Sunday, September 30, 2012

On The Way To Canton

OK, now remember, I left on Wednesday to go to Canton, TX to the First Monday Flea Market.  Well, I left early so I could hit a few places on the way because my friend Diann would not be there until Wednesday evening.
My first stop was Atoka, OK.  I just got off of the main road and went downtown and found this darling shop - Muddy Boggy Antiques and Collectibles.  It was awesome.  Let me show you what I got.
First of all, look at this gorgeous piece of cream colored McCoy!!!  Then, this precious set of vintage children's dishes with the cherries on them.  And the beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers.  They are huge - about 6".
I found this huge old bowl full of buttons for three cents apiece.  So, I shuffled thru all of them and picked out a sack full.  Got these little tin jello molds and this really pretty blue and white dish with lid.  It was probably a sugar bowl.  The lid has the sweetest little top on it. There's also a small sack of tiny white pearl buttons laying there.
These are just amazing.  They are clothing you could order from a company Fashion Frocks, Inc. out of Cincinnati, OH.  The pages include a sample of the fabric on each page. 
One page reads "Attractively Styled Wash Frocks".  You could order 3 garments for $5.50.  The deposit was $2.00 and the C.O.D. price was twelve cents.  If you didn't order C.O.D., the shipping was free. One garment was $2.19 with a thirty cent deposit.  I am thinking these were from the 1940's?????

So, to recap my first day on my trek:
Six antique stores
Four Ross stores
Three TJMAXX stores
One HomeGoods
And a partridge in a pear tree......
To tempt you with my Canton trip, look at the mum plant I got.  This baby is over three foot wide and just bursting with blooms ready to pop.  They were 2/$25.00.
More on Canton Day later....
Till next time, Judy


  1. I swear! You are the best shopper EVER! I love, love, love the little tea set with cherries. I also love the catalog to order frocks with sample fabric. That sample fabric is worth a lot to have in your stash today! Aren't those old magazines a hoot? Everything was "gay" (meaning bright and fun) and "swanky"! I love them. I remember when fabric was 20 and 1/2 cents a yard. You're probably too young to remember 1/2 cent pieces. Can't wait to hear about Canton! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave!

  2. Have you packaged up that piece of McCoy for me? I have that same vase in aqua and I love it! Congratulations, Judy!

    I love the children's dishes - adorable!


  3. Well, Lucy, how can I enjoy it when I had to stay home? I knew you were going to get Claudia going with that McCoy.

  4. Boy Judy. I am so envious! I wish I was along for your full day of shopping. I love all your finds~ you did good! xo's Pam

  5. What a fun trip! You got so many fun and wonderful things! I really love those 1940's ads! So fun.

  6. Judy,
    What an exciting trip so far! Great finds. I have some of the tin jello molds too.

  7. Love the white McCoy! And, I would frame the catalog pictures for my sewing room - they would be so great. Also love the teaset!

  8. Love all the great finds! Wow, can't wait to hear what all you found at Canton!

  9. I'd loved to have been a mouse in your pocket at the Antique shops you visited. I love the vintage dresses. Good finds indeed. Jan

  10. I've never met another person besides me who would visit 3 TJ's in a day. If Home Goods was closer, I would visit more often.

  11. What fabulous finds! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! : ) sending hugs and thanks for sharing at Junkin Joe!



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