Thursday, August 22, 2013

Red Toile Dishes

Sorry this post is so late in the day.  It's been a crazy day!  John and I went for his treatment this morning and then I went over to Brenda's to help her try to figure out some new wall arrangements and right in the middle of the "hanging", I got a call that our Granddaughter Brittany - who is expecting the twins in January and is the mother of Laynee - was having labor pains.
So, I left Brenda on her own and spent the afternoon at the hospital.  All's well tho.  It wasn't labor - thank goodness - and they were able to give her some relief.
Anyway, back to my new dishes.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I ordered these - they are Waverly - before I went on vacation and the box was here when I returned.  Unfortunately, things have been so crazy that I hadn't even unpacked the box until this afternoon.
So, just wanted you to drool over my Red Toile Dishes!!
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Thank you so much dear bloggers for all of the sweet emails about my one year blogging anniversary!  You are all so precious to me and I really mean that!
Till next time, Judy


  1. I'm so glad everything was okay with your granddaughter. That was scary, wasn't it!

    And those red dishes are really lovely! They seem to be perfect with those cute S&P.

  2. They really are gorgeous! I'm glad your day turned out good, too. I'll keep everyone in my prayers! Sweet hugs!

  3. Those are perfect holiday dishes: Christmas, Valentine's, 4th of July, Labor Day. Glad your grand daughter is OK. Way too soon for labor pains. Going to check out your Etsy shop, count me in! xo

  4. Judy, love the muffin tin with cute snowmen, gingerbread boy garland and the burlap printed Christmas runner. xo

  5. Love the pink dishes! What a crazy day for you! Glad all is well!

  6. LOVE your new dishes! I bet we'll be seeing lots of pretty table scapes with them. Happy to hear that all is well with Mom To Be! And hope that your Hubby is tolerating his treatments as well as can be expected.

  7. Pretty dishes indeed! They will be perfect for Christmas! Happy to hear the babies are staying "home"!
    I'm thinking something for Christmas might be fun from your shop!

  8. oh those are gorgeous dishes - what fun you will have.

    Glad the "labor" stopped - that is scary.

  9. Your dishes are WONDERFUL. You KNOW I love toile ware-especially RED!

    Glad that your girl was NOT in labor. That is way too early. You said Brenda? Is that Brenda of Cozy Little House or am I way off course here? I missed when you first started blogging so not sure if it is Brenda- xo Diana

  10. Hey Judy; I think I am going get Brenda to be my co-hort, in crime and come and borrow your Stunning Dishes!!!!!!
    Lady, You make me want to spend $$$ and get some a lot like Yours!!!!
    The Dishes will look too nice this Fall :-)

  11. What beauties your dishes are. Great color too. I have always wanted black toile dishes. Yours look stunning.

  12. Judy those dishes are so pretty! I love the red toile! So glad everything turned out OK. Your days are so busy and full! Sending prayers for all.

  13. I am glad your roller coaster kind of day turned out well. The dishes are gorgeous.
    Count me in in the draping please.

  14. I'm glad you're granddaughter is ok. Those dishes are gorgeous. I've always loved toile.

  15. Hi Judy ~ glad to hear your granddaughter & the twins are fine; that must've been a real scare. Loving your red toile dishes! As far as the giveaway and your etsy shop, does commenting here count? Or do I have to sign up somewhere on your etsy shop? I was a bit confused, sorry. But boy o boy, if I won...I have admired that runner with the red buttons for a LONG time! I also am crushing on the Christmas burlap pillow and the aqua pillow with pennants. :-)

  16. Glad everything is good with your granddaughter! Love your red toile dishes...Will look especially lovely during the Holidays!

  17. So glad all is well with your granddaughter.

    Enjoy your beautiful dishes.



  18. So glad that was a false alarm with the twins.
    Thanks for giving me a chance to win your contest.
    If I win, I would really have a hard time picking out from all your lovely items at your Etsy shop, Judy.

  19. Such beautiful red toile dishes! I've started collecting red toile for my house. I love your give-away too! Your Etsy shop is fun and I looked through everything! If I won, I would love your Spring bunny with lace, or the printed burlap Christmas runner, or the red and white crocheted potholder wreath! My mom used to collect those little crocheted potholders and it reminds me of her! I was hoping you'd have some of your darling hoops in your shop, the ones with burlap and lace! love those! Glad your granddaughter is fine.

  20. So glad to hear all is good with your grand daughter and future great grandchildren!

    If I was lucky enough to win your give-away I would be purchasing some of your pillows. They are delightful! The trouble would be which ones to pick....LOVE the crazy chicken pillow.

  21. Love toile. You put everything together beautifully.

  22. Love your etsy shop especially your creative pillows. My favorite is the Christmas handkerchief pillow because I love and collect handkerchiefs.

  23. Sure glad all turned out well for your Granddaughter. Sure hope she continues to do well - will add her to my prayers.
    The dishes are very pretty! I am still trying to be good and not add anything to my home as I still need to keep decluttering. :/
    Have a great weekend.

  24. I too am glad all is well with your granddaughter.
    Your dishes remind me of my grandmother, she had some of these displayed on a Welsh dresser (hutch).



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