Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm a True Coca Cola Person

Yes, I will admit that I am a real, authentic Coca Cola girl!  I am and probably always will be a diehard Coca Cola fan.  (I prefer to not call myself an addict)
I have a Coca Cola big machine in my back yard that I use to decorate with.  I have a Coca Cola wooden keg dated early 1900's that syrup was delivered to the drug stores in.
I have been to Vicksburg, Mississippi where the first soda fountain served Coke.  I have been to the Coke store and museum in Las Vegas.
Let me tell you how long I have loved my Coca Cola.
When I started to school, I had 25 cents for lunch.  There was a small store on the way to school that had Coke in the little bottles (absolutely the best ones).  I took 10 cents every morning on the way to school and bought a Coke.  And then I took another 10 cents on the way home from school to buy another one.
My Mother would have freaked out if she knew that, but I didn't tell her until I was grown and she couldn't do anything about it. LOL We had a large family and we didn't have pop at home very often.
I took the Pepsi Challenge when they did it and could always pick out the Coke over the Pepsi.
I got some Cokes once and told a friend of mine that worked as a distributor for Coke that they were really bad.  The next day, a semi pulled in front of my house and unloaded several cases of Coke and wanted the ones I had gotten that were bad.  My friend had told them that if Judy said they were bad, they were bad and they wanted to take them back to their lab and have them checked.
As it turned out, the bottles were sticky.  They said that anytime you get a bottle that is sticky, it has been dropped and apparently the cap spewed out some taking with it the fizz.
When they decided to come out many years ago with the new Coke, I wrote a letter to them saying I didn't know why they were doing that.
John & I gathered all of our friends one evening and we hit every store we could find and bought the old original Coke. I had quite a haul.
Several months later, they decided to revive the old Coke and do away with the new.  I was excited!!!!!
So, I carry a Coca Cola purse and have quite a collection of Coke collectibles.  I have so many friends who go to other countries and bring me back a bottle of Coke or if that's not allowed, they bring me back a bottle cap.
So, do you like Coke?
Till next time, Judy



  1. Judy- I am a Coke addict, too, as is my best friend. When taking that challenge we could pick out the Coke EVERY time. I do use Diet Coke now but in the past I was a REAL Coke girl. I loved those little bottles the best-they used to keep them in an ice cold water cooler when I was a kid- xo Diana

  2. Judy, what a cute story. Love that you would buy your fix twice a day for 10 cents. I was a pepsi drinker 20 years ago but gave it all up for water.

  3. What a cute post, Judy! Yes, you definitely are a hard core Coke fan! When I was about ten, my brother in law worked at a Coca Cola processing plant and we took a tour. I remember the big vats of syrup and it upset my stomach a little!

    I drank Coke for a long time but switched to Pepsi (Diet) about 10 years ago. I just think it tastes cleaner and crisper. Sorry! ;-D


  4. Hi Judy, I have bought many of coke sovenirs for family members as gifts and I know where there is a coke pop machine. It belongs to one of my family members. I am not really a pop fan. I do drink an occasional pepsi. I have a family members who think they have to have a coke to start their day. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  5. Judy, when I was a little girl, my brother owned a country grocery store. It just happened to be on my way to school and back.
    I also worked in that store as a teenager.
    Needless to say I got hooked on coca cola fairly early in my life
    I have tried to drink the diet coke but I can not get use to the taste.
    I use to collect some of the coca cola stuff, but when it comes to home decor. I get tired of it very fast and change it out.

  6. I really don't drink soda, and if I do it is only diet 7-UP. Sounds like you have a very nice collection.

  7. Judy, All the new sodas do not taste as good as the old...because the old was in glass. I think the glass keep the taste truer. You made me laugh about "no pop at home". We were the same way. I love your coke purse. xoxo,Susie

  8. I don't drink coke, used to be a pepsi fan but in my golden years have embraced sweet tea ;) Love all your coke memorabilia though, awesome!

  9. The only pop we had at home was Squirt. Except for reunions, when Dad would go to the Pop Shop and pick up different flavors for us kids. My go to flavor was always Orange Crush!

  10. Love it! Even though I don't drink it.
    You've got some pretty neat memorabilia ..
    I'm a pepper kinda girl.

  11. I only occasionally allow myself pop anymore...but donuts are another story, laughing. OK, well truthfully I am keeping tabs on both, and really cutting back.

    But I am Pepsi girl through and through...hanging head, sorry.

    Love your collection.

  12. Judy I am not a coke addict but I must say when I want a soda it's COKE!!! Helps me stop headaches also. Love all your collectibles! I live in the Home of Coke, Atlanta. I have never been to the coke museum but hear it is fun and very interesting. Come visit Atlanta and we will go for a tour!
    hugs, Linda

  13. Neat post! Rarely drink pop nowadays, but Coke always disagreed with me-- what's that all about?? Cool collection!

  14. Judy, I TOO love love Coke! I was truly addicted to it in my 20's but after awhile, it seemed to be causing stomach problems and anxiety attacks! I was drinking at least 5 a day! Eventually got off and went to 7-Up for a long time. But Coke has always been my best favorite. My husband absolutely love it too and used to drink several a day.. but we both decided he needed to cut back, so now, only once in a while, do we look at each other and say "I wish I had a coke" and he runs to the corner store and gets us one to share! He swears it helps his digestion, and I'm sure it does, because when I was younger, we would use a bottle of coke to clean our car battery terminals! Just imagine what it does to a person's stomach! But I still have a few sips now and then and I just swoon and roll my eyes. LOVE all your various bottles, especially that little round fat one!

