Thursday, June 13, 2013

Buttons, Buttons and More Buttons

I have this passion (that sounds better than obsession) for old buttons.  When I go to a sale and find a bag of vintage buttons, my heart just skips a beat!!

I use them on jars......
vintage linens.....
and even on silver!
I love to look thru a box and/or bag of vintage buttons and see all of the different sizes and shapes.
My Nana always had a button box.  It was a large, round metal box.  Anytime a garment was thrown away or outgrown, Nana would always carefully snip off all of the buttons and put them in her box.
When she passed away, I said there were three things of hers that I wanted:
Her Button Box,
Her Singer Treadle Sewing Machine and
Her wooden hand mirror that she used every night to brush her hair out.
Nana lived with us at 20 North Ora from the time I was in the first grade until she passed away long after I was married.
Button Fact:
Do you know why women's garments button the opposite of men's?
In 13th century France, buttons were a status symbol.  The French court became button happy, and garments often were trimmed with buttons from the neckline to the toes.  Since most people were right handed, men's garments were tailored to button from left to right for the convenience of the majority.
Women who could afford fine wardrobes, though, also had a handmaiden to dress them.  So the couturiers of the time buttoned women's clothes in the direction most convenient for the handmaiden.  Although few women today are dressed by a maid, their clothing still buttons from right to left.
Till next time, Judy 


  1. Well I guess it's true! You do learn something new every day. I never knew about the left/right buttoning reason but I do share your obsession for buttons. J

  2. I love buttons, too, Judy. The ONLY thing I wanted from my Gramma's place was her Free treadle sewing machine AND the buttons and sewing things that went with it.My girls spent hours sorting buttons last year- it was so much fun. We think alike-you and I- xo Diana

  3. I love buttons too!! What an interesting post!! I took my mother in law's old buttons along with her sewing box and thimble when we cleaned out their home. My favorite buttons are still on the old calico dress that belonged to my Great Great Aunt Becky circa 1900. Perhaps you have inspired a post soon!

  4. Love your blog. I have my grandmothers button jar. I put them on quilts I make for family so they have something of hers.

  5. Buttons, linens, vintage greeting cards all call to me! How nice to have your Grandmas button jar!

  6. I love all of your button projects. I once bought half a pick-up truckload of buttons from a sewing shop. My husband thinks I am crazy. I am just bonkers over buttons!

  7. I love buttons, too and have them in jars! I guess I need to take some out and do a fun project! Thanks for the ideas! Hugs!

  8. I love buttons, too. You've done some darling things with vintage buttons.

  9. I also love the old buttons - mainly the vintage/antique ones with rhinestones. They are getting harder to find at a reasonable price, as are in much demand now.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment on the plants. Mother nature gets the credit, and I just try to keep them going. :-D Was not as hot today, but according to forecast they will creep back up soon.
    Have a great weekend.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. I have a passion for buttons too! I actually had an Etsy shop called The Button Lady. I still have friends constantly giving me vintage buttons and I use them on everything I make. Love your button designs! Visiting from Common Ground and following you!

  11. I love vintage buttons too, but since I'm not crafty, I don't do anything with them. I just have a vintage jar full of them because they're so pretty. I did not know the reason behind the difference in men's and women's buttons (which side they're on)...thanks for the history lesson! :-)

  12. What a great post. Love learning something new! I really like the buttons on the silver with the old photograph. That's wonderful!



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