Friday, December 14, 2012

Fast & Inexpensive Last Minute Gifts

Would you like a few easy, inexpensive and fast last minute Christmas gifts?  Here are four quickies.
All of these little glass jars are from Hobby Lobby and I am pretty sure they were all about $1-2 on sale.  They have their glass items on sale at 50% about every other week.
The first one is so simple.  Just glue (I use hot glue) and adhere a small bottle brush tree to the bottom of the inside of the jar.  I then, take the artificial snow and a spoon and put enough snow in to cover the base of the tree.  Then, I added a small bottle brush wreath to the top.
Do you have a friend who collects Nutcrackers?  I do.  This will be perfect for her.  I had a sack of these old wooden spools which were a little different shaped.  I wrapped vintage lace around the spool insides, then added a blue and white polka dotted ribbon and to top it all off - a red button.
Then, I hot glued a Nutcracker ($1.00 at Michaels) on the top.
This is one of my favorites!  Of course it is, it has vintage lace and buttons!  I took a small Mason fruit jar and glued vintage lace around the top and added vintage buttons.  I filled the jar with strips of old music.   I took one of the little glass votive jars that looks like a flowerpot and set it down in the top of the jar.  It fit perfect!  I then added a flameless votive candle.  I don't do real candles after a small - ok, not too small - fire with real candles.  So, John doesn't let me have real candles anymore. Ha.
The last one has three different sizes of bottle brush trees and a tiny red tricycle sitting in snow.  I just added a red ribbon and bow around the top of the lid.
So, if you need last minute gifts, you might try some of these.  I did all of these in less than a couple of hours.
Our hearts and sympathy go out to the residents and parents in Newtown, Connecticut.  I cannot imagine the shock and loss the parents feel and the images the precious children who survived will live with.
Blessings and prayers to them all.
Till next time, Judy


  1. I love the trees in the jars! I've wondered how to do that, so now I know! Great gift idea.

    I'm praying for everyone in CT as well. Such a sad, horrible day.

  2. Such cute ideas Judy, and perfect gifts for Christmas get togethers.
    My heart to is breaking for the families in Newtown. So so sad.

  3. Judy...You are amazing! I love your gift ideas. Oh...That tiny red bicycle knee deep in snow...Just adorable!
    Blessings, my sweet friend,



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