Friday, April 5, 2013

Thank You Ruth!

Several weeks ago, I got an email from a precious lady named Ruth from Pennsylvania.  We conversed back and forth and last week I got a package in the mail from her.

It had these darling little crocheted dresses in red and green, a little pink chick for Laynee for Easter and these gorgeous crocheted stones......

Are these not the most beautiful things?  They are so delicate and dainty looking.  They are actually real stones with crocheted work over them.  I love them.

Thank you Ruth!

I am still amazed at the blogging friendships I have acquired just since September.  I know that a lot of them I will never meet but I feel they are such kindred spirits!


Till next time, Judy


  1. Judy, I love those stones! So beautiful, and the cute little dresses, too. Enjoy. xo

  2. My Mom had some of those sweet crocheted little dresses. I think they were made mostly to fit the little Ginny dolls...if anyone remembers those.

    I have never seen stones covered with a network of crochet before- What a neat idea! xo Diana

  3. Hey Judy; I can see why the Lady sent you such beautiful things. You bring so much Joy to others lives on a daily basis!!!
    I Love the covered stones, as I have not ever seen anything like the before.
    Take Care :-)

  4. Have not seen little dresses like those in years and have never seen rocks with crochet. Beautiful and so sweet. Does Ruth sell on etsy? If you see this Ruth, please email me.

  5. Judy I know how much blogging friends mean! Love the covered stones, so very cool.

    hugs, Linda

  6. Blog buddies know just what we love! And the little crochet dresses and rocks are just precious! I love the rock with the tiny flowers! ENJOY!

  7. Those are beautiful gifts! I love my blogging friends!!

  8. What beautiful gifts! Blogger friends are so wonderful. :-)

  9. Hi Judy, they're all so beautiful! Ruth is as sweet as she is talented! I have a friend who paints rocks. I'm going to show her yours, she'll love them! And I agree, blogging friends are some of the most kind and thoughtful people I've had the pleasure of calling friends!


  10. How totally adorable Judy! I love the little dresses and the stones are so cute! Blog friends are really the best aren't they?!

  11. Such a sweet gift from your friend, Judy! Blogging sure is wonderful, isn't it? Your generous nature draws those to you who are equally generous.


  12. Your gifts are very precious and beautiful.. I especially love those crocheted stones. Hugs Jud



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