Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vintage Book Pages


I love to work with old, worn, vintage book pages.  I get so excited when I find an old book that has the brown edges showing it's age and wear and tear.
This wreath was made out of an old book.  I cut 3" squares out of old pages and thought I never would get enough to finish this wreath.  It's about 16" round.   But, I love it and know that it is nothing new on the craft circuit.
I made this garland out of circles cut out of old book pages with a circle punch and then just sewn together on the machine.

I use this small feather tree at Christmas with paper chains on it.  You remember the paper chains you made as a child?  Same thing.  The only difference is that in using old book pages, they tear really easily.  So, you have to use caution when handling them. 

This tree is also covered with my little vintage angels.  These are made out of old dominos, old keys, spindles and wooden wings.  They are all wired together.  These angels are for sale on my Etsy shop.

One of my all time favorite painted items is this table top.  I Mod Podged old book pages to the top of this vintage table and then I painted the tulip bouquet on top of the pages.  I love the effect you get.

So, the next time you find an old book with worn pages, just think of all of the things you can do with them.

Till next time, Judy


  1. Judy, you're so talented! I love all of your book page creations!

  2. You're a very talented artist! Love the wreath. Also love the garland, what type thread did you use that was strong enough to hold it together? The table top is amazing, really love that, too. Thanks for sharing with us. Mary

  3. Wonderful creations! I do love the wreath the best! Hugs, Linda

  4. You should write a book Judy! Seriously. Everything you do is so adorable!

    Cheery wave from

  5. Just beautiful.....a new follower popping over from Bev's.

  6. How creative you are! I love everything you've done. The wreath is just beautiful.

  7. You are quite the artist!! I love your tulips. What great ideas for old books! Very creative!!! I hope you will share your creativity on TUTORIAL TIPS AND TIDBITS... TTT goes live every Wednesday at 8:00 pm! Hope to see you there!

  8. Hi Judy. So glad you sent me the link to your new blog. What a great site for inspiration. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  9. Love your table - the tulips are awesome. I love book page art and you have created some fantastic pieces with them. Love your site. Found you through Miss Mustard Seed....

  10. Love the different ways you've created using old book pages! You are one talented lady.


  11. Those are some great craft ideas - thanks for sharing. I really like the flowers painted on the table like that.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.

  12. I have one of your domino angels and love her! Your paper wreath is so pretty! Do you ever sleep? LOL!




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