Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Treasures


I made a pretty good haul today.  This is my second bonanza this week.  I hit an Estate Sale earlier in the week and will share that with you later.  Around here, the Estate Sales are held during the week and the Garage Sales are on the weekends.
Anyway, to my treasures......
Look at this sweet little cherry cup and saucer.  Don't know what the little white container is, but it'll look cute with my collection of McCoy.  I got four bottles full of vintage sewing items - little scissors, buttons, etc.  Also, some Scotty embroidered pieces, three old wooden embroidery hoops and some lace.
A Christmas print, salt and pepper shakers - the ones in the back are made in Japan, an old picture frame and a cute blue and white candle holder.
You can see the Scotty better here.  A pretty plate, more embroidered pieces, a beautiful Italian woven basket full of cherries, an artificial pumpkin and a cute tote complete my stash today.
Till next time, Judy


  1. Great finds! I plan on stopping by the local flea market tomorrow. Hope I'm as lucky!

  2. Oh the basket of cherries sure is sweet. If I see anything with Italy on it...I have to have it! lol I love Italy!

  3. I love the little Scotty embroidery piece! How cute!! You got some great things this week!

    hugs, Linda

  4. You have a much nicer class of 'garage sale' in your neck of the woods than around here Judy, love all your wonderful finds! Deb

  5. Hi Judy. Love all your vintage finds! The cherry cup is so sweet and I think the little unknown white dish could possibly be an egg cup? I wish our small little town had these estate sales. I would be out shopping and shopping! xo's Pam

  6. Hi Judy, It's me again. I guess I'm now your latest follower. I thought I was already! When I couldn't find my name on your follower list, I almost fell out of my chair! xo's Pam

  7. You did very well, love the collection.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. I love anything with Scotty Dogs. They are so cute.

  9. I'm loving the salt and pepper shakers, Judy!


  10. Oh my goodness, I love all your treasures. We are kindred souls, for sure. I also love your idea for the potholders wrapped around the straw wreath, that is so clever. Once I run out of space where they I have them displayed I might have to try that! And I don't know why that cookie jar was so expensive, I have found it cheaper online, but still think it's out of my budget!
    So there are more Lucy and Ethels out there, I'm not surprised! I think it's funny how many people have commented on that. Have a great rest of the weekend.
    Julie aka Lucy

  11. You have a great eye for finding treasures! Love that wee Scottie doggie especially :-)

  12. Judy, very great haul. Love the old sewing items and the Scotty embroidery piece. Thank you for commenting to me on my post about the witches. I love that little tea-pot. Found it at HomeGoods..Happy Sunday..Judy

  13. What a great group of finds your gathered. I love the cherry basket, cup and well just everything you found.
    Love your blog too and so enjoyed my visit. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment and giveaway entry.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  14. You certainly found some great treasures! The little basket full of cherries is adorable! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments! I'll be your newest follower!

  15. You really found some amazing treasures! I love the cherry cup and saucer- it's precious! I love the embroidered linens! Wonderful finds! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You are so kind!

  16. Looks like you hit the jackpot again! Love the Scottie dog towel!

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Your email is set to noreply (in case you weren't aware).

    I love garage sales. I don't get to many estate sales, but I really should. I've never been to an auction before either. I'm a little intimidated by them. Maybe next year. Looks like you found some treasures!

    Have a lovely week!

  18. Thank you ....yes lots of fun stuff..we all work on....and me, it was this...retire..38 years of retail...working 60-80 finally was enough...and now my family!! I also had parents who loved they fell in love for not know..but I grew up with them!So now I do lots of fun things with stuff that has not been taking care of. thank you

  19. Those are great finds! That must have been a great sale. You are lucky, estate sales during the week and garage sales on the weekend! What fun!!!

  20. What great stuff! I have seen on Pinterest where they make orbs with the embroidery hoops.



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