Friday, July 26, 2013

Day Five in Alaska

On day five we arrived in Juneau, Alaska.  Our tour for the day was a Whale Watching Excursion!
We had a lovely bus ride to where our boat was.  Shelli had arranged for us to go on a private boat out to look for the whales. 
Our boat/ship ???? was called the Obi One and was captained by the sweetest girl you'd ever meet.  Her name was Jalynn.  Her dad owned the company and she was a Jr. in college and did the tours in the summer.  She was a delight.
Kris and I rode part of the way on the front of the boat! Fun!
The boats are not allowed to get any closer than 100' to the whales.  We lucked upon a mother and baby and did the baby ever give us a show.  For about one hour, "Spark" blew and dived and came up giving us quite a spectacular show.
The whales give birth in Hawaii and then migrate to Alaska.
Even tho you can't get within 100' of the whales, if they come to you, it's okay.  Believe it or not, this baby came right up to the ship and just carried on and on.
Even our captain was amazed at it's antics.
It was just unbelievable!!
We saw some very industrious seals!
Then we went to the gorgeous Mendenhall Glacier...
Shelli and I in front of the glacier.
This is Fire Weed.  You see it everywhere because it can grow in the tiniest spot anywhere on the mountain side. 
When we got back to the ship, I called Paula, a fellow blogger, and we met for a Coca Cola.  My kind of girl!!
The beauty of the nature up here is just breathtaking.  I cannot imagine living in this kind of scenery.  I loved the fact that the sun rose about 4:30 in the morning and set anywhere between 10 and 11 at night.  Loved that!!
PS:  Brenda's tv, internet and phone are down.  She has electricity but not the other.  So, that's why she hasn't posted in a couple of days.  I went over this morning to check on her and the puppies and they were fine!!
Till next time, Judy


  1. Hi Judy, thanks for a great view of some of the best of Alaska. What a wonderful holiday.

    Thanks for sharing Brenda's 'out of touch', keeps worrying at bay.


  2. Judy, sounds like a wonderful trip, what amazing shots you captured. And to see the wildlife up close like that.

    Hope that you are feeling better soon. And say Hi to Brenda when you get a chance, it's so good that you both look out for each other.


  3. 1. Oh, Alaska is high on my list.

    2. I saw a mother and baby whale in Baja, California many years ago. They were splashing about and so close to us. We see whales sometimes when we on our beach, but dolphins are more common.

    3. I follow Paula too and hope one day to meet up with her in Alaska - our husbands are both artists.

    4. I love that people have been concerned about Brenda. It shows the connectivity of blogging.

    5. Glad you are better.

  4. Judy- I am so glad you had a good time. You are just beaming in every single picture. I love it and those whale pictures are amazing. I LOVE seals! xo Diana

  5. Thanks for the update on Brenda--figured it was something like that, but good to know for sure!

  6. Judy, Brenda was blessed to have found you for her friend.:) I loved the Alaska pictures. I would be amazed to see a whale that close. It was wonderful that you could find a fellow blogger to have a soda with. xoxo,Susie

  7. Looks and sounds like a fun trip. Looks like Jr. was putting on quite a show for your group.
    Hope you and your husband are feeling much better.

  8. Brenda, I have so enjoyed your trip and all the wonderful pictures. It makes me want to head to Alaska.

  9. That was really an amazing trip. Just to see the whales and seals would have been the best for me. So glad you enjoyed it. You zip-lined? (Is that what you call it?) Way to go! You're a braver soul than I am.

    Thank you for the notice about Brenda. You really don't know how much you depend on electricity until you lose it a few days. I hope hers is restored soon.

    We lose ours so much in the country that we eventually realized that a generator was a necessity. It only handles the refrigerators, t.v., a lamp or two and the coffee pot, but it is so good not to have to throw contents of the refrigerator/freezers away.

  10. What an amazing experience, Judy...I just can't imagine what it looked like firsthand! :)


  11. Beautiful pictures. What fun watching the baby whale. My son and his family were at Ocean City a coule years ago and a whale put on a show for them. I think it was unusual to see one there. I'd love to visit Alaska some day.
    Thanks for telling us about Brenda. So glad that you have each other.

  12. Hey Judy; You photos are Beautiful. It looks like you had such a Wonderful time while in Alaska.
    You and Brenda are so very Lucky to have each other for Friends.
    I can not wait to see what you will share next. Take Care. :-)

  13. Judy, you have taken the trip of a lifetime. I'm so happy for you !
    Seeing whales, so up close, had to be exciting.. The scenery that you show is magnificent.
    Keeping John and you in my prayers.
    Thanks for letting us know about Brenda.. I knew something had "run a muck" for her not to post on her blog. Let her know we're thinking about her.
    Hugs, Charlotte in Va.

  14. Alaska is on my bucket list. Loved looking at the photos.

  15. It's amazing to see these photos and remember the sights you see only in Alaska! I sure hope the weather's nice there this weekend! Sending hugs to you and Brenda both! HUGS!

  16. Judy
    small world. I visited those same places two years ago!
    And I know Paula-she just had lunch with my son and DIL a few days ago in Skagway! Did you visit there?
    I love Alaska and the Yukon and wish everyone could have the opportunity to visit the beautiful areas.
    You sure look like you're enjoying it!!

  17. Judy - thanks for the Brenda update!

    I was so happy to meet you when you came through Juneau! I'm glad you are feeling better, too!

    The whale watch boat captain is the daughter of folks we know here - she and her dad and uncle are also amazing photographers.

    Beautiful post!

  18. Oh, what I'd give to be able to look out my window of my home and see those incredible mountains! Gorgeous photos!

  19. Wonderful photos of your whale watching Alaskan adventure....I loved seeing these!
    Helen x

  20. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics, probably the closets I'll get to Alaska but I can really enjoy photos!!! Glad to hear Brenda is ok, thanks for letting us know.


  21. How cool that you got to meet Paula! I LOVE fireweed. It grows all over the pacific northwest.



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