Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chirp! Chirp!

Made a cute little chick last night while watching television.  He's made out of the pale yellow wool felt and is mounted on two wooden spools.  I then made a tag saying "Chirp" and pinned on him with a safety pin.

I put him under a cupcake cloche and added little sprays of yellow berries around the cloche.
I think he made me feel better!! It's dark, rainy and gloomy today so I needed a little perk-me-up.
Thanks to all of you for the good comments on my impending kitchen redo.  Now, I'm nervous because I really am committed to doing it in the next few months.
Okay Judy - you can do it!!
You can do it""
Till next time, Judy


  1. He's "cute, cute".

    We all need touches of spring, but remember it's coming soon..


  2. Judy, You know you can do it. I love the little spring like. xoxo,Susie

  3. hi miss judy!
    oh boy, he is cute! i just read about your eyes and will say a prayer for you. i cannot even begin to imagine!!
    your kitchen will look devine in red and white. you and brenda are sure loving those colors! me, too.

    sending love, hugs and prayers....


  4. My internet and/or laptop has been crazed so I missed the kitchen remodel news. That is most exciting Judy. The chick is sweet. Roll one this way-raining buckets here too and I am walking this huge puppy in the rain. I am a mess.

  5. Your little birdie is SO cute, love him!


  6. Wow.. You got great talent.. That's a sweet birdie. ...
    Have a blessed day Judy!

    Ps I'm so happy with my table runner...Did you get a chance to see my table?

  7. Judy he is adorable. Reminds me of the pull toys kids had! Cute as anything! It is rainy and icky today so I'm ready for a few bright spots!
    hugs, Linda

  8. Oh, it's so cute! Adorable Judy!

  9. Your birdie is very sweet!
    Looking forward to your kitchen makeover!

  10. that is the cutest thing, i love the little spool wheels, looks perfect under the cloche

  11. Love your chickie! As far as your kitchen goes, just visualize getting up in the morning and walking into your bright, beautiful kitchen for a cup of coffee and smelling the big bouquet of fresh, yellow tulips you placed there the day before. I don't know about you but I can't wait!

    Cheery wave!


  12. Oh Judy, you are so crafty! That chick is absolutely darling. Especially love how you put it under a cloche.

  13. Yes, you can! Chirp! (Love him!)
    xo, Andrea

  14. He is very cute! I've made birds before but I like that you added the little spools! Very sweet!

  15. So sweet and adorable!! Love the wooden spools! xo Heather

  16. Don't worry. Nobody but you is counting the days, weeks, months, years that it takes to finish a big project. hehehe

    Darling little birdie!

  17. He is so cute...I wish you would share the pattern with us. I want to make one.

  18. Here a chick...there a chick...everwhere a chick chick!!
    Oh, how adorable, Judy! I love the little wooden spools, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend,
    Carolynn xoxo



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