Monday, February 10, 2020

Happy February!!

This is my all-time favorite Valentine.  It is very old and was my Mother's.  It is one of those that unfolds out with a honeycomb base.  It is getting to whenever I open it, I always wonder if it is going to tear.  But, so far.....

My favorite Valentine's wreath.  It is made out of pink, red, and silver ornaments I got after Christmas several years ago.  

This wind chime on my front porch was given to me by a dear friend, Sabra.  It has hearts, prisms and old keys.

You can't go wrong with red garlands for February.

And hearts of course.

Mustn't forget red dishes!!

Here's hoping you all have a great February.  We had our big snowfall last week.  Would you believe it was the first big snowfall the little girls had ever seen?  They were so excited to build their first snowman.

So, now that that is over, I'm ready for Spring!!



Sunday, November 17, 2019

Fall was here and gone!!

Well. I think our Fall has come and gone.  We just didn't have much Fall.  The trees didn't turn and then we had two hard freezes and the leaves are all on the ground.  DRAT!!

The last couple of months have kind of been "downers".  On August 31st, John and I would have celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary.  On our anniversary 11 years ago, we lost our precious Landon.

Then, September 15th would have been John's birthday along with Tiff and Adam's first wedding anniversary.  Then, November 5th was the date John passed away five years ago.  So, lots of memories.  I found a box of "love letters" that John had written to me before we were married and I just sit and read them all in one night.

Don't know if I've ever told you or not, but from our first date - we were married 6 weeks later!!  And they said it would never last!  He was away most of that time starting up a new chemical plant so we had lots of letters.  

They made me smile!

Made this wreath out of old vintage images from Christmas cards.

Isn't this cute?  Got it at a craft show.  It's made out of spools of crochet yarn and ball of yard.  Notice the cute hat made out of a spool of thread.

Speaking of craft shows......

I did my show on November 2nd and it was a good show.  I didn't sell everything but did sell everything I had made Christmas wise.  So, I considered it a success but NEVER AGAIN.  My sister Rita came over for the day and helped.  Tiff and the girls helped me set up and take down.  It was a pleasant experience.

My collection of brown transferware just continues to grow and grow.  I'm about out of room.

My next project for the winter months is doing a slipcover for this loveseat.  It belongs with my LR couch but I'm going to try to slipcover it in a bright floral print for the girls' playroom.  I have a trundle bed in there now but anytime they spend the night they all three sleep with me.  So, I'm going to sell the bed and put this in there so they will have more room to play.l

We are having nice weather right now.  First of last week our chill factor was 6 degrees.  This week it is suppose to be almost 70.  That's Oklahoma for you.



Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fall in Oklahoma

It definitely is Fall in Oklahoma.  Today we started out with 75 degrees.  A front is moving in as I write with the temps dropping fast and chances of bad storms and possibly tornadoes this evening.


I basically do the same Fall decor every year.  Here's a peek.....

It is so hard to imagine that the twins - Laycee and Kaycee are turning six this month.  Seems like only yesterday they were so tiny.

I have been swamped during something I thought I would never do again.  I'm doing a craft show the first weekend of November.  Am going to sell alot of my items I had on my Etsy.  Shipping has gotten so out of sight that it is almost impractical to try to ship items now  a days.  The shipping is almost as much as the item I am selling.

So, will let you know how that goes.

Have a happy Fall!



Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Where has the summer gone?

I can't hardly believe it is already August.  I don't know where the summer went.  The girls start back to school in about two weeks and I will really miss them.  Laynee will be in the third grade and the twins will be in Kindergarten  How time flies.  But, they are so excited to go back to school.  They love it.  It is just so sad that we have to worry about especially little ones during this traumatic time of our lives.

The girls' school underwent a complete renovation this summer.  One of the things they told us about was that each room was getting a new "closet".  In my mind I can only think that maybe it is a safe room.

My flowers are all late bloomers this year.  I assume it is due to the intense rains and flooding we had all spring.  And now it is heat factors up to 110 degrees.  So I imagine they will fade pretty fast.

If you remember my pink master bathroom, I am getting ready to start redoing it - slowly but surely.  I have found some absolutely gorgeous wallpaper for one wall.  If you remember, I did the small window in lace and doilies and am loving it.

It will be in all shades of cream, tan and off white.  I am working on it a little at a time.

Passed my four month mark on my shoulder surgery.  It is doing great.  See the surgeon on Thursday for check up.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer.


Friday, July 5, 2019


Hello from Oklahoma!

I'm am starting on my fourth month since my shoulder surgery and it has been a long four months.  Everything is going great except for a small set back in the last two weeks.  They said I was "overambitious" with my home therapy.  Consequently, I am on no therapy right now until I have an MRI the 18th.  But, I'm sure it will all be alright.  I am limited as to what I can do with my right arm.  The computer is one thing that really sets off pain in the shoulder.  

Anyway, hopefully I will be back into the blogging world on a more regular basis.

Hoping you all had a happy 4th of July.  I went with Tiffany, Adam and the kids out to Adam's brother's home in the country.  They grilled and the kids all had fun with the fireworks.

Oklahoma weather has been just awful for the past few months.  We had record amounts of rain with lots of flooding - none affecting my or Tiff's home.  But so much damage and destruction was caused.  We went from chilly and wet to record degree heat.  All of the flowers and foliage are so confused!

Painted this shutter a few years ago and still enjoy it.

I always especially enjoy my Coca Cola sign at this time of the year.

Don't know if you remember or not, but I have this obsession with transferware.  I have brown, red and blue.  This is the shelf in my dining room with some of the brown.

Since I was able to drive about a month ago, I have been going to estate sales.  Last week, I went to one and they had this gorgeous set of 179 pieces of brown transferware!!!  I put a bid in on it because I would not have paid what they were asking.  The pattern was Masons Vista.

Imagine my surprise when they called and said I had won the bid.  OMG  I was so thrilled!  Then, I had the sobering thought that I had to call Tiffany and ask her to go with me to get it because I couldn't lift any of it.  She just shakes her head when I do something like that.  So, it was amazing.  About a dozen different pitchers, bowls, platters and place settings for 12.

So, even tho I can't do alot with my arm, I still can shop.  Tiff has kinda grounded me. (just kidding).

So good to have heard from so many of you checking on me.  I'm on the mend (I think)!



Saturday, March 16, 2019

Happy March

So hard to believe it is mid March already.  March - the month of green.

Couldn't resist putting this pic of Bella on here.  She was always such a good sport.  Miss her so much.

Sharing some of my Spring and March projects with you...

and can't forget collectibles...

It's hard to believe that two years ago tomorrow, I went sky diving on my birthday.  That was definitely an experience!!

I have been unable to blog the last few months because of my shoulder injury.  I was scheduled to have surgery in February but came down with the flu.  So, now I am scheduled for March 26th.  I have a torn roto -cuff plus some torn tendons that have to be grafted back together.  I can not comfortably be on the computer at this point.  So, please say a little prayer for me and my doctor on the 26th.

Hopefully, after I recoup from this, I'll be blogging more frequently.

Have a great Spring.  I think it is almost here.




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