Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saturday Treasures

Saturday - out shopping at the Flea Market and an Estate Sale.  Found some interesting items.
Found this large assortment of little Christmas people - carolers and band I think.  Thought they would be cute in some of the jars I do for Christmas.
Lots of lace doilies.  They were a little pricey so I waited until later in the day on the last day and got a good deal on them. LOVE having vintage linens and doilies to work with.
Some hankerchiefs, an old lace jabot and some earrings. Plus a little white chicken.
Does anyone know what these are?  I got nine of them and don't even know what they are.  They're pretty tho.  LOL And they are silverplate.
Let me know if you know what you use them for, OK?
Probably my fine of the day was this Fiesta Ware blue cobalt pitcher.  Isn't it a pretty color?  Thought it would be pretty in a patriotic vignette.
So, I also got three large items - a bicycle, a birdcage and a small smoking stand.  They were out in the storage building and it was just too hot to go out there.  I will show them to you later in the week.
Till next time, Judy


  1. I noticed the Fiesta ware right away! That silver plate holder is interesting? may of held a cup or glass? Let us know!

  2. Excellent finds, good idea re Christmas themed jars. Are the silver plate holders too big to hold an egg?

  3. Awesome finds Judy, I would imagine they were used as a serving piece? I can't think of what though!

  4. Great finds. I never think to look for Christmas items when I'm out thrifting

  5. Great finds! Thank you for coming by and making such kind comments!

  6. That blue pitcher is amazing! Looks like the color of my kitchen! Don't know what the silver things are though...I'll look at the comments. Someone usually knows! Hugs!

  7. Wish I knew what the silver holders were for. They are adorable and I know you'll find a good use for them. You had a good day at the market!

  8. These are beautiful finds Judy! Love when I find these little treasures:)
    Thank you so much for stopping by today and leaving your kind comment.
    enjoy your day! xxleslie

  9. Nice finds - thanks for sharing. Have not been junkin in a while now due to other things going on and many times to lazy to move - I need to go.
    Have a great week.

  10. Fiesta is made in Newell, West Virginia, not far from my home. :-)

    Judging from the size they appear to be, the silver pieces are servers for hot crocks or soup bowls. I have two for casserole dishes.

    You got some awesome finds. It'd be fun to hang out with you for some shoppin'!

    Wishing you a great week!

  11. Fun finds! I'm thinking maybe those silver circle things maybe held glasses? LOve em!

  12. Don't know what the silver pieces are either, but they are cute!
    I love all the doilies you found...looks like you hit the jackpot.

  13. The blue pitcher is great-I see sunflowers in it Judy.

  14. Hi Judy! How are you friend? :-) So fun to see all of your beautiful treasures!

  15. You found some wonderful items, Judy. Great old linen pieces and I love the blue pitcher. xo Diana

  16. I love all the doilies! I love using them on scrapbook layouts and cards. I also love how you've used them in the past for your hoop art.

    Don't know either what the silver holders are. They are small and no legs. My mom had one with legs and handles to hold glass casserole dishes but these?? hope someone knows!

    Me thinks you are a nightowl like me! I also catch your latest posts around 11:00 or midnight!!! (smiles)

  17. Great finds again! Especially love the carolers and the pitcher. I have no idea what that silver thing is, sorry!

  18. LOVE that fiestaware piece!

  19. Hey Judy; The silver plate items,
    I have seen some in my travels, and they hold fancy drinking glasses. That is unless you can fine a different glass that will fit inside them!
    Good Luck using them, as I can not wait to see what you do with them, unless using them for their intended use!!
    You always find such nice finds, I wish that I could go Junking with you and Brenda!
    Take Care :-)

  20. Hi Judy,

    You know how to select the most intriguing items!! Love the carolers and band, the doilies, and of course, the chicken! But what I love most is the way you displayed them on the red and white fabric. This could easily be a scene at a French brocade!!


  21. Hi Judy. You got some good finds, especially the Fiesta ware pitcher. Really pretty. Those little silver things look to me like the silver ring that would hold a casserole dish. Haven't you seen them before but without the handle, so I'm thinking they might have held a ramekin for soup or pudding??. Your guess is as good as mine..Happy Monday..Judy

  22. hmmmm! not sure what the holders are for, but they are definitely interesting. Looks like you got lots of great finds. xo Laura



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