Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday Treasures and My Dad

Here are my treasures from Saturday shopping at the Flea Market, garage sales and an Estate Sale.
Found this wooden eagle, this one vintage wooden box, a pretty creamer and a larger gravy boat.  I love this old blue plate even if it had a couple of chips in in.  Then, a stack of crocheted potholders and an old muffin tin to put votives in.
This larger creamer has a crack down the side of it, but I loved the brilliant colors and design.  A petite lonely cup, a bag of old sewing aids, a couple of embroidery hoops and an 18" ruler rounded out my purchase.
Last, but definitely not least, I want to honor my precious Dad on this Father's Day.  I never called my Dad Father - it was always Dad or Daddy.  Isn't he handsome?  This picture was drawn by a sidewalk vendor when he was overseas in WWII.
It's always been one of my favorite pictures of him.
You have to really admire a Dad who had four girls, a wife and a mother-in-law all living together in a small home.  Especially one with only one bathroom.  LOL
My Dad was one of the sweetest, kindest men I  have ever known.  You know they say you look for a mate who reminds you of your Dad.  I did and I found him.  My John is sweet and one of the most faithful Christian men I've ever known.
They were and are the greatest of Dads.
Did I ever tell you that my Dad was John, my husband is John, my son Is John, a nephew is John and a BIL is John.  You'd think it was confusing but it really wasn't. 
My Dad passed away in 2001 and rarely a day goes by that I don't remember how great it was growing up with a Dad like him.  He gave me my love for antiques and especially vintage dishes.  He and Mom were quite the collectors!
And, by the way, did I ever tell you my Dad's name was
John Smith?
Till next time, Judy
PS  Don't forget - today is the last day to comment to win the Patriotic Birdhouse!  Comment on Friday, Saturday and today's post for entries.


  1. He looked so handsome in that drawing, Judy. My dad was a WWII vet as well. The Greatest Generation, that's our parents! xo

  2. What a great picture of your dad, he was so handsome! Looks like you found some good items there, I haven't been yard saling for weeks and I want to go out again a few times. Love that you have so many Johns in your family!


  3. A very handsome man your Dad. I miss my Dad so much. He died 8 years ago. Hope you had a great day with all those 'johns' LOL.

    Love your cute finds this weekend. I love creamers and I am always finding one's I can't live without!


  4. Your finds are amazing. Sounds like your dad was too. I just love your tribute. How lucky is that, to be able to write such sweet things about your daddy? :)I miss mine too.

  5. Your Dad was very handsome indeed and I love hearing your memories of him. We can't go through this day without remembering back. Love your special finds! Sweet hugs!

  6. Looks like you found some great things again! I love that pretty creamer you found!

  7. This was a beautiful story..
    Yes... your dad is handsome... and a WW2 drawing on top of it all! You're such a very blessed woman, with your dad and husband... oh and your finds are just divine! The plate is my favorite!

  8. I know your Dad is missed greatly. What wonderful memories you have. Hope I win that birdhouse!!

  9. That is a great drwaing of your Dad!
    Fun finds! I found a few things this weekend too!
    My Dad passed away in 1997...we weren't close...

  10. What a wonderful picture of your Dad Judy, he has a wonderful, kind face and I see him in your lovely smile! Deb

  11. Beautiful finds Judy, I love the cracked pitcher.
    My father also served in WWII. He died 8 years ago, and I miss him like it was yesterday. He'll always be my Dad, here, and on the other side.

  12. Lovely post, Judy! Wonderful drawing of your handsome Dad and so nice to hear your happy memories of him, so special.
    Your vintage finds are delightful....I love the china pieces especially, and I never mind the chips or cracks if the pattern is pretty!
    Helen x

  13. I love the picture of your dad. Such a happy, handsome and kind face! :)

  14. Love the china. That is a wonderful drawing of your wonderful daddy.

  15. Your daddy sounds like a wonderful man. So is my dad. They have/had such an impact on us and who we are today. His picture is a wonderful remembrance to have. This is such a nice post.

  16. You always find such fun treasures.

    I love the picture of your Dad. It's so special and must bring back great memories.



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