Sunday, December 30, 2012

As the New Year Nears

 As the new year approaches, I am feeling so blessed as I look back at the past year. 
Sewing is still my favorite hobby and I have been so lucky to have been able to sew for my Etsy shop and enjoy every minute of it.
I decided to start this new year out by clearing out my old merchandise and starting all over again with new items.  So, needless to say, I have been busy.
I have been sorting vintage laces, linens, potholders and buttons to use on new items.
I am still collecting McCoy (and no, it has nothing to do with my plans for the new year, except to find more).
I'm pressuring my brain to come up with some new ideas for all of my many, collectible pieces of china.
I definitely am ready for Spring and warm weather.  We have been lucky and not had too much cold and ice and snow.  But, I'm still ready for Spring.
Bella is ready for the green grass to play in, I'm ready for flowers and I'm so ready to paint my bicycle I got and decorate for the yard.
You may have noticed that I have a new header - thanks to Brenda.  She has been such a blessing in my life this past year and I never would have been able to do this blog without her constant help.
Thanks Friend!!
Thanks also to all of my readers and followers.  You have inspired me and I have so many new friends.
So, 2012 has been a very good year.
Till next time, Judy
Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas was a Whirlwind!!

So, this really is an idea of what our Christmas was!!  Every picture I took of Laynee was like this - a whirlwind of energy!!  Oh, to have this kind of energy!.
Hope your Christmas was wonderful.  We had a delightful time watching Laynee enjoy all of the sights and sounds and gifts of Christmas.
Till next time, Judy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silent Night, Holy Night

Silent night,
Holy night, All is calm.
All is bright!
Peace and Blessings to your family from ours!

Saturday Treasures

The last Saturday Flea Market before Christmas and they were practically giving stuff away!  (At least, that's what I told myself!)
I found these really neat old washboards in two different sizes. The Santa Claus face is in paper mache.  There's a medium size wooden rolling pin hidden under Santa and all of my $1.00 crocheted doilies.  A small hand that I will use for jewelry, and PLASTER PAINT!
The Plaster Paint is a new product and is being sold here in Tulsa.  A delightful young couple had a booth selling it.  It is called Plaster Paint Company and has some beautiful colors.  What I really liked about it was you can buy it in small jars for $4.95 and try out different colors as you desire.
I am anxious to try it out.  If you are interested, go to their website,

I really am glad to find these two washboards.  Would you believe I got them for $5.00/each?  They will be fun to decorate with.
I am in the process of, in the next few weeks, completely cleaning out the majority of my Etsy shop and starting with all new merchandise.
If there is something you can't live without, for the next few days, I am giving a 25% discount on everything. The coupon code is at the top of my Etsy shop.
Till next time, Judy
Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Thorough Cleaning in the Entry

This morning while hunting (actually digging) for something in the front closet, I thought "this would be a good project for a cold, inside day".  What a dumb idea.  The longer I dug out stuff, the more frustrated I got. 
So many Easter, Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and Christmas items that hadn't been used in years. Oh, and yes, there were coats all scrunched inside also.  Isn't that what an entry closet is for? ha
So, I decided to sort thru all of them and get rid of alot.
This is a photo of my entry.  I have a large glass window next to my front door.  My actual entry is not too large.  I made very full, gathered ecru lace panels to fill the window and they are on rods at the top and bottom of the window.
I couldn't find anything I liked to go over the top, so I took tan colored scrim (a very loose woven, almost gauze-like fabric) and gathered it in a loose swag across the top.  Then I tied it all in a huge knot that is at the top corner and just let it hang and puddle at the bottom.
The clock was a Christmas gift from my Mom and Dad the last Christmas they were both with us.  I love the clock but don't keep it ticking because it drives me crazy.  But, I still love the clock.
This darling chair I found many years ago and refinished it.  I made a tan and cream check buttoned cushion to go on it.  You can see the wallpaper on the bottom half of the entry on the side.  I've had it for many years but haven't found anything I like any better.
So, now, my entry closet is clean and I feel so much better!
Till next time, Judy

What a Fun Morning!!