  15. Wow-you are a die-hard Coke fan! :)
    I love cherry coke occasionally-I know that probably doesn't count-lol! Very cute story!

  16. You would love my friend Lynn. She is a coke fan as well. I do love a "real coke" every now and then, but stick mostly to the diet variety. My favorite memories of coke in a bottle were when we would pour peanuts in the top. Absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing...loved it!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  17. You are the Coca Cola Queen, Judy. I can't remember the last time I had a Coke or a Pepsi or anything like that. I don't drink too much soda pop this days. You have amassed a wonderful collection of memorabilia.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  18. Judy, thank you for visiting my Southern Lagniappe blog, and for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm so glad it led me to 20 North Ora.

    I used to drink Cokes, but switched to Dr. Pepper several years ago. I agree with you, though ... the Cokes in the little glass bottles DO taste better, especially when they're ice cold!

  19. I do love coke! I really like to make chocolate cake with coke, too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. You made my day!

    Ricki Jill

  20. I am totally a Coke girl. I always thought all southerners drank Coke. Only people up north drink that nasty Pepsi

  21. Judy! I feel the same way, but about Dr. Pepper. I grew up in the South and we called every kind of "pop"--coke except Dr. Pepper. LOL Now I like in the Northwest we say "pop". Fun regional fact.
    Thanks for sharing and for being such a great friend to Brenda. You are one special lady.

    Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  22. Hi Judy! Oh, you have quite the Coke collection. Now I used to be a Coke-a-holic. Drank it first thing in the morning and all day long. Then about 10 years ago I decided I was drinking too much sugar and went to diet. Couldn't do the Diet Coke so I started drinking Diet Dr. Pepper. But if I ever drink a real Coke, I flip out, it's so good!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  23. What a fun post! My aunt was a true coca-cola fan and I remember that there was nothing quite like a bottle of come out of her cooler (she owned a little shop). A can of coke just isn't the same!

  24. I'm a coke girl too actually I have gotten to really like the Coke Zero...Oh my I had for gotten about the new coke, what a dud that was lol!


  25. OOO, I am such a lover of Coke, too. I don't drink it pop, really, but every now and then, I just HAVE to have a big Hershey candy bar and a small-bottle Coke.
    I love those little bottles...still buy them every now and then.

  26. I am a true Coca-cola fan as well.
    I am trying to limit myself to a can a want to know how hard that is!!!
    I love to collect all things Coke as does my daughter.
    Enjoyed looking into a bit of your collection :)

  27. I can’t believe all I use to have coke in the morning, every morning. I love coke to this day............Love the coke bag!
    Happy Weekend Judy.

    the French Hutch

  28. Love your Coke collections. I agree that the New Coke wasn't as good and there is nothing like the little bottles for taste.

    Cute purse too.


  29. Loved this post, Judy, and seeing all your coca cola memorabilia, just wonderful! I used to drink it a lot in my was the most fashionable drink at the time over here! I still love the shape of the bottle!
    Helen x

  30. what a fun post!!! both in words and pictures! You sure DO love your coca cola! :)

  31. Wow...quite a collection!! I am a die hard Pepsi fan...Use to be full blown pepsi but now just diet pepsi....two cans every day...LOL I will however drink a diet coke if that is all there is and honestly I perfer coke zero if they have it over diet coke... I'm sure if I were to take the challange I could pick out pepsi every time...LOL

  32. Hi Judy, I loved reading your post and how you bought your cokes for 10 cents to and from school! Oh those were the days!! I'm a coke drinker, too, but you sure have some fun stuff!

  33. You are a dedicated fan ! :) I have not had a coke in a long time - probably over a year. Used to love them, but I cut back on them years ago and it got to where they just don't taste as good to me now.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  34. Definitely Coke, not Pepsi.

    Oh, I love the taste of Coke from a bottle.

  35. Hello Judy, I love your blog, just found it and started following. Have a Blessed day, Trisha

  36. What a fun post Judy! We are die hard coke fans here too, and my Dad has drank it his whole life. I love all of the collectibles that you have...that must make a cool backyard! Wishing you a wonderful week! Angie xo

  37. Judy, I have a brother-in-law and a friend that both have huge Coke collections...the friend has an old fashioned soda fountain-like set up in his basement with thousands of authentic Coke pieces. Me...I don't like any soda!

  38. Judy I really enjoyed my visit over here today seeing all your Coke products. Their very colletible and fun.
    I am glad you shared these with us today and I am looking forward being your newest follower and getting to know you

  39. Hi Judy,

    I don't know what it is about Coke, after all it IS mostly sugar, but whether it's the caramel or secret concoction, it definitely is delicious and addictive!! I try to limit mine to two a week.

    Your Coke collection is very interesting! I've never seen that robust round bottle before! Thanks for sharing!

    Poppy :)

  40. Judy,
    This was so sweet. I love the story of you getting your "fix" before and after school!!!!

  41. Oh, oh, I will just declare the
    5th....but this was a cute post!

  42. I don't drink soda with sugar in it, but I love Diet Coke so much, I gave it up for Lent! I remember when you could buy Coca Cola syrup to settle your stomach (wonder what they put in it back then ;-) ! )

  43. And she's NEVER without a cup of coke she carries around with her. I mention iced tea (which I prefer) and she scrunches up her face and says: Ewww!

  44. Oh my gosh Judy, you really ARE a Coke addict!! I myself have always preferred Coke over Pepsi, but I don't think I take it quite as far as you do!! :)


  45. Nice collection. I'm a diet coke sort of girl. I've always loved their logo. We have an old coke puzzle that I'll bet you would love!



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