Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Splurges on My Vacation and a Giveaway!!

If you knew me very well, you would know that I like two things really more than I should.  First, I love jewelry!  On my recent vacation to Alaska, my sister and I went into this fantastic jewelry store and both went a little overboard!
This was my purchase.  I love dragonflies and found this gorgeous dragonfly necklace handmade out of sterling silver, turquoise and oxblood coral.  I fell in love with it and decided it would be my souvenir from my trip.
I wear alot of bright colors like the orange, but it is also beautiful on a softer blue color.  In fact, it is beautiful on about anything. 
OK, the next thing I have an obsession with is Mexican food.  One night on the cruise I ordered Chile Relleno and this was what I got:
It was one big plateful of delicious!  Really good.
OK, so now you know about two of my many obsessions.
Now, on to another subject...
Tomorrow, 8/21/2013 is my one year anniversary of blogging.  I'm going to have a really big giveaway, so be sure and come back to visit and enter tomorrow (Wednesday).
See ya then.
Till next time, Judy


  1. I love this gorgeous necklace! I wear a lot of turquoise...it seems to look good with anything you wear and makes you feel special! Sweet hugs!

  2. LOVE your necklace, Judy, but Mexican food does NOT like ME! I can't believe you have only been blogging a year- I thought you'd been around much longer- xo Diana

  3. Seems hard to believe it's been a year. Remember how cautious you were at first? Now you're fully ensconced in blogging and enjoying all your new friends.

  4. Judy, I love the necklace. It sure is nice. I have to say, I do not know what you ordered to eat...it looks like a breaded animal, of sorts. what was it??:):) I wish we could see your sister's jewelry too. Enjoy wearing yours. xoxo,Susie

  5. Your dragonfly is stunning. You have wonderful taste!

  6. Gorgeous necklace! I love mex food too~ that looks so yummy! :)

  7. Beautiful necklace, and your dinner looks delicious. My daughter likes turquoise jewelry and I have some pieces to make up for her - will get to them some day.
    Is it not amazing how fast flies when you blog.
    Hope you are having a good week.

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary! I figured you've been blogging a lot longer Judy! You're so good at it.

    You're a girl after my own heart. I love jewelry and food too. Wait...I love food. Yeah, that's the ticket. ;)

  9. That is suppose to be "how fast time flies". My fingers move faster than my brain. :/
    Enjoy your evening.

  10. So excited about your blog anniversary! I am so glad you started blogging. Now that necklace is gorgeous. I am so glad you got it for yourself. I love dragonflies also and this is a beauty in turquoise, coral and silver. I also love some Mexican food and I'm good as long as I take my antacid! LOL! See you tomorrow.


  11. That necklace is a beautiful reminder of your trip to Alaska. That is one very large Chile Relleno! Happy 1 yr Blogiversary...

  12. The necklace is stunning. I love turquoise in necklaces. The design is so unusual. So glad that you purchased it - now every time you wear it you will have wonderful memories.
    I could eat Mexican food 24/7. Yummy
    Have a great week.

  13. Love that necklace! Gorgeous! I love Mexican food too. What is chile relleno?

  14. Wow! I don't know which made my mouth water the most, the dragon fly or the food. For the sake of my waistline I'd better choose the dragonfly. lol Blessings

  15. Gorgeous necklace, Judy! I can see why you couldn't resist it. I'm glad you treated yourself to something that will always remind you of your wonderful trip.


  16. We have two things in common then - I love jewelry and mexican food, too! That necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I love it!



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