Oh, what a fun morning John and I have had!!  We got him all dressed up as Santa and myself as an elf (and no, you are not going to see a photo of me as an elf!!).
Then we went out on a venture of visiting out local haunts.  Every morning (almost) we go to McDonald's for breakfast.  This is the crew there getting their candy canes from Santa.

Then, we got into the sleigh (also known as the grey Ford 150 truck) and went to Office Depot. 

This crew helps me daily in the shipping department and I am so thankful to them for all of the help they give.

Off again - this time to JoAnn's - one of my very favorite fabric shopping stores.  Some of their regular crew were not there, but these precious ladies are always ready to help me find whatever I need.

On our off days from McD's we go to Carl Jrs. for biscuits and gravy.  This young lady has the most contagious laugh you have ever heard.  It's fun just to be around her.

Racing the reindeers across the city of Tulsa, we go to the Salon 31 which is where I get my hair cut and my nails done. 

This is Jamie who does my hair and my friend Kim who is getting a haircut.

Tina who does my nails, was not there yet, so Santa and Elf just left her present for her.

After these visits, we called upon a couple of dear friends and by then, Santa was dripping wet from sweat under all of that clothing and gear.  So, we headed home.

This time of the year is an especially good time to tell all of these people we see mostly on a day to day basis, how grateful we are for their services.

A few gifts, goodies and candy canes are a very small thing to do for all of them.

Thank you all !!


Till next time, Judy
Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Middle of the Week Treasures

OK, you all know that Brenda and I like to go out at least once a week and "goof off" (usually at antique stores or malls-not shopping malls-antique malls).  So, this is what I found on our latest escapade.
A birdhouse, a pair of little Scotty salt and pepper shakers, a small porcelain church, a sweet little boy which I thought would be the right size to go in my Winter Fairy Garden, two sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers, lace, a framed hand-done original pen and ink of downtown Tulsa, a platter and books.
PS:  Don't tell, but, I got the pen and ink drawing for John for Christmas.  He loves things associated with Tulsa.
 I almost forgot my folding yardstick.  These are getting harder and harder to find.  Don't know if you can see or not, but the embossing and printing on the spine of the set of books is just beautiful.  They are different writings of Emerson.  They are navy blue.
Love this transferware platter.  It's an aqua green color - kind of different. (Excuse the paint drips)
So, needless to say, we had fun!

SALE AT 20NorthOra.Etsy - Use coupon code
newyear2013 for 25% off for next few days!!
Come visit.
Till next time, Judy

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brenda's Christmas Gifts to Me

Brenda and I went shopping at some new "haunts" last week. We love to go to KFC for lunch and then hit the antique stores.  These two items are what Brenda got me for Christmas !!  I was so excited !!
The first is this precious little Ford pick up which I promptly brought home and put a Christmas bottle brush tree in the back of it.
My other gift is this darling cherry wreath.

Isn't it the cutest thing you ever saw?  I'm planning on using alot of red in my kitchen when I remodel this Spring and this will be perfect.  (That Brenda sure is rubbing off on me - red, red, and more red !)
Thank you Brenda - my dear friend.
Till next time, Judy
Monday, December 17, 2012

Tribute to Sandy Hook

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thank you Sara Jane!!

I was in awe and humbled when week before last, a dear reader sent me these treasures. 
Look at the four darling teacups and the green votive holder.  I love the vintage Santa mug with a bottle brush tree in it.
She remembered from a post long ago that I collected Rose Point China and she sent me these wonderful pieces. I was truly amazed and grateful to her.
Thank you Sara Jane !
Enjoy !
Till next time, Judy

Saturday Treasures

Had a good day at the Tulsa Flea Market on Saturday. 

