Saturday, January 26, 2013

Darling Shamrocks and Hearts

A month or so, I ordered these darling Prim Shamrocks from Deb at Paxton Valley Folk Art.  I told her the reason I was ordering them was because St. Patricks Day is my birthday and I was buying them for myself!!
They came and are so cute!  They each have a different sentiment on the muslin strips that are pinned onto the shamrock with rusty little safety pins.
She sent me a packet full of the most precious little fringed hearts as a birthday gift.
Thanks Deb!!

I put them in one of my Mom's pieces of pink Depression Glass.  This is the small tray that the sugar and creamer go on and they fit perfectly.  I added a pink compote full of pearls and a little mauve colored bird along with the sugar and creamer.  Along with my pink, burgundy and silver ornament wreath, it made a pretty arrangement that my Mom would have gone ape over!

So, be sure and visit Deb

Her shop is loaded with all kinds of fun and seasonal items.


Till next time, Judy


  1. Judy-Those are so cute- I might have to try making something like that for St. Patty's Day. I love the hearts she sent you, too...and that wreath is GORGEOUS!!! xo Diana

  2. The ornament wreath is absolutely gorgeous! And now we know when your birthday is, we'll all show up with a cake and party hats (just kidding!).

    Hugs ~ Mary

  3. Hi Judy, love the adorable shamrocks...what a nice reminder that St. Patricks day is just right around the corner, which means spring is coming! xo Pam

  4. What pretty things! I love everything Deb makes and she really is a sweetheart!

  5. Those hearts are beautiful! I bet they'll stay out year round, and your little pink compote is unusual. You have such a knack for arranging all these pretty things.

  6. Those are adorable....I love what Deb makes.

    We just found each others blogs recently, and live just a hour or so's a small world.


  7. How fun, Judy, I love you shamrocks, and how nice to send the hearts along. Your displays are so pretty!

  8. These are both adorable. The hearts look so sweet!

  9. Love the shamrocks and the hearts! How cute and your vignette is so pretty!
    hugs, Linda

  10. Thanks Judy for your sweet comments and coming by my blog. Now I have become one your newest followers. Love your blog.

  11. Very pretty, Judy! I love your ornament wreath! It's just beautiful.

  12. I love the shamrocks! Are you Irish? How fun to be born on that big day! I don't decorate for St. Paddy's day although we are half Irish and French. I do make the corned beef and cabbage though. You asked when my birthday's Feb. 3.

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  13. Such pretty shamrocks and hearts, and I love how you arrange things, Judy!
    Helen x

  14. Lovely shamrocks love the old rusty look! and your hearts are just so sweet! Love how you have arranged them.. so pretty~

  15. Sweet Judy, just saw your post and thanks for your kind words and for sharing my creations. I'm so glad you liked everything, love how you have the hearts displayed! Deb



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