Friday, February 16, 2018

Fun and Exciting Time

This young lady has been the inspiration for my life.  She has been in our home practically since she was born.  That was a glorious night.

When she was five, she came to live with us on a permanent basis.  She has been such a blessing.  She was outstanding in school achieving every dream she had.

She was captain of the ROTC drill corp which went to Nationals every year she was in school, she was chosen to go to Presidential Classroom to spend a week in Washington DC watching how the government worked, she got her degree and just this week, celebrated working with her doctor for five years.

She has done such an awesome job of raising these precious little girls.  They are all so well adjusted and thriving.

Tiffany is always right here if I need her for anything.  She has kept me going especially the last three and a half years.  Oh, how I love her.

And now, on to another stage of her life.  She is getting married next September - on John's birthday.  She is definitely having her dream wedding.  We have had so much fun shopping for her dress, the bridesmaid's dresses and all of the decor for the event.  It's been a very special time for me.

Wanted to share her "Save the Date" cards she just got.  Adam is indeed one of the most precious men I have ever met.  He adores her and the three little girls and they love him.  It's going to be  so much fun to watch them together as a family.

So, as we progress with the wedding process, I will keep you posted.  Right now, I am working on her bouquet.  It is made out of flowers and antique brooches.  Fun, fun, fun.

Enjoy and I just wanted her to know how much I love and admire her.



  1. What happy excitement in your lives, and that Save the Date portrait is romantic.

  2. Congrats to everyone Judy. Getting married on John's birthday will be like him getting to share in. Love those sweet baby girls. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  3. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to you all! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What a lovely, happy post! God's blessings on all of you ~ FlowerLady

  5. Oh Judy I am reading this with tears of joy in my eyes. Tiffany is your life angel for sure. How proud and happy John would have been to see her meet this wonderful man and begin to carve out a life with him. What a great family they will all be together. I am so happy you have had Tiffany by your side these past few years. I know she has been your driving force for you to continue on after losing John. I love that she is getting married on John's birthday. What a special honor. I am just so excited for all of you. The bouquet sounds beautiful. Please show pics when you get that done. Have a great weekend.

  6. Judy this is such an exciting and happy 😊 time for all of you. It's a blessing to find a wonderful person to share your life with and Tiffany has found that perfect love. She has accomplished so much in her life. Those little girls are beautiful. Those smiles are like a light. The bouquet πŸ’ sounds beautiful. Bless you and you girls.


  7. I'm so happy for all of you! What a lovely couple.

  8. So happy for you all,those little girls are just wonderful and look so happy too.Congratulations.x

  9. Your relationship with Tiffany is so special and beautiful...I am so happy to hear she's getting married to a wonderful man. Congratulations to her and Adam and many blessings to them and the girls for a beautiful, long life together.

  10. Judy- I really believe God brings certain people in our lives that have a bit of an angel that lives within them. It sounds like Tiffany is one of those people. Her little girls are just darling and I am so happy for her that she found someone so wonderful to marry. God bless her and I am looking forward to seeing the bouquet and all the wedding 'stuff'. xo Diana

  11. Oh Judy, I am so happy for you. So glad that she has found a wonderful man who will be a great dad to those beautiful little girls and a wonderful husband. You are truly blessed to have her in your life.

    Looking forward to see all the beautiful dresses and flowers.

    God bless you and yours,


  12. I have so enjoyed following Tiffany's life with her girls! She has done such a stellar job and I can only imagine how very proud you must be. Thank you for raising a God loving, glorious girl who in turn is raising wonderful girls on her own. You have done a f one job indeed!



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