Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Great Collectible!!

Do you remember the Victorian lunch pail that I showed a few weeks ago?  Guess what?  I found another one!!

This one is a different pattern.  I cannot believe that as old as these are that the cardboard containers that hold them are in as good a shape as they are.  The box that holds this is all handpainted.  At least, that's what it says on the bottom.  It is stamped Handpainted in Japan. Japan and Victorian???? I don't get that, but..........

The painting is very vibrant on this one.

This one has a really pretty border painted around the top of the box.


Till next time, Judy


  1. So gorgeous. I'd never seen one beffore your blog. J

  2. Thrifting is like that for me too-I find groups of similar or like items. They both are gorgeous. I see pearls or bling sitting in them.

  3. What beautiful items you have found. I search our flea markets for beauty and seldom find such delight. Please enter me once again into the drawing.

  4. Judy, you have a good eye!! Need to take you with me, I never know what to buy it!

  5. Judy this is beautiful. You have a great eye for unusual finds!
    hugs, Linda

  6. So pretty! You find such wonderful things, Judy! (Btw, I'm so glad you are enjoying the book and making lots of things from it!)
    Wishing you a happy crafty weekend!
    Helen x

  7. Wow! How is that even possible? Those are so unusual...

    Your ninja shopping powers are awesome!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  8. You should have a job as a professional junker. Wait. That is your job.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Great find!

  10. Gosh- Those are great- I don't think I ever saw one before I saw it here- xo Diana

  11. Wow, where do you find such goodies?

    God Bless~

  12. Love the colors on this one, Judy! I guess the China manufactures like our Victorian style! This would be adorable as the main attraction on a buffet! xo Pam

  13. I'm curious to know why you think it's a lunch box? It looks more as though it's a divided plate that is in a presentation box. Packaging was important back then, just as it is now and many Asian items came in a decorated box or container. If you have a local antique shop I'd ask them to look at it. it's really beautiful and could be very special! What a great find! You are surely in the right spot lately!

  14. Goodness! How do you find all these marvelous things?!! So pretty!

  15. Wow Judy,
    You scored some beautiful treasures. Very pretty.



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