Monday, April 1, 2013

Bird and Nest in a Book

I know you have heard of a bird in a bush, but, have you ever heard of a bird in a book?
This is a fun project and fairly fast.
You will need:
A rather large, thick paged book you want to cut up
Xacto knife with sharp blades
Sheet Moss and/or Landscape Accent (see below)
Small sprays of greenery
Bird's nest
Mod Podge
You need a book that is thick enough you can cut down thru the pages and make a recessed area for your moss and bird.
Take your ruler and mark a border around the first page you are going to start cutting at.  Leave enough pages toward the front that it will lie open.
Start cutting your rectangle out. You can cut about 10-12 pages out at a time.  But, be careful.
Cut about 2" deep.  Then go along the outside edge  and Mod Podge the pages down so they will lay flat.  Do this on the outside edge - not top or bottom.
Cut a square of green sheet moss to fit inside your cut-out space.
I used this Landscape Accent.  It is found in the section of Michaels or HL in the railroad miniature train supplies. You can also use sheet moss if you have it.  I bought this roll at Christmas and have used it for a lot of things and still have quite a bit left.
Then, start layering loose moss (this also was in the miniature train section) around the edges.
Add some tiny artificial greenery, a bird's nest with egg and a bird.  I used a small porcelain bird I believe I got at Tuesday Morning.
And there you have it!  A bird and it's nest with egg in a book.  This is so cute laying on an end table or coffee table.
Now, go out and find yourself an old book!
Till next time, Judy


  1. I love this Judy, I'd leave it out all year long! Looking for an old book! xo

  2. I also LOVE this idea! I hve a "few" books that would work!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Brilliant idea Judy, it turned out so cute!

  4. That is totally adorable and original!


  5. Very Tweet! Thank you for sharing your technique. Creative Bliss...

  6. Precious! Looks like a trip to Hobby Lobby is in the near future!

  7. Judy- What a cute idea! I just love it! It is perfect for Spring, too. xo Diana

  8. Judy
    How stinking cute is this? Love this.

  9. Love this Judy! You can never have too many bird nests and when combined with a book...what more could you want. :)

  10. This is just the cutest nest, what a clever idea! Thanks for sharing how you created it.

  11. What a cute idea! Love the bird in a book! hugs, Linda

  12. Absolutely love this idea, Judy! It's a simple enough craft that maybe even I could do, lol!

  13. That is a really cute idea! Perfect spring craft!

  14. Judy that's really cute, and so perfect for spring. You are a fountain of ideas.




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