Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday Treasures

This beautiful Saturday morning I headed out to visit a few places - one of them being an Estate Sale.  This dealer combines several estates into one big sale.  I hadn't gone when it opened on Wednesday because I didn't think I needed anything.  (Do you hear John in the background saying "Amen to that"?)
So, after hitting a couple of sales, I dropped by because I was in the neighborhood and everything was 50% off. Yea!!
So, this is my accumulation of several sales on Saturday.
 Starting out, look at the long, neat basket.  Won't it be beautiful full of yellow tulips in the spring?  I LOVE the little girl string holder.  Her bonnet is holding a spool of twine.  She is from the 40's.  I got a beautiful set of 12 white linen napkins and a vintage Christmas tablecloth.
The hangers are children's hangers all covered in satin.  I think I will make them up as baby gifts either in pink or blue with names on them.
Found this darling little Joan Walsh Anglund Christmas ornament for $.50.  I have always loved her work.

 This beautiful and graceful hand is a planter.  I will probably turn it around and just put it on the shelf with all of my cream colored pottery.
A white basketweave little pitcher will look good anywhere.  Not a scratch or flaw on it.
This was probably my find of the day.  A set of planters - one a little girl and one a little boy.  They are sitting up against beautiful wicker chairs which are the planters.  The detail on them is just amazing.  The marking just says "made in Japan".  They have the sweetest faces and details.
So, it was a good Saturday again.
Till next time, Judy


  1. Loving all the planters Judy looks like you had funb the figurines are beautiful too!!f
    Have a wonderful week

  2. I love all your found treasures. My favorites are the tall basket and the white pitcher.

  3. Judy you found some great treasures. I love that little white pitcher!!
    hugs, Linda

  4. I love the hand. I would drape it in pearls.

  5. Nice haul! I love the white pitcher. So pretty!

  6. You made out good, Judy! I would love some of those satin hangers in a regular luxurious! And the hand would be pretty holding a violet plant this spring.

    Have a wonderful week! :)




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