Sunday, March 31, 2013

Doesn't Everyone Have A Red Cuckoo Clock?

I'm sure that everyone in their right mind has a bright, red cuckoo clock, don't they?

Several weeks ago, I got this little wooden cuckoo clock at the Flea Market and was just enthralled by it.  It doesn't work. (I wanted everyone to know that before I got fussed at for painting it.)

I covered the dial with masking tape to retain the numbers on the dial.  Then, I spray painted it with a white primer.

I let it dry good and then sprayed it Cherry Red.  I really do think it will be cute in an arrangement of other red items. I think I will try to find some kind of small chain the attach to the bottom.  I assume it had one at some time.

Also, will put new hands on the dial.  (Just noticed that!)

Anyway, enjoy!

Till next time, Judy


  1. It's very cute, did a wonderful job with it. Maybe you can find a watch repair man...we have them all over here, and he can get it working.


  2. So cute, Judy. I just love it. J

  3. Judy it's so darn cute in red~!

    hugs, Linda

  4. That is EXACTLY what I would have done with that little clock! It's adorable!
    Have a great week!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  5. Well, didn't that turn out cute? I have an old one and I am trying to figure out what to do with it. xo Diana

  6. It's adorable! I myself love the red! Very cute idea!

  7. I love it in red. Hope you had a great Easter.

  8. No, everyone doesn't have a red cuckoo clock! But you do, you talented lady! I love it.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.


  9. Love the idea of painting the case!

  10. Love it! Red is my favorite color and really makes this clock pop! Found you on A Favorite Thing and I'd love to have you stop by and share your post on The Creative HomeAcre Hop today!



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