Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Christmas Tribute to My Mom

My Mother LOVED pink.  She had alot of antiques but was really more of a Victorian person. But, pink was her color.
When we had my Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary party, I made corsages for all of the girls in the family - daughters (of which there were four of us) and granddaughters.  Mom immediately told us not to get rid of the corsages after the party.  She took the soft pink rose corsages and dried them and put them on her Christmas tree every year. 

Her Christmas tree was a beauty to behold.  It was a green tree, but it was covered in pink - pink flowers, pink feathers, pink ornaments - and lots of crystal prisms along with garlands of pearls. One of the great granddaughters wrote an essay one year on Thanksgiving and said that Mom's tree was a big pink fluff.  And it was!

Our tradition was on Thanksgiving afternoon (while the guys all slept or watched the football games), we four girls and grandchildren would go to Mom's and put her tree up.  She was always so proud of it.  It looked beautiful with her antique sofa covered in pink toile.

So, every year, I do this little vignette in pink just to especially remember my Mom at Christmas.  The pink compote was hers as was the Capidomonte roses.  I found the pink angel and Christmas trees. 

Christmas Eve was very special to our whole family.  Would you believe that until my Mom passed away several years ago that my three sisters and our families had never missed being there all together on Christmas Eve?  It was just a family tradition that you didn't (and wouldn't) miss. 

We always had a big buffet of food and then at 7:00 promptly, Santa Claus came and handed out presents.

It was such a special time and how I miss it.


Till next time, Judy

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  1. Oh Judy what a sweet tribute to your Mom. I love that you do a pink vignette just for her! hugs, Linda

  2. Judy, your Mom had to be a very special Mom to have raised such a sweet, compassionate daughter as you are..
    Your tribute to your Mom is very special. Holidays are never the same when we lose the ones we love though.. It's wonderful that you remember your Mom this way..
    Blessings to you and your family,
    Charlotte in Va.

  3. Judy, I love your tribute to your mother. I always say the pain may ease, but the longing for our parents never stops. I like to think your mother would be so proud. I know whenever all my siblings get together, mommy would love it. Smiles to you,xo,Susie

  4. Judy-What a wonderful tribute to your Mom! It would make her proud, I'm sure. It sounds like you had many blessed Christmases together. It is always sad when we start losing family members and our traditions change, isn't it? Blessings-xo Diana

  5. How special! And what a lovely vignette.

  6. Judy, thank you for sharing your sweet family traditions with us! Your pink vignette is beautiful and I know your mom would just love it. It's pretty amazing that all of your sisters and their families never missed a Christmas Eve. I'm sure you have so many treasured memories!

  7. Beautiful tribute to your Mom. I hope I do as well some day. For now, I still enjoy her company.
    Deb W

  8. Judy that is a beautiful memory of your mother!! My mother has been passed now for many years, but I still get teary eyed when I remember her beautiful quilts.

  9. Judy, how special to have these pink memories of your mom. hugs, olive

  10. Oh, what a sweet, sweet remembrance of your mom! I'm so glad you have those sweet memories!


  11. She sound like a real darling, and I can imagine you must miss her so much.

    What great memories.


  12. A lovely tribute to your Mother, Judy. I cherish each year I still have with my Mom. I try and make the holidays as nice as possible for her. Holidays have always been big in our house.

  13. Oh, what a lovely tribute to your beloved mother, Judy. Her tree sounds like it was magical!


  14. Judy what a beautiful tribute to your mother. She sounded like such a special lady. We always gathered on Christmas Eve at my Grandmother's home, a memory I will always remember and cherish.

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  16. What a loving tribute to your Mother, Judy. You were blessed to have such a sweet Mom and such wonderful memories.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Carolynn xxx



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