Thursday, December 20, 2012

What a Fun Morning!!

Oh, what a fun morning John and I have had!!  We got him all dressed up as Santa and myself as an elf (and no, you are not going to see a photo of me as an elf!!).
Then we went out on a venture of visiting out local haunts.  Every morning (almost) we go to McDonald's for breakfast.  This is the crew there getting their candy canes from Santa.

Then, we got into the sleigh (also known as the grey Ford 150 truck) and went to Office Depot. 

This crew helps me daily in the shipping department and I am so thankful to them for all of the help they give.

Off again - this time to JoAnn's - one of my very favorite fabric shopping stores.  Some of their regular crew were not there, but these precious ladies are always ready to help me find whatever I need.

On our off days from McD's we go to Carl Jrs. for biscuits and gravy.  This young lady has the most contagious laugh you have ever heard.  It's fun just to be around her.

Racing the reindeers across the city of Tulsa, we go to the Salon 31 which is where I get my hair cut and my nails done. 

This is Jamie who does my hair and my friend Kim who is getting a haircut.

Tina who does my nails, was not there yet, so Santa and Elf just left her present for her.

After these visits, we called upon a couple of dear friends and by then, Santa was dripping wet from sweat under all of that clothing and gear.  So, we headed home.

This time of the year is an especially good time to tell all of these people we see mostly on a day to day basis, how grateful we are for their services.

A few gifts, goodies and candy canes are a very small thing to do for all of them.

Thank you all !!


Till next time, Judy


  1. Oh my, I can see that it would be a blast doing that, bringing a little cheer wherever you go! :-)

  2. It's fun to give to people who are always doing us a service. Like the trash collecter, mail carrier,or waiteresses. Nasty weather is headed our careful if it comes your way. xo,Susie

  3. That would be SO much fun to do! I wish I could have followed along and took video of your visits! I told my hubby all about it and what fun it would be. I don't think there's enough padding in the world for my hubby to be Santa though! haha! Merry Christmas! both amaze me...spreading holiday cheer!

  4. That is so awesome that you and your husband went out dressed up as Santa and an elf (I wanna see a picture of you like that!) and delivered cheer to those who help you out during the year. Although, I don't know how you can eat breakfast at McDonalds, especially often, lol.

  5. What a kind and generous thing for you and your husband to do! To honor and thank the people who serve you throughout the year by brightening their day like this is such a nice idea!

  6. What a kind thing to do. He makes a good Santa. I bet it was fun. Happy Holidays.

  7. What a nice thing to do! I bet you cheered up so many people. And maybe yourselves in the process? Merry Christmas, Judy.

  8. You two are doing good work there Judy.

  9. What a wonderful way to thank all the "helpful" people in our lives. I give to my hair dresser and mailman and the UPS man. I guess if I ate anywhere regularly I would send something, too. I so wanted to see you in your elf costume. xo

  10. What a fun way to thank all those people in our lives that we don't normally take the time to acknowledge. I really think that there should be a photo of the Elf! just sayin!


  11. How fun!!! I bet everyone was surprised! that was the nicest thing to do!! ((hugs)) and Merry Christmas!!!

  12. What a fun way to thank those who are in our lives! I'll have to remember this for next Christmas. How sweet! Though I would have like to see you in your elf garb!

  13. Dear sweet Judy!
    Your post is darling. I've always loved being around people that bring a sweet fragrance with them. You and your husband are clearly a blessing to others.

    I am so excited! Christmas came early at my house with the arrival of your wonderful package. I love each darling creation. Your trio of tiny trees is as cute as a button! They are sitting proudly on my red hutch. Oh, your red ticked pillow matches my antique red and white toile rocking chair. Your workmanship is so lovely. What a cute Santa mitten...I can't wait to fill it with Christmasey greens. Thank you so much for your generous heart and for your kind friendship. I will be taking some photos and posting your precious creations soon.
    Blessings and a Merry Christmas!
    Carolynn xxx

  14. What a fun thing to do.
    I bet the recipients got a kick out of it also.
    Thanks for stopping by. That little redhead is normally a very outgoing and sociable child, but she just does not want to get close to Santa.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. This is my first visit here and I see you had a lot of fun spreading Christmas cheer; that is so neat that your hubby dressed as Santa and you give out gifts and candy canes. So thoughtful.
    Merry Christmas.

  16. What a neat post! I enjoyed reading about the people in your daily life and how much you appreciate them.

  17. What terrific folks you are! It is so easy to forget all the little things! Thanks for reminding all of us!



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