Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Saturday Treasures 8/31/2013

This Saturday I got some really good buys.  Among them are this old vintage scale.  I have been wanting one of these for a long time and finally got one at a decent price.  Also, in the pic is a stack of old pieces of turned wood and  a darling little yellow gold pottery piece.
You can see the wooden pieces better in this photo.  Found some old Bakelite buckles, a teal tiny cup and saucer and in the background is a little light teal blue vase.
Also found this beautiful Christmas tablecloth - spotless.  It will make alot of Christmas pillows.  It is really the brighter red as above - don't know why this photo turned out a duller red.
A sweet little "Mother" plaque (I collect these also) sitting in front of a tin wall hanging bucket.  Am going to do the tin piece to hold Christmas cards.
Am going to redo this little table.  I thought it had cute legs.
It will make a nice little accent side table.
Be still my heart!!!
This darling bird cage with stand is going to be redone and put on the porch of my new little storage/work shed. 
Isn't the metal holder just so cute?
Till next time, Judy


  1. You must be gaga over your great finds! I've always wanted a scale, too, and the little side table is going to look beautiful after you work your magic. Can't wait to see how the bird cage looks on that little porch! :)


  2. Love that little side table and those buckles make great long t-shirt holder uppers.

  3. The best stuff, that bird cage on a tall stand is my fav of your funds this week.

    One radiation to go, skin is getting redder/more tender, in about 3 weeks it is supposed to settle down. Who knew that radiation continues acting in the body foe two or so weeks after treatment stops?

    I have appreciated your comments Judy, they helped. Prayers for you both.


  4. Cute little table. Does have nice legs.

  5. You find the best things, Judy. I really LOVE that little table. I think those were telephone tables, weren't they? Also, that birdcage/stand is adorable. Nice haul!!! xo Diana

  6. Love that scale Judy. It will make for lovely vignettes.

  7. Wow Judy, you scored!! I have been looking for a little side table like that for a long time, and another scale, too. You've got the good karma, girl :)
    xo, Andrea

  8. Love those! I think that is a sewing table. My grandmother had one. Women would keep their hand sewing or knitting projects in it. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    Cheery wave from

  9. I love the buckles and the teal cup and saucer Judy!

  10. You sure have a great eye for things. You seem to find treasures every week:)

  11. Can you hear my oh oh oh....the bird cage the SCALE! the little table..what a haul.


  12. Woo-hoo, Judy, more great treasures! Loving that side table and bird cage. Oh, and the scale, too. What are you going to do with the wood pieces and the belt buckles?

  13. The birdcage and stand are my favorites things from this group!

  14. Heavens Judy, How I wish that I could go Shopping with you for Antiques!!!! :-)
    You Always find the neatest things out there!!!

  15. You've found some really great things, Judy! I love the little table....it will look very pretty when you have painted it! And such a sweet and decorative birdcage, perfect to put on the porch, I love the tall stand it has too.
    Helen x

  16. Boy... you have such an eye for searching out really lovely things! That table is sooo cute and I love the birdcage too! Great shopping! xo

  17. Oh my word , what awesome finds. The bird cage looks amazing and the table cloth, so love the retro kind!!!! Awesome!!! Thank you for linking us up!!!

  18. AWESOME FINDS! WOW!!!! did I say WOW!!! Thanks so much for sharing and I can't wait till the table redo! Hugs!!! TFS

  19. Great finds! Saw your stuff posted on The Cottage Market.

    Happy Friday!



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