Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Treasures on Friday 10/19/2013

Decided to go out for a little drive this morning and get John out of the house (good excuse).  He sat in the car and I went to ONE garage sale and found all of these goodies!!
I found a vintage apron (the one with the bright appliqued flowers on it), some doilies, some lace, a basket, embroidery hoops including the huge one in back, a yellow gold Haeger vase, a brass vintage toast holder (I'm going to use for mail), a miniature typewriter, some crocheted glass cozies, a set of 6 little crystal dishes, a vintage toaster, a beautiful little china painted piece and...
a mystery piece (more on that below), two HD motorcycles for my son, some white dishes and two beautiful old wooden cigar boxes.
I got this gorgeous Spode platter - the other white dishes are English Johnson Brothers.
Look at the detail on these two wooden pieces.  They are three dimensional.  The little chair sets out in front of the fireplace.  So delicate.
A whole box of beautifully crocheted Christmas ornaments.  They are all starched so stiff and individually wrapped.
There's the miniature typewriter, glass dishes, a salt cellar and the hand painted china piece.  Behind are the old wooden cigar boxes.  Atop the boxes are the brass toast holder and a small jewelry box.
This is my mystery piece this week.  It's very heavy but I have no idea what it is.  Any suggestions?
Till next time, Judy


  1. Oh my goodness! You hit the jackpot, Judy. I love all of these wonderful items! The apron is especially pretty. Hope your weekend is going well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Getting out just for a bit is good. Love your finds. No idea what the glass piece is, I thought at first an ash tray or a pipe holder but that didn't make sense. Hope someone figures it out.

  3. Wonderful finds! I especially liked the little wooden frame home scene pieces. Is it possible that the mystery glass piece could be from an old inkwell set or maybe a press for the old wax seals that were used long ago on letters? Just a couple of guesses.

  4. Wow!!! You did find a goldmine!!!
    I am going to browse around your blog for a bit tonight! Thanks for coming to visit me. I am now YOUR newest follower!!

  5. WOW, you really hit the jack pot - great items. I have no idea what your glass piece is - let us know if you find out.
    Hope John is feeling good.

  6. Wow, you hit the jack pot with that garage sale. I haven't found one like that in years.

    I love mystery items but I'm afraid that my guess would have to be a flimsy one and say that it may be an ashtray or perhaps one for cigars..?
    Please let us know if you find out the answer. xo

  7. Could the heavy glass item be an ashtray? The neat little wooden shadow boxes.. the one on the left, the thing to the left of the fireplace is a spinning wheel, but it's missing it's wheel! Those are neat!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Love your finds!! Especially love those crocheted ornaments!! Lucky you! Thanks for popping by my blog!
    It's great to meet you!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. Judy,
    You find the best stuff. I am telling you I need to go garage sales with you. Great scores.

  10. You find the best things at your sales. I especially like the toast/mail holder. Very clever idea.
    I believe the heavy glass item is an ashtray as mentioned before, but it was mainly used by pipe smokers. The smoker would use the piece in the middle to tamp the tobacco out. It would help to loosen the remnants of the smoked tobacco. My husband is a pipe smoker, and we have had our share of just such ashtrays in the house, although none quite so beautiful.

  11. You did it again! Jackpot!!! The heavy mystery dish looks like an ashtray perhaps?
    xo Kris

  12. Judy, What wonderful treasures you found , in one trip . Love the wee typewriter...looks like one I am wanting, but I want the big version. xoxo,Susie

  13. Great finds! I love the pottery piece!!

  14. What great treasures you got, Judy...The typewriter is adorable..?Could it be an ashtray?

  15. Great finds again, Judy...I'm particularly fond of the brass "mail holder", the crocheted ornaments, the little typewriter, and the wooden cigar boxes. They look particularly cool when used in a vignette on bookshelves. I'm agreeing with the others that think your glass piece is an ashtray - most likely used for pipes.

  16. You certainly hit the motherlode! You have found some wonderful treasures here, especially the little typewriter - adorable!

  17. Gorgeous finds again Judy! The crochet ornaments look so pretty and will be lovely with some of the things you make so beautifully yourself.
    Helen x

  18. I love that teeny typewriter.

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