Monday, October 24, 2016

Christmas Every Monday (Late)

Sorry this is late on Monday, but it still is Monday at least!  LOL  I've been having some trouble loading photos from files onto the blog.  So, am using some things today that are simple to make without much instruction.

The first is this Christmas tree made out of old and various mouldings.  There is a vertical board with various colors and sizes of moulding nailed to it.  I then painted the different layers in various colors including the pale aqua so that I could use it in my house.  When you get all of the pieces nailed on, draw a pencil line from the top to the outside and cut off excess to make the tree shape.  Cut them in angles at each piece.

Secondly, is this darling snowman which I have had for many, many years.  He is made out of two same size glass fish bowls.  The eyes, nose, mouth and buttons are all cut out of felt and glued on.  The ear muffs are large pom poms purchased that size.  The top hat was made out of cardboard and trimmed with some Christmas greenery.

When you get him all finished, fill him with cotton balls, fake snow and or packing styrofoam so he looks like a real snowman.

Enjoy these two simple projects.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Pretty Fall Day

Such a gorgeous day here in Oklahoma!  Woke up to a cool morning with it warming up in the afternoon.

Did a little Fall decor in the den.  Hung a garland on the fireplace with my Jim Shore houses on top.  

The garland was actually three garlands.  One of Fall leaves, one of tied fabric and then the acorn garland.  I made it out of cardstock and the tops are the scrapbooking paper that looks like corrugated cardboard.  They are strung on jute cord.

The mums on the front porch are about to burst open.

I love Jim Shore's pieces.  The pumpkin is one of my favorites.  I also have the great big one but - guess what?  It's packed somewhere and I don't know where.

This is my Morning Glory tree that got so tall it is laying on the ground despite being staked.  The blooms on this tree last longer into the day than the regular morning glories.

Still have tons of the mini Morning Glories on the fences and everywhere.  They are just so cute.

This is the next room I am working on now.  It is my office which is just off of my bedroom.  You may remember than I have started on it with some of these things....

tan and black plaid curtains at the sliding doors...

my Ethan Allen secretary...

this loveseat...

and this little dainty vintage drop leaf desk that I have had in storage forever.  As you can see, I'm going with a tan and black them in there.  Hopefully, I can get those shelves all arranged in the next week and finish that room up.

Thanks for all of the girls' birthday wishes.  I picked them up early at daycare along with Laynee and took them to McDonald's - one with a playground.  We had Happy Meals and they played on the playground for almost two hours.  They had a ball.  When Tiffany got off of work she came with a birthday cake and we shared with the other kids on the playground.  We are having their big birthday party on Sunday.  So, they are getting to celebrate all week!!

Have a great week!



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Twins Are Three!!

I can hardly believe that my great granddaughter twins are three years old today!!

Happy Birthday Laycee and Kaycee!!

Juju loves you so much.

These two beautiful little angels are such a blessing in my life.  Just when I really needed something to occupy my time, they came along and are such a joy to love each and every day.

It was such a shock to think about having two girls at one time.  But, what a delight they are.

Remember that they were born four months premature and Laycee only weighed three pounds and Kaycee only weighed two pounds.

Boy, did they make up for it quickly.  They were in the hospital from birth until right before Christmas.

I took this photo of their mother's hand, Laynee's hand and one of the twins while they were still in incubators.   I love this picture!

They just have grown 

and grown

and grown.

And look at them today.  Kaycee is still tiny but has blonde hair and is a ball of energy!!  Kaycee has had several bouts of hospital stays with her lungs but thank goodness, she hasn't been admitted for a little over a year!!

Laycee is a little more laid back with her dark eyes and curly hair.

I am so grateful and blessed to have these precious little ones in addition to Laynee, in my life.  God is so good.  I am definitely blessed.

Thank you Lord for these blessings!



Monday, October 17, 2016

Christmas Every Monday

Today's Christmas project is so easy!!  It's a small Christmas wreath wall hanging made out of buttons.

You will need:

a small wrapped canvas (I used 6" x 6")
two packages of red and shades of green buttons
piece of white/ecru linen
red ribbon for bow
hot glue gun and glue

I started by wrapping my canvas in linen for the texture it gave.  You could just paint the canvas.

After you get it all covered using hot glue on the back sides.  Draw a circle in the center but towards the bottom to use as a pattern.

Start with a single layer of dark green buttons of various sizes.

Glue another layer of dark green placing them in between the ones on the first layer.

The third layer consists of the lighter green buttons on top of the bottom two layers.  The final touch is adding a few red little buttons scattered around the wreath.

Make a red bow and hot glue in the center of the top of wreath and now you are done.




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