Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chairs Of A Certain Age

My name is Judy and I am a painter. If it can be painted, I will paint it. I scavenge garage and estate sales for things to apply my paint brush to.

This chair was so old that I couldn't just apply paint as I normally would. So I Googled "Old Age." And these quotes you see written on the chair are what I came up with. 

They are hand-painted words about a certain age.

One I used, as you can see, is "Old Age Comes At A Bad Time." But then, I've learned that we get better as we get older. So that doesn't necessarily apply to life. 

Old age can be a rugged, worn chair that teaches us that wisdom comes with age.

Till Next Time, Judy


  1. Love this chair, Judy. And your talent, which is immense.


  2. This is a chair that will have special meaning as "you get better with age, Judy.. You're doing a fabulous job at your present age, don't know how you could get any better. ;o)

    Old age does come at a bad time, take it from me !

    Blessings, Charlotte

  3. Such a creative way to show case this antique chair. I think you honored it well, Judy.

  4. At least "chairs of a certain age" do not have to experience the indignity of hot flashes. As we women of a certain age do!

  5. Cute idea, Judy. I just may have to steal it ;) Oh and I agree with Brenda. Hot flashes are the bane of my existence. The other day I was so fed up, I said "That's it. I can't take much more of this!". Like I thought threatening them would stop them. They truly are sending me round the twist. J

  6. I'll go along w/the one that says:
    "Old age is 15 years older than I am." This has special meaning as I turn 66 on Friday and I'm not acknowledging old age yet!

  7. Upon looking at this chair it makes me wonder just "how old" is it? It has such beauty and patina to it.

  8. Fun fun fun chair! Love what you did with it.

  9. You're an artist! Love the quotes, fabulous - Mary



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