Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lamp Redo

Do you remember the two lamps I got at the flea market last Saturday?  I only paid $1.00 apiece for them. 

Look at it now!!

I gave the base a coat of red spray paint after I taped off the electrical parts.  It took the paint wonderfully.

First, I stripped all of the fabric off of the wire shade.

Then, I took 1" strips of torn fabric and knotted it at the top of the shade, pulled it taunt to the bottom and knotted it again.  Then I snipped the fabric off leaving about a 2" tail at the top and the bottom.

I got this idea from Cain's Creative Cabin.  Dawn made a lamp like this and I was blown away and knew I had to make one for myself.

Thanks Dawn for the inspiration!!

Till next time, Judy


  1. Oh WOW! I love that! Red and Yellow are my favorite colors and that is SO CUTE! Yet another few pages for the book you need to write! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave from

  2. They are so cheery and adorable! I used strips of fabric to alter a wooden screen I have - they work well, don't they?


  3. Oh, I have to try this. So cute. Love the red.

  4. It's ADORABLE!!!! You better guard that now that it has been seen in blog land :)

  5. That is absolutely darling. So cute - may just have to try that - hope you don't mind.....

  6. They look fabulous!! I love the color.


  7. Judy your lamps turned out so cute! What great finds and what a great up-cycle!!!!
    I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours : )

  8. I love that sweet lamp shade! I just bought a nursery lamp with NO shade! I'll have to think of something cute like this! Hugs!

  9. This is adorable!!! What a cute idea...Bright, colorful, and fun!


  10. I saw Dawn's lamp too and loved it. I may have to shop for an old lamp at my favorite thrift store today. I just need to start a "stash" of fabric. One more thing to collect. :)

  11. You really need to open a shop with a store front Judy.. The only problem would be that you wouldn't have much time for yourself.
    Your lamp is so cheery and such a good way to use material that you love.
    Love the picture of you and Brenda's baby yesterday.. I guess we could say that that's your baby too.

  12. ...and you have inspired me to make one now!

    love your choice of color and fabrics....of course!




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