Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Hoop Project

I have another easy hoop project for you today.  This one is very similar to the first one. 
Put your fabric in the hoop and draw it very taut.  Cut off the extra fabric leaving enough to fold over the edge and glue down.
Then you want to glue it down with hot glue.  Be sure and use a fabric with some substance because of the weight of the items we are going to glue on.
After you have glued the fabric down on your hoop, then the fun begins.  Start adding your pieces.  In this project, I added the vintage doily at the bottom, letting part of it hang off the bottom of the rim of the hoop.  I love this effect!
I added a strip of lace across the side and a small doily on the upper left hand side.  I then cut a small piece of linen and - BELIEVE IT OR NOT - the words Bon Appetit are spelled out with those rub on letters!!  I had no idea that would work, but it did wonderfully.  I wouldn't use them on fabric that was going to have a lot of handling, but it'll work for this.
Glue the small fabric piece on and then attach your vintage silverware.  I was lucky enough to have a set of three pieces of vintage silver that matched.
I then ran a piece of vintage lace thru the top and it was ready to hang.
Hope you enjoy this.  I have one more hoop project and then we'll move on to something else, OK?
Till next time, Judy


  1. Love it. Glad that you are back.

  2. Welcome back, Judy! I really love your hoop idea, and look forward to the next one. This is so unique, I'd be the only one to have this hanging in my kitchen!

  3. Welcome back! I am a new reader and a new blogger and adore the look of your hoop art. Very creative!
    I look forward to following your crafty adventures.
    Laurie Anne xx

  4. Such a cute project! Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful comment. New Follower!


  5. so cute! i love hoop art- this is adorable!

  6. Oh, I love it! You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am your newest follower. I love your inspiring blog!! :)

  7. Cute project. Those hoops are just a fun way to show off anything.



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