Sunday, October 6, 2013

Christmas Every Monday

Every Monday in October, I will be doing a tutorial for a quick and easy Christmas project.

This is the first one - a Christmas wallhanging.

You will need:

25" of upholstery webbing in red and burlap
(the webbing in red and burlap is available at HL and is
about $.99/yard)
14" of jute twine
Lightweight fusible interfacing
1 Christmas spray of greenery and berries
1 1/2" decorative ribbon (I used red stripe on burlap)
Wire for making bow
Red Felt
Hot Glue

This project has NO sewing for you non-sewers!

First, you need to find a lettering you like.  You want one that is thick and will be easy to cut out.

Reverse your letters and trace onto a lightweight fusible interfacing.

Iron the interfacing with the letters on it to a piece of red felt.  So much of the felt nowadays will not take heat well, so I always use a man's hankerchief on top of the interfacing when doing the bonding process with your iron.

(And John is always wondering where his hankerchiefs are!)

Now cut out your felt letters.  You could do NOEL, WELCOME or any greeting you desire. Just remember to adjust the length of your webbing strip to the length of your message.

My letters were about 2 1/2" wide x 3" high.

Notch the bottom of your piece of webbing.

Using your Christmas spray, cut it all apart so you have several sections.

Make a simple bow out of your ribbon using the florist wire to hold it.

Now, hot glue the top of the webbing down on the backside with the jute twine inside to form the hanger.  I turned about
1 1/2" down on the back side.

Next, add your bow with hot glue.

Then hot glue in your greenery and berries in a pleasing manner.

Lay your cut out felt letters on the webbing and determine the spacing before starting to glue.  Then glue them down.

You're finished!!

This makes a very inexpensive and nice gift for friends for the holidays.  It would be a great hostess gift.


Till next time, Judy


  1. A lovely little project...but it's WAY TOO EARLY to be thinking about Christmas for me!! LOL

  2. What a great project! Your hanging turned out beautifully. I love making things for Christmas...honestly, I could do it all year long! xo

  3. What a great way to look forward to Monday's! Your first project is a real winner. Love it!

  4. I really like this a lot, and I like your clear tutorial. Would you please do a tutorial for making the bow? I've gone to various websites and tried what they've said but it just doesn't work for me ... can you make it understandable? I want to learn how to make bows!

    Thanks, Mary

  5. This is great, Judy! It sounds simple enough that even I can do it! : ) I love it as an alternative to a wreath on a door, but this would fit in just about anywhere.

  6. Judy this is really cute!!! Thanks for this craft class!!!


  7. It's beautiful, Judy! You are such a clever crafter and great at tutorials too :)
    Helen x

  8. One great project down. Very do-able too.

  9. Oh, Judy, bless your heart on the tutorial, but there is no way that I'm going to think of Christmas this early! Guess because I'm not a crafter. I don't want to hear or see the "C" word until after Thanksgiving!

  10. Judy, I love this! This is so pretty and definitely something I would be able to do (at least I'm pretty sure I could get it done up to the bow, anyway). :)

    Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to the upcoming Christmas Every Monday posts.

  11. Love it! I think I might just make this! Thank you!

  12. I love it Judy, and so inexpensive makes it a great project for me. Thanks!!

  13. Love it and I'm all about Christmas planning!

    BTW - At first I thought that it was a picket from a picket fence:)

    Enjoy your day!

  14. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! That is a very pretty project...I would love to hang one on my front door. I am also one of your newest followers :)

  15. Very cute..Won't go with my pumpkins though :)

  16. Hi Judy! Following you back and I'm glad I did! This will be perfect for the new house front doors. We have double doors, and I think two Christmas wreaths will be too much. But two of these will be perfect. And thanks for the nod to us non-sewers!

  17. Hi Judy,
    What a fabulous project. Your directions are wonderful. Love it!

    Thanks for stopping by and your new following. I am already a follower here. Sent you an email.
    Happy Creating!
    Celestina Marie

  18. This is the cutest idea! I adore this! Thanks for the great tutorial; I can't wait to try this. I'm now following along on your blog. You have some ideas and lots of inspiration!

  19. Hi Judy! Oh, I love this and it is just darling. I'll be looking forward to your upcoming Christmas crafts. It will be here before we know it.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  20. Thank you. You made that so well. It looks professional! Pretty!

    Thank you, for your kind comment. I'm a new follower. XOXO

  21. Hi Judy,

    It's absolutely sweet and stunning! It's the first Christmas project I've seen this year and you have now succeeded in tempting me to start thinking about the season of JOY when a leaf has yet to fall from my maple tree!


  22. Great project Judy. Beautiful and the directions are very easy to follow!

  23. Judy, this is beautiful. I love the chippy background.

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