Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Laynee's Art Board

If you've been reading my blog any length of time, you know I have one of the most precious great granddaughters in the world!!
When she comes to Juju's house, she loves to color and draw.  We're not to the painting stage yet but it's close.
She is so intent when she is working with her art supplies.
So, I decided I needed to make a board from which to hang her art work.  (The refrigerator and office door were both full)
I went to Lowe's and bought a pine board that measured 11 1/2" (why do they call that a 12" board?) by 4 feet long.  The nice gentleman at Lowe's cut it in two for me, so I had two pieces that measured 11 1/2" x 24" long. So you really have enough to make two of these if you want.
I painted it a bright aqua and then glued cork board (you buy in a roll at HL or Michaels) to the bottom part.  I just used it the size it came. 
I then added scrapbook letters spelling out "Laynee's Works of Art!" to the top. 
 It still needed something.
  So I cut a cardboard house out of a box and covered it with sheet music using Mod Podge.  I added a scrapbook paper roof and chimney.
It still needed more.
I dug around and found the little wooden picket fence and hot glued it across the bottom.  I took a spray of red flowers and hot glued them along the fence at varying places. 
I used the larger push pins and hot glued an aqua paper flower on top of it to hold her art work.
So, we will put this in Pop's office because that's where she likes to create.
I think she has real potential, don't you?
Till next time, Judy


  1. Judy, what a great idea~ love the way it turned out! Your granddaughter is so sweet looking..

  2. How creative, Judy! It's perfect! I think this would make a great gift for my niece to hang her children's art work on. Great great idea, and Laynee is a little doll baby!!

  3. what a great idea. She is very talented. Aren't grandchildren wonderful.

  4. Your granddaughter is beautiful!

  5. Judy I love this board and you will fill that up quickly I'm sure! Tiger's first art work is on my refrigerator! I love it!

    hugs, Linda

  6. That is so adorable and creative! I'm sure Laynee loves it. I didn't know she was your great-granddaughter; I thought she was your granddaughter. :-)

  7. Now that should be pinned, it's so darn cute.

    You are one creative and energetic grandma.


  8. She's adorable and that's such a cute idea!

  9. Hey Judy; Congrats!!! You have a budding Artist in the making!!!

  10. What a wonderful idea, Judy! Laynee is definitely a talented little artist and it's a lovely idea to have a special board to pin her sweet artworks!
    Helen x

  11. Oh judy, this is adorable! You're such a loving grandma - I love that photo of Laynee with her little ponytail - so, so cute!


  12. What a great idea, Judy. This is just super cute and so is Laynee.

  13. Toooooo cute! Laynee is so blessed to have her Juju take time to create something memorable for her. Yes, she does have potential - and especially since she is related to YOU!

    Laynee looks precious in her ponytail.

    big hugs,

  14. That is just the cutest idea, so well done!

  15. She is adorable, and I really like the bulletin board for her art work - So cute ! Cherish her now - they grow up way to fast!
    No nap - busy day, but maybe I will sleep better tonight.

  16. Children will be creative their entire lives if given tools and the pride in their finished work. I have 2 creative kids to prove it. Music, art and now both in the film industry. :D



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