  I am hoping to make the curtains, bedskirt, etc. for the guest room this week.

Wish me luck!!



Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Rush of Red for February

Of course, everyone always thinks of red when February approaches.  As I was going thru my photos, I pulled out some of my favorite red items.


Red ticking chickens....

red pillows - always....

red table and chairs....

vintage red and red clock....

crocheted potholder wreath in red....

red polka dot table runner....

red geraniums and red doily....

polka dotted teddy bear with vintage hankerchief apron....

heart on a spool....

ottoman in combination of reds....

red wreath and dishes....

vintage truck with red s & p shakers....

red bicycle with flower basket....

vintage red wagon....

red garland....

red cuckoo clock....

vintage enamel ware trimmed in red....

red shelf....

Valentine project and

my Valentine wreath out of Christmas ornaments!

Hope this got you in the mood for next month.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Have A Red Bed and Blinds and Bella

My red bed is done and it is gorgeous (even if I do say so myself).  It turned out exactly as I wanted it to and now I cannot wait to start working on the bed and curtain decor.  

I highly recommend Plaster Paint - this is Old Red.

Lowe's also installed my wood 2" blinds this week.

The new box springs and mattress arrived for the guest room.

I repositioned my desk where I wanted it.

Bella is adapting well to the change.  Her favorite place (when she is not in the back yard with her new friends) is right in the middle of the living room floor.

I have movers coming this weekend to move some of the larger pieces including the green huge piece in the guest room that really belongs in the master bedroom.

So, I am making progress.  It's really nice not having a deadline.




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