Tuesday, June 18, 2013

OMG - It's Almost Time!!

OMG!!  It is almost time for my "Sister" vacation!!  It seems so long ago that we made these plans for this trip and then all of a sudden - here it is - almost time to go!
I will be leaving the 28th of this month to go to my sister's home in Neosha, Missouri.  Then we will drive to St. Louis and fly to Seattle.  After a few days of sight seeing there, we will board our cruise ship for a wonderful cruise up the coast of Alaska!!
I am so excited!!  (As if you can't tell!)
I have been working hard to get my Etsy shop ready for my annual Christmas in July Sale with a new Christmas item each day.  While I am gone, granddaughter Tiffany will post one item each day for me.
I am not taking my Ipad or computer with me.  So, I want to make sure that everyone understands that if you order Christmas items and/or regular items during that two week period that I am gone, they will not be shipped out until the 1st of August. 
I will be tempting you in the next few days with pictures of some of my new Christmas items just to give you an idea of what I will have during July.
My sister Jeannie and I have a lot of fun things planned for us.  Her two daughters and their companions are going also and have been making all of the plans and arrangements for us.  It's been the easiest vacation ever planned.
We're going on a Whale Watching adventure, a Lumberjack Show, Mining for Gold, Bus Tours, a Fjord and Glacier Exploration and are you ready for this - I'm going to go zip-lining in Skagway!
In Seattle, our list includes Pike Place Market, Space Needle and the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.
The nieces have made all of the hotel reservations, all of the excursions reservations, and airline reservations.
All I had to do was give them my credit card number.  LOL
So, if I seem a little occupied the next week or so, just excuse me - I'm already in Alaska in my mind.
Till next time, Judy


  1. And I miss you already. Abi and Charlie are going to be awfully lonely without you.

  2. Judy,
    Have a wonderful time. OMG!!!! You are going to have the best time. I hear Alaska is so beautiful and the cruise is fantastic. Enjoy every minute. I will miss you while you are gone.

  3. It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun Judy, I've always wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise, but that would mean getting on a plane and that's not going to happen! Be sure you take tons of pictures, and I'll live vicariously through you!!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time! Alaska is gorgeous and so is the Northwest.

    Cheery wave from


  5. You'll have a wonderful time, go enjoy yourself!! xo

  6. How exciting! I got to spend a few weeks in Alaska one time and it's a memorable trip! You'll have a ball! Take a jacket! heehee! Hugs!

  7. Evening Judy, Sounds like an exciting trip!! Have lots of FUN! Blessings~~~Roxie

  8. Please pack me in your Suitcase, Judy!!! I would Love to be able to visit Alaska!!!
    I hope that you have a Wonderful time!!! :-)

  9. Oh Judy, how fun.... Have a wonderful vacation. All your plans sound so fun. Will miss your blogs, but have a terrific time and enjoy, you deserve this wonderful vacation.

  10. Your trip sounds wonderful. We loved Alaska - we drove there in 2010 and took the ferry from Hayes to state of Washington - a total of 105 days! Have fun!

  11. Judy have a wonderful time!!! Another of my blogging friends is doing the Alaska cruise this summer also! Can't wait to hear your stories!


  12. Wow! You are going to have a great trip. Be sure and take notes, so you can share it with us. :)

  13. Oh my goodness. The trip of a lifetime. I've dreamed of going to Alaska, literally, since I wrote a paper on the State in 6th grade. haha I look forward to seeing your photos and reading about your trip. And to be able to experience that beauty with your sister is fantastic. Wishing you a wonderful adventure.

  14. You are going to have the time of your life! Even better that you didn't even have to make the plans! :-)

  15. How exciting! Hope u have tons of fun. xoxo

  16. Judy - be sure to give me a shout when you know when you are getting to Juneau - I will give you and your sister a personalized tour! You can email me at ikon@alaska.net!

  17. Have a wonderful trip Judy! I can't wait to hear about it.



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