Friday, November 29, 2013

Very Inexpensive Christmas Tree!


This little Christmas tree is very easy and very, very inexpensive to make.
This little glittery Christmas tree is from the Dollar Tree!!
These are gold and glitter flower centers that I had gotten at Michaels.  One box of these would make 6-7 trees.  You don't even have to use these if you don't want.
I took two of the clusters and wrapped around the top of the tree.  When you start gluing, add some glue up there to secure the clusters.
Tear three strips of muslin 1 1/2" wide by 45".  Press the strips after you tear them and then, I fold them in half and press so I will have a center stitching line.
Using the Basting stitch on your machine, stitch down the center forming a gathering stitch.  Pull the bottom thread until your piece of muslin that started out at 45" is now about 18".  Knot the ends - otherwise the gathering can start coming out after you get it on the tree.
Start at the back seam of the tree - it is very noticeable and hot glue starting at the bottom. 
When you've gone completely around, just curve your gathered strip up and make another row of muslin.
Continue until your tree is covered - it didn't take quite three pieces of the muslin to cover this one.
You can use either the front or back.  The front is even gathers and....
the back will be swirled tiers.
I added a small gold star at the top but that is up to you and what you want or what you have available.
This takes about thirty minutes from start to finish and I think a whole forest of them would be darling.  You could also do them in a Christmas green color if you desire!
Couldn't leave without showing you this photo.  Bella always has to be right in the middle of things and I snapped this photo of her while I was snapping pics
Till next time, Judy
PS:  Needless to say, I played around with PicMonkey today!




  1. Sweet little tree with bling. I love the new Christmas effects, especially the fonts. I framed Peaches with the Christmas Candy Canes for my computer screen. Fun and they will never know. Bless the dogs.

  2. You are so smart! Bella is so sweet!
    Happy weekend!

  3. I don't want to think about Christmas, but I'll take a Bella!

  4. How adorable is that? I love dollar tree, you turned it into something totally different though! Your pup looks so sweet, I love having mine "help me" if you can call it help?


  5. very creative Judy~!

    Bella and my pom girls would have lots of fun.

  6. Very snazzy, Jude. Bella looks neglected...

  7. I'm sorry that your hubby isn't doing well....sending prayers to your both...
    The colors sound perfect! Thank you!

  8. Judy hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. You always make the cutest darn things. So clever.

  9. Oh come by and share on the hop. It is up and live.

  10. Hi Judy,

    The slightly ruffled edges of your adorable muslin trimmed tree remind me of the way the boughs arch on a real one. SO easy and fun and festive!

    Is Bella expecting a treat for being such a well-mannered student?:-D

    Hope you had a cozy Thanksgiving!


  11. Well that is just precious! Thanks for the idea! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  12. Cute little tree Judy! I am ready to see all your Christmas decorations! Hugs!!

  13. The queen of creative strikes again.

    I have no idea how you keep coming up with ideas but you do.


  14. So creative! Love everything you come up with! Hope your Thanksgiving was good. XO

  15. Thought I saw a little Pic Monkey in there..Very cute..Great idea..

  16. Love the little tree - you are so creative.
    Bella looks like she is the supervisor LOL. Lili sends hugs to Bella.
    Hope the twins and John are doing great.

  17. Great idea! Think I will try a lace one. Linda@Wetcreek Blog



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