Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Winter Fairy Garden

Remember my Fairy Garden that I made out of the vintage Coca Cola crate that Brenda gave me? 
Well, I decided I didn't want to put it away.  So, I opted to make it a winter Fairy garden.
I added some small bottle brush trees sprinkled with snow.  Look at the precious little reindeer all snuggled up in the grass and snow.
 I added the artificial snow to the landscape over the moss.
It's hard to see here, but I wanted you to see the Coca Cola crate.
The little red chair with the flowerpot has snow on it.
So, now it fits in with the Christmas decor!
Till next time, Judy
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Yard Art

Look at my new yard art for next Spring!!
Last night John and I were coming home (luckily, we were in the truck) and this house had all of these nice things sitting on the curb.  Some had prices, some said Free.  This little bicycle said Free. 
I said "Stop and get that bicycle!!".  So, he did (reluctantly) and loaded the bike into the truck.
Now for my plans!!  I'm going to take off the training wheels and spray paint the whole thing bright red.  Then, I will find a basket to put on the front and fill with flowers for next summer.

John said "why would you do that?" and I told him it would be cute.  He replied "how?".  He just doesn't get it!! I told Brenda and she understood!!
Won't that be cute??
Till next time, Judy
Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easy Christmas Ornaments

Here are some ideas for quick, quick Christmas ornaments.  This make cute ornaments or even package tie-ons.
The supplies you need for this are:  wooden spools, silver cording, stick-on Christmas stickers, old sheet music, Mod Podge, white acrylic paint, orange acrylic and black acrylic, scissors, silver jingle bells and paintbrush.
Start off by painting one spool with white acrylic.  The other one you need to cut a strip of vintage sheet music to fit the inside of the spool and Mod Podge it to the spool.
Cut a 12" piece of the silver cord.  Take one end and run down thru the top of the spool and thru the bottom.  Thread it thru the top of a silver bell and run back up thru the spool.  Tie a knot in the upper part to form a loop.
At this point you will add the glittered star with the Christmas Santa on it.  I bought these in a package of 30+ at Michaels, so it will make quite a few.  They come with a foam sticky on the back.  Just adhere it and this one is done.
Now go to the one you have painted white.  Add the cord and bell as in the first one.  Then, paint a very simple snowman face using black for the eyes and mouth and orange for the nose.
Second one done!!
The last one is a silver ornament that has the same face painted on it. Easy, eh?
The silver cord and bells and silver ball all make a cute set with them all have some silver somewhere.
Till next time, Judy

Monday, November 26, 2012

Vintage Book Page Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas tree I made last year out of vintage book pages.  It was really simple but very time consuming.
Start with a styrofoam cone - a size of your choice - and start cutting out squares of vintage book pages.  I used squares about 1 1/2".  Starting at the bottom, scrunch the square up in the middle and put a straight pin thru the center.  I dip the pin point in white glue and insert in the cone.  Go around the bottom and work your way up.
When you get finished, check it over to see if you have any bare spots.  If so, just add another square and work it in.
When I finished, it needed something on the top. So, I went to HL and found this topper in the miniature section.  I covered it with the book pages.  You must cut the pieces very SMALL and use Mod Podge and gently work the pieces down until it is all smooth. 
These would be so cute if you made several in different sizes and made an arrangement.
NOTE:  The very, very old book pages are really brittle.  You are much better off using a newer "old" book.  You can tell immediately because it will break when you scrunch it.
Till next time, Judy

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday Treasures

Well, the Tulsa Flea Market opened Saturday after being closed for almost three months due to the Fair, Horse Shows, Etc. at the Fair Grounds.

The Flea Market was crammed full of dealers and shoppers.  I found lots of good deals.  See the huge stack of linens?  What a deal!!
 Isn't this a darling pair of figurines?
Love this sign!!
Adore this mini chandelier!!

I am absolutely in love with this rabbit tureen - kind of the majolica stylel.  It's not marked with anything but I think it is beautiful.

Look at the lid.....

And this gorgeous teapot with lid.  It is marked "Made in England Jersey"   then "Price Kensington" then "Made in England" and "2671".

As you can see, there were various other pieces. 

It was a good day.


Till next time, Judy
Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Temptations!!

Oh, have I had fun today.  Here are a few more items that will be available for my sale on Etsy starting tomorrow - Sunday, 11/25/2012.
I am in love with the little bottle brush trees and what you can do with them.  I found these gorgeous little houses that are Hallmark ornaments.  They are just precious.  I located glass jars that they would fit in and glued them in along with a little tree and then added snow.  These are not tiny.  They measure 4 1/2" across and 6 1/2" tall.  I then added vintage lace, muslin strips and vintage buttons to the screw-on lids.

 What I want you to notice is the details on these.  The fronts are just beautiful but when you turn them around, there is a complete scene inside!! I have churches, farmhouses, stores, etc.  These will be available on a first come, first serve basis, but I will do my best to accomodate everyone.
This is a sample of the church and one of the farmhouses.  Just look at all of the details including a Christmas tree.

Here are some of the smaller ones.  Notice the tiny ceramic rabbit in the one on the left.  I put vintage buttons around the rim of the screw on lids.  The larger one has three of the bottle brush trees.

My sale starts tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.  Please come join the fun.


Till next time, Judy
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fabulous Christmas Gifts

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to All!!  I wanted to share with my blog friends my huge sale on my Etsy starting on Sunday, 11/25/2012.
For seven days, I will have at least ten items a day at $10.00/each.  Some there will be multiples of, some will be one of a kind.