 Scored a big assortment of crocheted potholders - 27 to be exact.  I see more of the crocheted potholder wreaths in my future.  An old tin full of buttons, vintage linens and of course salt shakers.
 Found this gorgeous little plate - it's only about 4" across.  The transferware is beautiful and no damage at all.
 I always buy this casserole holders.  Don't know why but they just appeal to me.  Someday I'll come up with an ingenious idea for them.  I have all shapes and sizes.
Don't ask me why I bought this white goat creamer????? I just thought he was cute.
Isn't this just a darling little tea set for two little girls?  It came with the two saucers, two dessert plates, two cups, sugar and creamer with lid and the tea pot with lid.
Love it!!
And then this child's set of dishes!!  There is service for four and it's all there.  There are plates, teacups, saucers, teapot, salt and pepper shakers, candlesticks, napkin holder, napkin rings and knives, forks and spoons!  They are so bright and colorful.  I don't think they are too old, but when Laynee gets a little older, won't we have fun with these?
And in the linens I bought, I got two of these.  Do you know what they are?
They are Antimacassars.
These were used on the back of a chair of sofa to prevent a man's hair tonic from getting on the furniture.  They sometimes have accompanying pieces to go on the arms of  furniture.
"In many home will be found one of more of the oldtime "tidies"  veritable heirlooms wrought by hands perhaps long since folded in peaceful rest and so all the more precious."
From The Renaissance of the Antimacassar in Needlecraft magazine date July 1921.
Monday and Wednesday of this week, I will be at the hospital undergoing some rather brutal testing.  Please remember me in your prayers.
Till next time, Judy
Friday, December 14, 2012


Photo by Aly Marotte

Fast & Inexpensive Last Minute Gifts

Would you like a few easy, inexpensive and fast last minute Christmas gifts?  Here are four quickies.
All of these little glass jars are from Hobby Lobby and I am pretty sure they were all about $1-2 on sale.  They have their glass items on sale at 50% about every other week.
The first one is so simple.  Just glue (I use hot glue) and adhere a small bottle brush tree to the bottom of the inside of the jar.  I then, take the artificial snow and a spoon and put enough snow in to cover the base of the tree.  Then, I added a small bottle brush wreath to the top.
Do you have a friend who collects Nutcrackers?  I do.  This will be perfect for her.  I had a sack of these old wooden spools which were a little different shaped.  I wrapped vintage lace around the spool insides, then added a blue and white polka dotted ribbon and to top it all off - a red button.
Then, I hot glued a Nutcracker ($1.00 at Michaels) on the top.
This is one of my favorites!  Of course it is, it has vintage lace and buttons!  I took a small Mason fruit jar and glued vintage lace around the top and added vintage buttons.  I filled the jar with strips of old music.   I took one of the little glass votive jars that looks like a flowerpot and set it down in the top of the jar.  It fit perfect!  I then added a flameless votive candle.  I don't do real candles after a small - ok, not too small - fire with real candles.  So, John doesn't let me have real candles anymore. Ha.
The last one has three different sizes of bottle brush trees and a tiny red tricycle sitting in snow.  I just added a red ribbon and bow around the top of the lid.
So, if you need last minute gifts, you might try some of these.  I did all of these in less than a couple of hours.
Our hearts and sympathy go out to the residents and parents in Newtown, Connecticut.  I cannot imagine the shock and loss the parents feel and the images the precious children who survived will live with.
Blessings and prayers to them all.
Till next time, Judy

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Laynee Announces the Winner of the Giveaway

Laynee, in her Christmas pjs and her "bed" hair says " this was not an easy task to pick just one winner. JuJu, can't we give everyone a pillow?"
I told her I would love to, but we can't do that.  So, she had to draw a number.
And the winner is:
Carolynn at Chenille Cottage
She chose the Stenciled Postmark Pillow!
This was so much fun that I think we will do it again next month, what do you think?  Good idea? Thanks to everyone who commented and entered.
Enjoy your goodies Carolynn.
Till next time, Judy
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Christmas Tribute to My Mom

My Mother LOVED pink.  She had alot of antiques but was really more of a Victorian person. But, pink was her color.
When we had my Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary party, I made corsages for all of the girls in the family - daughters (of which there were four of us) and granddaughters.  Mom immediately told us not to get rid of the corsages after the party.  She took the soft pink rose corsages and dried them and put them on her Christmas tree every year. 

Her Christmas tree was a beauty to behold.  It was a green tree, but it was covered in pink - pink flowers, pink feathers, pink ornaments - and lots of crystal prisms along with garlands of pearls. One of the great granddaughters wrote an essay one year on Thanksgiving and said that Mom's tree was a big pink fluff.  And it was!

