Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vintage Vignette

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Dallas to go to Canton to the Flea Market.  I started early on Wednesday morning and stopped at every little town along the way and looked and shopped.

Somewhere along the way, I saw the cutest arrangement and had to come home and try my hand at it (that sounds better than copy it). 

It was a very simple arrangement but it caught my attention.  I started out with a small board out of the garage that I painted off white and sanded down a little.

I then took a vintage muffin tin I had and screwed it into the board for stability.  Then I added an old cake flour box and a small tin cup.  I glued the box and screwed the tin cup into the board.  I added to that an old spoon with a red handle which I glued a couple of places.

Ta-da!! It's done.

I put it on a lace doily and laid an old crocheted potholder across the front and I am very pleased with the look.


Till next time, Judy


  1. Ohhhh, Canton, you lucky girl you! That's also on my bucket list!!!!

    Ah, yes, we find "inspiration" everywhere!! Sweet little vignette!


  2. The cake flour box makes it. Love those graphics.

  3. Clever you Judy. Isn't it great to go for a thrifting drive like that. It's so much fun, Your display looks great. Thank you for visiting and for your nice comment. x

  4. Well, Lucy, how clever, says Ethel with an envious sigh. You are the master of cleverness.

  5. What a fun day going to Canton and shopping along the way! Love your arrangement, that is part of the fun of shopping the inspiration we get!


  6. What a clever idea. I love the entire look and that box of flour is wonderful.

  7. Looks fabulous Judy, I LOVE the old cake flour box, what a find! I'm sure your 'copy' is much better than the one you saw in your travels :O) Glad to have been your 100th follower and I see Marsha of the Tattered Chick is now 101, Woo-Hoo! Deb

  8. That looks so pretty, sweet job! LOVE that cake flour box!

  9. A cute vignette, I love the yellow and white potholder. xo

  10. I love your sweet arrangement, Judy. It looks like something you'd see in the "Waltons" kitchen.. You're something else with all of your talent and ideas..
    Have a happy, healthy day.
    Charlotte in Va.
    PS I'll bet Lucy would love to go on a trip to the flea market in Texas with you. What trouble you two couldn't get into ! ;o)

  11. That is so cute! Just gives a very cozy, comfy feeling to see it.

  12. You found great vintage treasures on your trip. Makes a beautiful vintage venue! Love it all, xo's Pam

  13. So pretty! I love all the different elements.

  14. A very cute idea - you did good!
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. I need to take the time and experiment with picmonkey a bit more.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. So cute! Thank you for joining me at HSH!



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