Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Dino in the Back Yard????

I know you probably think this must be some kind of crazy post - not really.  As I was taking photos in the back yard, I thought  " I must share the dino in the back yard".
Spring is here (at least today) and there are some gorgeous sights around here.
The small flowerbed in my neighbor's yard is always one of the first to bloom with bright, cheerful flowers.
My dogwood tree is just beginning to bloom.  It normally always blooms on Easter week, but due to the crazy weather this year, it is running a few weeks late.  My Sunday School class gave me this dogwood tree when my Father passed away.  So, it is so precious to me and always makes me smile when it starts blooming.  Kinda like Dad saying -"here I am!"
We have a yard full of rabbits which drive Bella crazy.  Every year we have several litters(?) born under our storage building in the back yard.  It is so fun to watch them grow and then come back each year.
And now to Dino!  This was once a redbud tree - believe it or not.  Lightning hit it and cracked it right down the center.  So, John cut it down.  It came back.  John cut it down again saying it would never have a good shape to it.  It came back again!
I had planted ivy around the area after it was cut down the first time and thru the years, the tree has grown and the ivy has covered it.  The kids, grandkids and greats all call it Dino! 
So, he is here to stay for the kids to enjoy!
Till next time, Judy


  1. Love Dino! Your backyard is lovely and I love the pictures of your flowers. Gotta love those bunnies- xo Diana

  2. Hi Judy,
    Wow, it really does look like Dino :)
    I loved the views from your garden!

  3. Dino is a survivor! I can see why your family enjoys him!


  4. Dino is awesome. You cannot get rid of Dino.

  5. Judy, Thanks for your visit. I love Dino. At first I thought you were talking about the redbud tree. Its color sorta looks like a purple dinosaur. I love you "real" Dino. I can see where the grands would love it.
    Blessings, Ginger

  6. Thanks for stopping by and I will be following you.
    Love your Dino - it's not going to give up. Love your Dogwood Tree, they are one of my favorite trees along with Red Bud.

  7. How funny, that poor ol tree just didn't want to give up!

  8. Hi Judy! Dino is just as cute as can be! That's amazing he came back three times! It's looking so pretty around your home today.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I just don't understand why you are so much ahead of us as far as spring flowers go...well, other than the ice we had last week. But seriously, you are even north of us. Love you photos! Hope you don't cut down the intrepid red bud tree again. Now I'm
    "rooting" (haha) for him!

    Cheery wave from

  10. How neat is that! Now everyone will want one! heehee! Happy Sunday!

  11. That is so funny about your dino tree. Funny how some trees just won't give up. We have several tree, which have been cut to the ground and still send up new growth. Cute bunnies. We've had two this year..thank goodness the feral cats haven't gotten them.

  12. I love Dino. We have a tree in our garden that my husband tried to cut down and it just grew back from one straight pole to three.

    I love the story of your Dogwood tree. A student died at school several years ago (heart trouble). We planted a beautiful tree in his honor that blooms pink every spring. The tree brings so much joy to his mother and we used he "Ricky" tree as the opening photo in our yearbook this year.

  13. Your Dino is a one of a kind and makes your yard special. You are so lucky to have a Dogwood tree. I went to college in Nacogdoches, TX and the town is FULL of dogwood trees. The springs were so beautiful there.

  14. LOL! Well now that does look like a dino!

  15. Our grandson would love that dino! The flowers are really pretty. Ours are not blooming that well at this point. Of course, we don't have many.:-)

  16. What a fun story, it sure has a mind of its own. It will probably be around for many years to come.

  17. Dino, that's funny! Lovely dogwood with such wonderful memories!

  18. That's so funny about "Dino"! Love all of your pretty blooms. It's been much colder than normal here, so spring seems a long time off!

  19. It does look like a dino...cute.


  20. I'm lovin' Dino! How unique! Spring has truly sprung in your yard, thank-you for some pics that brought smiles to my face today!

  21. I'm lovin' Dino! How unique! Spring has truly sprung in your yard, thank-you for some pics that brought smiles to my face today!

  22. Spring is really blooming in your area! Wish it would hurry up here in IL. Love that "dino" tree! Has a mind of its own.

  23. Everything is blooming and gorgeous but I love DINO!!!! Happy Day!

  24. Loved seeing your pretty flowers and blooming trees. The story of your blooming dogwood being your Dad's way of saying Hi really touched me.
    Our pink dogwood tree that we have had for 35 years (it was the first thing we planted when we moved in) did not survive to bloom this year. The drought killed it last year. When I found it blown over last week and not one single living branch left on it, I almost cried. That seems silly, I know, but it was a tree with a lot of good memories to it. Hopefully we will be able to plant another one this spring or fall, and make some new memories.

  25. what a wonderful memorial gift in regards to the dogwood!

    And oh my if you'd not told the story behind the dino one would think it was a living sculpture of sorts that was PLANNED to look like that! Love it! :)

  26. It is a dinosaur! And it was meant to be there. I bet children love it.

  27. That's hilarious! It really does look like a dinosaur. Not just anyone can say they have a dinosaur in their back yard!!




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