Our tradition was on Thanksgiving afternoon (while the guys all slept or watched the football games), we four girls and grandchildren would go to Mom's and put her tree up.  She was always so proud of it.  It looked beautiful with her antique sofa covered in pink toile.

So, every year, I do this little vignette in pink just to especially remember my Mom at Christmas.  The pink compote was hers as was the Capidomonte roses.  I found the pink angel and Christmas trees. 

Christmas Eve was very special to our whole family.  Would you believe that until my Mom passed away several years ago that my three sisters and our families had never missed being there all together on Christmas Eve?  It was just a family tradition that you didn't (and wouldn't) miss. 

We always had a big buffet of food and then at 7:00 promptly, Santa Claus came and handed out presents.

It was such a special time and how I miss it.


Till next time, Judy

Remember my Giveaway tomorrow.  It's not too late to enter.  Just leave a comment telling me which pillow in my Etsy shop is your favorite.  Good luck!
Monday, December 10, 2012

Just for Fun

I have had this set of cups for several months and just saw the box and thought I'd get them out.  Aren't they the cutest?  They are actually measuring cups!!
And the little gingerbread boys are measuring spoons!!
Now, that would certainly make cooking more fun, wouldn't you say?
Remember, be sure and sign up for my giveaway which ends Wednesday.  Go to the Giveaway post and comment on which pillow you like the most in my Etsy post.
Till next time, Judy

Friday, December 7, 2012


In celebration of my 300+ sales on my Etsy shop and my 3+months on my new blog, I am having a wonderful giveaway to one of my readers.
Would you like to have this darling snowman mitten?  He is made out of batting with a machine appliqued carrot nose, a hand embroidered mouth and black button eyes.  He has a band of cream and burgundy cotton at the top and a hanger.  He can be filled with greenery (not included), or candy canes or whatever pleases your fancy.
He measures 11" x 13" so he is large enough to hang on the front door.


If you will go to my Etsy shop - - and pick out your favorite item out of my shop, and if I pick your number, you will receive that free also!!


In addition, I will send you a set of my vintage wooden spools trimmed in lace, seam binding and buttons.

So, here's what you do!!  Go to my Etsy store and pick out your favorite pillow.  Come back here and leave a comment and tell me which pillow is your favorite.  That's all you have to do!!

Next Wednesday, 12/12/12, I will draw a number and if it is your number, you will receive the pillow of your choice that you have indicated in your comment, the snowman mitten and the set of wooden spools with Christmas trees.

So, looking forward to seeing what is your favorite!!

PS:  If the pillow you pick has sold by Wednesday, I will contact you and let you pick out another one, OK?


Till next time, Judy
Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Starting the Christmas Decorating

When I think about starting to decorate for Christmas, my first thought always goes to these two items.
Many years ago, my husband bought me this Thomas Kincade picture for Christmas.  I had always loved this one.  Then the next year, he ordered the house in china to match the picture. 
I love Thomas Kincades paintings.  They are always so nostalgic and remind me of my childhood.
The world lost a wonderful person when he passed away. 
I probably will always get this set out first at the holidays.
Till next time, Judy
Monday, December 3, 2012

Saturday Treasures 12/1/2012

This last Saturday I went to the Tulsa Flea Market at the Fairgrounds and one garage sale.  Found some goodies.

I'm always a sucker for dishes of any kind.  And of course, salt and pepper shakers.
And buttons, buttons, buttons.
Woo-hoo Claudia!! Two pieces of McCoy.  The little dog planter and the white bowl.
I know that everyone does not get as excited as Claudia and I do over McCoy, but it sure does thrill us to find a piece of it.
And now, drumroll..............
I got this Victorian headboard that had alot of tacky paint on it for my guest bedroom.  Won't it be beautiful with a soft, matte black paint sanded down for aging?  It's over 6' tall.  That room has nothing but antiques in it and the walls are painted red.  Just wait until you see it all redone.
NOTE:  Big sale at my Etsy shop (see button at top of page).  20% off every item!! Use coupon code CHRISTMASSALE2012.
And a final note from Bella.  She loved all of your comments but had one more thing to say........
Till next time, Judy


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