Saturday, September 1, 2012

Coca Cola Memorabilia

Do you know anyone else with a Coca Cola machine in their back yard? Well, now you do.

Yes, I admit to being a Coca Cola addict.  I hit the floor in the morning fixing one and I go to bed at night with one on my bedside table.  I can't help it!!

I collect anything associated with Coke.  I have bottles of every shape and size.  I have bottles from different countries.

I carry a Coca Cola purse.  I also have one that has the famous Coca Cola Santa Claus that I use at Christmas.

Oh well, it's a fairly harmless addiction.

 Till Next Time, Judy


  1. Aww I LOVE Coca Cola memorabilia! It's so bright and fun! I love your little bunting on the Coke machine!

    I was finally able to become your follower today. It wouldn't let me before. Take care!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  2. I have some Coke glasses that I love. I also like those little round Coke bottles I find in Wal-Mart. That Coke machine is cool. xo

  3. I love Coca Cola too Judy. I have two OLD coke trays that I found in a yard sale years ago..

    It's fun to be a collector no matter what the collection is.. Good luck finding new Coca Cola memorabilia.

  4. Muito divertida sua coleção! E a máquina é espetacular!

  5. I'm not a Coke drinker but I love your collection, Judy. The graphics are fabulous - and that machine is the best.


  6. Judy, I am a diet coke drinker. I love coca cola stuff too. Just bought a crate now I have two. Looking for a straw holder or dispenser. I have always wanted a cooler but never found one I could afford. Take care.

  7. I'm not a soda drinker, but I know I'll think of you from now on when I see some Coca Cola items. Even a purse...who knew!

  8. When I want one there is nothing better then an ice cold coke! Love your collection! CUTE!!! xo Linda

  9. Ahem, I'm more of a pepsi girl myself, lol. Just teasing, how great to collect such a iconic brand.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. And now you have one more! When I was first married many years ago, we purchased a big Coke sign at an antique place in OKC. He ended up with it. It was about 5 feet long and nearly 3 feet high. Wish I still had it.

  11. Judy, love, love,love your Coke purse-have never seen one. The only bad thing about drinking Coke is, if you nurse on them all during the day, Coke will deteriorate your tooth enamel, seriously! So just drink without making it last. My daughter works for a dentist and it is a true problem. But, I love your coke box and collection!!

  12. Judy...what a fabulous collection. You have great taste! Love the blog and have enjoyed all your thoughts and inspiration! xo's Pam

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