Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dragonflies on your Walls

Have you ever finished a room and loved it all but just thought it needed something else?  Several years ago, I redid my Living Room and Hall.  I painted it a light tan color (can't even remember the color in my own house) and used white for all of the woodwork.  I took the color down my hall because there was not a stopping point.  I felt it just needed something else.
So, I ragged my hall (that's putting on a lighter color with a glaze and then rolling up a soft rag and rolling it up the wall which takes some of the paint off) and still wanted more.
I love dragonflies and had this old stencil.  I decided to do 2-3 of the dragonflies on the hall.  I just scattered them in no particular order and not in a pattern.  Some up, some down, some just floating around.  (I rhyme!!) 
I did them in soft colors so they really didn't pop out at you when you walked down the hall.  Then I decided to add a brass upholstery tack to the head.  It's amazing what one little tack can add. 
I love the dragonflies and they will definitely be there for a long while.
Till next time, Judy


  1. Very pretty, Judy. I have a friend who loves dragonflies, and they seek her out all the time, too.

    I can't seem to access Brenda's blog. Getting a message that Google Chrome and Google search can't find it? xo

  2. What a pretty affect. I love dragonflies and am wondering where I can add them in my home.

  3. I love dragonflies and painted some on a bathroom wall once! It was so fun!

  4. The dragon flies are very sweet.

  5. Love the ragged walls and the dragonflies are so cute.....

  6. Unique. Didn't even notice the dragonfly had a brass head until the end of your post. Love it.

  7. The dragonflies look so sweet, what a pretty idea!
    Helen x

  8. I love your dragonflies, Judy.. What a perfect idea for a little extra added attraction. Adding the tacks is a great idea..

    Have a great week.

  9. Love this idea Judy! Would also be a good way to hide a flaw on the wall.

  10. I love dragonflies and this would be perfect in my guest bath!
    Just an FYI, I tried to click on one of your comments over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage to get here, but it won't work. It looks like your address is incomplete. I finally found you, so I'm going to try to add an icon on my iPhone for easy visiting!

  11. That is very clever! I would love to try something like this with seashells when I finally get around to painting my bathroom!



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