Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday Treasures 10/26/2013

This is all from one garage sale on Saturday morning. 
I got:  a three piece setting of china marked Rose Marie Nasco Japan; a brass clock, a Depression Glass bowl; a gorgeous rose platter marked Prussia B Royal Kudostaut; chicken S&P shakers; a blue print platter, a set of rooster and hen marked Czechoslovakla; a huge amount of old tarnished silverware; some vintage earrings; and a beautiful frame.
Aren't the roses on here painted just beautifully?
This pretty piece has no markings at all.
Beautiful vintage silverware.
This awesome frame WITH the convex glass for $2.00!!!!!
It is metal.
All of the little plastic sacks were filled with these miniatures.  I'm going to start building a dollhouse this winter.
So, there are my finds for this week!
Brittany got to hold each of the babies this week.  They are still attached to a lot of stuff but Doctors assure us it is all just precautionary.  They are continuing to raise their feeding levels and all is well!
This is Brittany with Laycee Kay.  (Guess what my middle name is - KAY)!!
Till next time, Judy
PS:  Be sure and be here tomorrow for the last Christmas On Monday!


  1. The picture of Laycee Kay and Brittany is just lovely. There is nothing like a mother's cuddle to make a baby thrive. I used to work with tiny ones like this during my midwifery days, this picture brings back lots of happy memories.

  2. Precious picture of Brittany and Laycee Kay.

    Great finds from one gs. All good stuff.


  3. You hit the best sales of anyone I know. What a lot of cool stuff and those miniatures are awesome!

    Love that the babies are doing so well. They will be home before you know it- xo Diana

  4. Oh that little baby is s sweet. I bet you can hardly wait to hold your little ones. So glad that they are doing well.
    You really had a great find at your garage sale. All they ever have around here are clothes or junk.
    Have a great week.

  5. Seeing Brittany with one of the babies shows just how tiny they are. WOW!

  6. The blue and white piece looks Dutch. The baby and mama pic is so sweet.

  7. The photo of the baby with her mama made me almost cry! Love that they are doing so well!! Such sweeties!

    You found some really cool stuff. Love that frame!!!

  8. Great finds.

    And the babies! Look how tiny and precious! Continued good health to them. What sweeties they are.


  9. Precious photo of mom and baby!

    You got some great finds at the garage sales this week.

  10. Sweet, sweet babies-we have a little granddaughter that was born at 29 weeks. She stayed in the hospital for 7 weeks and there were many ups and downs for us for several months-She is now 8 years old and perfect in everyway! I am so thankful we live in such a wonderful time where there is amazing medical care!
    Congrats to you!

  11. What a precious little one! There will be many precious memories to make!

    Your goodies are fabulous! Loved them, especially the silverware!!

  12. That was one heck of a rummage sale. So glad the babies are thriving!

  13. Ah such a sweet picture of the new baby and her mama. I bet you can't wait to get your hands on those little ones.
    Great finds of course.

  14. Sweet finds and SUPER SWEET about the babies !

  15. Oh what a sweet precious little bundle of joy. I love babies.

    You did find some wonderful sale finds too.

    xo rachel

  16. The twins are sooo sweet! Just wait, they will be growing before your eyes faster than you can believe! My nephew was 3 lbs 3 oz. when he was born, and now he is a 6 ft 4 inch sports superstar! Give Brittany our love and well wishes!!!
    xoxo, Andrea



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