Let me share with you just a few of the items I will have.  Look at this precious vintage silverware cross made out of a knife and fork.  It is adorned with burlap, lace rosette, crinkled seam binding, and a button. 
There will be these darling little wooden spools embellished with lace, seam binding and buttons and a bottle brush tree.  These will be available in different sizes.
This pin is made out of vintage quilt pieces.  This would make a wonderful gift for a special friend for Christmas.
One of my all-time favorites.  An old salt shaker filled with pearls and filled with button flowers.
There will be lots of vintage items.
Look at this darling Christmas angel.  She's made out of an old bottle filled with vintage paper.  The same paper is her wings.  She has a tinsel halo and scarf with an old key.
This is just a sampling of items.  Other things that will be included are Christmas table runners, burlap runners, Snowman tea towels, burlap ornaments, pennant kits,  and pillows galore.
There will also be lots of new pieces at regular prices.
So, won't you please come and join us on Sunday thru Saturday.
I will not be taking any more custom orders until after the first of the year.
Till next time (and probably five pounds heavier), Judy
Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Affair of the Heart in Tulsa

Saturday, I had a few hours to kill and I went to the "An Affair of the Heart in Tulsa" show at the Fairgrounds.  It is a semi-annual show that is about the best around.  It had over 700 boths.  I must say that the majority of it was jewelry, food, women's and children's clothing.  However, I did find a few things kinda handmade.

This goose or duck or whatever it is, appealed to me the minute I saw it.  I'm not a real Victorian person, but it seem to capture my attention. 
I loved this little Christmas tree made out of squares of old book pages with scalloped edges, a bit of glitter and stacked.
Everyone needs a Christmas necklace and earrings.
There was a Moda fabric booth, so naturally I had to buy some beautiful cherry fabric to use for pillows.
This was my last purchase.  An angel made out of old wood and different wood pieces.  She reminded me of my garden angel.
So, there was my trip to the show.  I think I did pretty good considering there were 700 booths of stuff. 
Till next time, Judy

Friday, November 16, 2012

Old Picture Frames

I love old frames and found this oval one at the thrift store for $1.98.
I used my Rustoleum spray paint in the primer one coat series - in a white and then a bright red.  When you are spray painting and want a bright color, always undercoat with a good coat of white or off white.  It took the paint beautifully.

I had a spool of white buttons strung on white heavy cord that I draped across in a zig zag pattern and hot glued on the back.  Then I took tiny white clothespins and glued on some vintage family pictures (and NO, that is not me!), an old hankerchief, a  doily and a Christmas card.
 I made a little Christmas vignette using my little library step stool.  On it I put a Mother's plaque, a little red caped Christmas girl, a red Christmas glittery house, a red transferware plate and a tiny red Lucite clock.  Next to the Mother's plaque is my  book page Christmas tree and above it a red and white polka dotted little pitcher.

I then added a snowman candle and thought it made a really cute vignette.
It made for a fun afternoon of playing around and getting the Christmas spirit going.
Till next time, Judy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Precious Little Gift Idea

This is another one of my simple, quick little gift ideas. 
Surely, you have some of the old wooden sewing thread spools, vintage lace, vintage pins and/or earrings, scraps of burlap, glue and small Christmas trees (I got mine at Michaels)
The first thing you want to do is to glue a strip of burlap - cut to size - in the center part of the wooden spool.  Then, you are going to add vintage lace and a button or piece of jewelry.
Glue a small Christmas tree to the top (in these, I used the white, bleached trees because they looked better with the burlap and old lace).
You're done!!
What a great little gift this will make to someone who appreciates your handmade items.
To gift wrap this item, take a small jewelry box and cover with vintage book pages using Mod Podge.  Let dry completely.
 Take about six of your vintage book pages and cut into 1/2" strips and wad a few at a time up in your hand.  Then separate them and fill the bottom of the box.  Lay the tiny little spool with tree in there on top of the shredded paper.
Put the lid on and tie with crinkled hand-dyed seam binding and top with a vintage button.
What a sweet gift!!
A collection of different sizes makes a really nice arrangement.  Add some mercury glass, white pottery and a Santa Claus and you have a vignette.  Notice I used the old book pages rolled up in my candlestick in the photo above.
Till next time, Judy



Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friends and Precious Memories

Do you have things that are so special to you because they remind you of a special friend?
I do and feel so lucky to have  many dear, precious friends.
Over my fireplace is an absolutely gorgeous oil painting by one of my dearest friends, Dorothy.  Dorothy is a fantastic painter, teacher and has published several books.  I value her friendship and every time I look at this painting, I am so grateful to have her for a friend.
Another precious friend is Sabra.  Sabra lives in Missouri and we don't get to see each other as much as I would like.  We talk very regularly on the phone tho.  She always gives me the most wonderful gifts - always something that I would love to buy myself but haven't. 
She knows me so well and my likes.  Several years ago, she gave me this beautiful windchime for my birthday.  I love it so much and it hangs on my front porch.  When I hear the lovely chimes, I always think of Sabra.
Sabra's husband is a genius when it comes to woodworking.  One year for Christmas, he made this clock for me.  Isn't it just the most beautiful piece.  He has built homes and is so very talented. 
Sabra and Evan are such precious friends.
And then there is my newest friend, Brenda.  Brenda and I have been friends less than a year.  We have become really good friends.  She gave me this vintage Coca-Cola wooden crate which I used for my Fairy Garden.  (You will notice quite a few Coke items in my post - it's one of my many collections).
I am so thankful at this time of the year for alot of things.  One of my greatest blessings is the number of really, true friends that the Lord has blessed me with thru the years.
I am truly grateful and blessed.
Till next time, Judy


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