Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday Treasures 3/2/13

Saturday was a fairly good day at the Flea Market and one Estate Sale.  These were my purchases.

Found four cute little egg cups, two really neat old wooden spoons, a Washington, D.C. felt banner, a tea strainer and a reproduction of a vintage Easter ornament.
Look at this darling red and white polka dotted ceramic easel.  Won't a red plate look darling on it?  Also found two really small muffin tins - perfect size for votive candles.
This Beatrix Potter planter is in perfect shape.  It'll be cute for Spring.
A lady had a booth with all of these pretty plants for $2.00.  I thought this looked so bright green and would be pretty in a Fairy Garden.
This gorgeous Victorian wood piece hopefully will find a home when I redo the kitchen.  It is so beautiful.
It is in really good shape.
Speaking of the kitchen, I'm in the preliminary stages of working on my plans.  Am having some shelving made off-site and am getting ready to order other pieces.
The great news about my kitchen is that I am going to paint my cabinets with a paint made here in Oklahoma called Plaster Paint.  You may remember me talking about it earlier when I bought some samples one week at the Flea Market. 
The paint goes on so smoothly that it is just unbelievable.  I have used it on several small projects and have been very impressed with it.  I am going to do two-three coats and then two coats of their wax.  They assure me that it will have a very durable finish when I'm done.  I am getting so excited but there are all of these little things that have to be done first.  I hope to start and have everything ready to go and get it all done pretty quickly. 
The website for the Plaster Paint is if you are interested in checking it out.
Till next time, Judy



  1. Judy, What a great haul you made. You found so many interesting items and I agree the plant is perfect for a fairy garden, it looks pretty darn cute in the bread pan too. Great scores:)

  2. Great finds! I never seem to be as lucky.

  3. Judy the Beatrix Potter planter is adorable! Love the old muffin tins also. They are wonderful for tea lights! Excited about your plans for your kitchen! Sounds wonderful.
    hugs, Linda

  4. What great finds! Love the bunnies. Your kitchen plans sound great. Have a happy day!

  5. I love everything, Judy! The muffin tins will be so cute with candles and I love the egg cups, it's darling when you mix and match them at breakfast. Cute planter, too!

    I'm excited to see your cabinets. Did you mention the color you are going to do them in?

    Happy Sunday!


  6. Judy, remember a little while back showing us an object that looked sort of like an egg cup but was too big? I had one like it and never knew what it was either (mine was thrifted). In this month's "food" issue of Southern Lady, they show a picture of an old one, it's called a "Butter Bell" and here's a link so you can see what they look like (mine is not antique I'm pretty certain):


  7. I've yet to see a polka dotted easel! Now isn't that something.

  8. Oh, I love that piece you're going to use in your kitchen. It's beautiful. You found some real treasures, Judy. The reproduction bunny is adorable, and so is the B.P. planter. I may have to paint some polka dots on one of my plate stands. How cute! Have fun redecorating the kitchen. I'll look forward to the pictures. laurie

  9. Thanks for sharing that paint company! What color are you going to use? Red cabinets in the kitchen? That's what I would like to do!

    Great finds by my favorite ninja shopper!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  10. Love the bunny planter and muffin tins. Joe and I came home with a truck load of stuff. I ironed linens into the night yesterday.

  11. I love seeing all your finds - you find great stuff! My favorites are the wooden piece and the Beatrix Potter planter. Can't wait to see how your cabinets turn out. I would love to paint mine, but am too afraid of them turning out horrible.

  12. Fun finds, especially the bunny!

  13. As everyone said, you got some great goodies! I just love thrifting and going to sales too. You did really well and, I'm sure, had a lot of fun finding those treasures.

  14. Great finds Judy! I've never seen a Beatrix Potter planter. it is sooo cute! J

  15. you better just give that Polka Dotted easel to brenda, lol...

  16. Great finds, as always! I love those muffin tins...

  17. Judy, you found some great things. Of course, my favorite, the Victorian gingerbread piece. Can't wait to see what you do with it in your new kitchen. Have you used chalk paint? Is this comparable or better do you think? I'm going to check out their website. If you can get it done all 'very quickly', you are certainly a much better person than I..Happy Monday..Judy



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