Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Practical Pinterest Project

Do you love to stencil?  Well, I do.  I did. in the past, have a problem tho with finding the right way to get a good, smooth stencil effect.  I have never liked using stencil brushes.  I have always bought the 1/2" foam by the sheet and cut it into squares.  I then, scrunched them up into a ball and stenciled with the smooth part of the ball.  It worked wonderful, but, the minute you let go of the scrunched-up ball of sponge it was gone and you could never get it back in the same position.
The biggest problem is that once you get started with this method - someone always calls and you have to stop!
Plus - it got paint all over and under your fingernails!
I vowed that I would try to start trying some of the Pinterest projects rather than just pinning them.  So, here's my first.
Paint Daubbers that actually work and are CHEAP to make!
You take a piece of PVC pipe (mine is 3/4") and cut it into 1 1/2" pieces.  It cuts real easy with a coping saw.
Then, you take a package of cosmetic wedges from the Dollar Tree.
There are a ton of these in one package.
Fold the wedge in two and push up into the piece of PVC pipe.  You want to be able to get a smooth, rounded top.  You also need the pipe this short so you can push from the bottom in case your sponge slips back down into the pipe when you are exerting pressure doing the stenciling.
This is what you want it to look like when you finish.  The black is from where I got paint on it using it before.
Tape down your stencil and start.  It gives a really nice smooth texture to your stencil.
This is what it will look like when you are done. 
Then, just push out the foam and put in a new one.
I got this idea from:
"The Happy Card Encouragement Factory"
This beautiful stencil, which I will be making into a pillow, is from:
They have the most beautiful stencils that are so detailed and precise.  Be sure and visit them.
So, make yourself some paint daubbers and have fun.
Till next time, Judy


  1. Thank you so much Judy for sharing. This is a great an inexpensive way. You make it look so easy.
    Have a great week.
    I'm a new follower.

  2. Now that is a brilliant idea, thanks so much for sharing Judy!

  3. Now this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. I have a new stencil I want to use and needed some brushes but I like this much better!

  4. Blow me away simple, and it works.



  5. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...

    I love your 'Dino'!!

  6. That's a great tip on how to make a stencil brush. The furniture stencil is really cute.

  7. The little stenciled settee is so cute. I love you ingenuity too.

  8. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Love the stencil and fabric you chose. Did you feel the earthquakes in Tulsa?

    Cheery wave from

  9. You are so smart Judy. PVC pipe is awfully useful. xo, olive

  10. Thanks for the tips, Judy. I haven't stenciled in about 20 years but was thinking about doing some again. J

  11. The lavender trivet caught my eye. Love those colors together. What a great idea about the makeup sponges. I would have never thought of that! Good for you getting on those Pinterest ideas!

  12. Judy, this is absolutely BRILLIANT! And SOOOO much cheaper than the MS ones I bought at Michael's not long ago. Wish I had seen your post before I did. I'm pinning this one so I can remember it later. Thanks so much for sharing it!




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