Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Treasures 9/7/2013

Sad, sad day - today was the last Tulsa Flea Market for about two months!!  Boo Hoo - what will I do?  They close for a couple of weeks before the Tulsa State Fair, then the Fair is a couple + weeks, then clean up and then some kind of big show requiring about all of the buildings and parking on the fairgrounds.  Makes me so sad!!
But, back to today's treasures.  I found the felt cat bag at the first booth I entered and proceeded to fill it up.
Got two big bunches of old vintage embroidery hoops - some metal and some wooden.
Can't turn down beautiful old hankerchiefs.
Found this darling china couple marked Japan and a few butter pats.  The beautiful little green Depression glass (of which I got eight) match a set that Brenda gave me last year for my birthday which is on St. Patrick's Day.  Very appropriate!
Isn't this the cutest thing?  It's an ash tray with mother hen and her chickens.
This is a breakfast set.  The toast sits in between the two little raised sections and you still have room for your eggs and bacon or whatever.  (I prefer sausage)
A beautiful vintage Fall tablecloth which I have already started cutting up to make pillows out of.  Don't fuss at me - it had some holes in it!!
For those of you who have asked - I am working on catergorizing my Saturday Treasures and will be listing the majority of them on my Etsy shop starting in a few weeks.  Right now, I'm working on Fall and Halloween items.  But, they will be coming soon!
Till next time, Judy


  1. Ok, you can cut IF it has holes! Love the chicken ash tray, I think I would use it in the kitchen for sponges. I love the toast plate! Great finds.

  2. Judy
    A sad day, for sure.
    Love your treasures. I'd love to collect old hankerchiefs, but
    they go for 3-5 buck each around

  3. You found some wonderful treasures today!

  4. I know just what you can do without the flea market going on. You can go to garage and estate sales and find me a dresser I've looked for for two straight years!

  5. Love those hankies, and gorgeous.


  6. I love the handkerchiefs and the tablecloth...I'm always pleased to find linens. I hear your woes...just when I'm getting motivated to hit some sales, they're over til spring!


  7. Nice finds! Sorry the flea will be shut down for a while. I have not been to the flea here in some time - just not what it used to be. :/
    I have several pieces of the emerald green glassware that came out of boxes of oats many, many years ago.

  8. What a fabulous haul you got! Love the little toast set, so sweet! I know the pillows will work up a treat, the fabric is gorgeous!

  9. I like hen and chicks ashtray!

  10. Nice score! Love the green glass and the tablecloth. Can't wait to see your Halloween items. xo

  11. Great finds. I love those green depression glasses. That dish with the toast prop is interesting! Fun to see new things.

  12. Hi Judy, I love your finds! That hen and chicks ashtray is so cute.
    You found lots of cute treasures!

  13. Judy- Too bad about the place shutting down but you got some great last time buys! That little chicken ashtray was a promotional item given by the hatcheries when they sold the big brooder coops. Hubby's granddad used to travel the country selling those brooders and that was one of the items he gave out. Those brooders were the size of half a train box car and were sold to big hatcheries. There is a whole series of them but I haven't seen any of them in years. What a fun find. xo Diana

  14. Nice finds, Judy! Maybe you'll have to travel to other flea markets for the next two months. :-)

  15. Judy ~ love your treasures and that table cloth will make wonderful pillows. Can't wait to see them ;-)

  16. Great finds, once again! That plate is so interesting with the "holders" for the toast - have never seen anything like it. With the flea mkt being closed now, do you have any nearby antique shops you could go to?

  17. Oh Judy you find such great treasures. I bet you are sad. You got some great ones this time. That table cloth made into your lovely pillows will be awesome.

  18. I am in love with all of those handkerchiefs.

  19. The ashtray would make a great business card holder. I am looking for one of those myself. xo, olive

  20. Fun finds! I thought of pillows when I saw the tablecloth too:)



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