Thursday, April 4, 2013

Everything's Blooming!

As I write this post, I am at my sister Jeannie's with my other sister Rita, having our "Sisters Weekend".  We do this a couple of times a year but the one in April is always so much fun.  Jeannie lives in Neosha, Missouri and the first weekend of April they have a city- wide garage sale.  You can just imagine my excitement!  So, will let you know the first of the week about all of the good buys I got.

Everything is growing and blooming out!  The phlox is beginning to bloom in places.  Not fully but it has started.

The spirea is filling out nicely.

This was the hosta two weeks ago and look at it now....

Isn't it great?  And yes, I am getting ready to divide them.  So many of you sent me great instructions that I am no longer afraid of dividing them up.  I have two huge pots to work on.


Till next time, Judy


  1. I am smiling to myself remembering the first time I decided to divide a big overgrown root-bound hosta. It had been there for years and I ended up taking a SAW to the roots to get them apart. Guess what? Never killed any part of it! lol I am envious- We still have snow and ice piles here- xo Diana

  2. Judy, that is fantastic
    Happy spring...

  3. Last night my husband read me an article from Reader's Digest (Apr 2013 issue) that Oklahoma is the best spot to live in America. He asked if I wanted to move there, and while I would like to be near you and Brenda, I can't leave my friends and family here, so y'all enjoy living in paradise ;)

  4. Same blooming going on here. It is raining and I am swimming in pollen literally. Divide away-it is fun. I divided iris last year and am waiting for them to bloom now. I divided day lilies year before last and now have twice as many for free. xo, olive

  5. I don't get it...we are south of you and my yard is still brown from the lawn up...

    Happy spring!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  6. This is a nice tradition to have with your sister! My sisters and and I used to have an old fashioned sleepover every fun!

    I have a few things poking up,'s exciting!


  7. Oh your fun has just begun! Love that things are also.

  8. Lovely to see things blooming there! Have fun with your sisters and your treasure hunting, Judy!
    Helen x

  9. Enjoy your visit Judy. Sisters are the best! I have 3 of them. J

  10. Judy; Your plants are just Beautiful!!!! I wish that I had some cuttings from them!!!
    I hope that you and your Family has a Wonderful weekend!!! :-)

  11. Hope you have a great sister's weekend. Can't wait to see what you found at the garage sales!



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