Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wonderful Childhood Memories

This is my precious great nephew Dale and his little sister Clara.  They have the most caring parents who really do a lot of really neat things.
Dale, who is six years old, received on his first birthday a nice tool - I think it was a hammer.  Anyway, every year they buy him another tool for his toolbox.  When he leaves home, he will have his own tool box full of tools.
Now to Clara, who is 3 1/2 years old.  She receives each year a pearl.  When she grows up, they will take her pearls and make her a beautiful pearl necklace.
These two precious children will each have something full of wonderful memories.
Thank you Amy and Bobby for being such great parents.
Till next time, Judy


  1. Judy- Those are jut beautiful children and what a wonderful idea for a gift- xo Diana

  2. This is really sweet. My granddaughter each year on her birthday gets a pearl too from her Godmother, my other daughter. Then when she graduates or gets married some day she will have a beautiful pearl necklace. I love to hear others are doing these beautiful traditions with family. I love the tool box idea that is really special and neat.

  3. I love the idea of something special like the pearls and the tools for the kids. Wonderful idea! And, you're right, those two are precious...and so are their parents!

  4. What a wonderful idea! Pearls and tools that accumulate over time! Those kids are adorable, Judy, and they sure have great parents.


  5. Those gifts might not be the "trendy" toy of the year, but they have so much more meaning. I can hear her explaining to friends as an adult where she got her pearls. And he will explain to his wife why she needs to take good care of, and remember to put back, his special tools.

  6. Awwww...very cute kids!

    I received your package of goodies on Saturday and it made me so happy! My rooms are almost done being painted and then I will be able to do some spring decorating and can display the banner, little peat pot basket and the cute scroll. You are so talented!

    Happy Monday, sweetie!


  7. What a couple of little sweeties! I love the pearl idea, I will have to remember when I have grands :)
    xo, Andrea

  8. Those two are so sweet looking!! That is an awesome Peal Idea!! super cool!!

  9. What a couple of cutie-patooties! I love the idea of starting something for kids when they're little so that they'll have a loving keepsake when they're older. Great idea.

  10. What cutie patooties and love their story!


  11. I love the toolbox idea! They are cuties for sure!
    hugs, Linda



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