Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just a Little Christmas Decor

My Christmas décor is at a minimum this year due to the majority of my decorations, etc. are in the attic.  John always gets those down and I didn't think he was up to that this year.  So, I just used items I already had in my entry closet.
This is my entry with a vintage piece of furniture.  I used my Happy Holidays sign done in Candy Cane stripes.
I love this black wicker snowman's hat that I got after Christmas last year.  I filled it with live poinsettias.
On the other side, I used another poinsettia and some of my Santa collection. 
I have this thing about little boxes.  These are some of my favorites.
This is one of my best all-time favorite Santas.  Of course, it's made out of a Coca Cola bottle!
I have been really busy this last week getting out all of my Etsy orders for the holidays.
John and I went to his cancer doctor yesterday and the news was great.  His cancer count was almost non-existent. 
We thank God for his goodness and thank all of you for your good wishes and prayers.  They worked!  We still have some issues to deal with but we're on the right track.
Thanks again.
Till next time, Judy


  1. Glad to hear the good news!!! We could use a little of that around here.

  2. Your decorations are looking festive and the wicker top hat is a great find! I'm so happy you received good news. You couldn't ask for a better Christmas present than that!

  3. Wonderful news! I know all your followers are so happy for you.

  4. Such very great news Judy and John. Tearing right up now.
    Love Joy

  5. Wonderful news!!! You have decorated more than I have. I have so little so far, I hesitate to even take pics. Can't seem to focus on the holidays this year.
    Enjoy your evening and stay warm.

  6. Great news about your Hubby :) Enjoyed seeing your front entry and the black hat is so cool.
    Love the J-O-Y on your front door!

  7. Some of those are Jim Shore, aren't they? I wonder if that guy thinks of patchwork when he paints?

  8. So happy to hear the good news about John, that is so wonderful. Love your decorations, especially the candy cane painted sign. I have your little Christmas trees on my mantelpiece and they look perfect.x
    Helen x

  9. Fantastic news for John and you - Merry Christmas!!! Your Santa hat is awesome, looks great with the poinsettia. Love your Santas, too - the Coke bottle one is really cute.

    Hugs ~ Mary

  10. That is wonderful news...the best gift of them all. I love your pretty things...the coke Santa sure is cute. We didn't get things down from the attic this year either. Feels good to do a little less! Sweet hugs!

  11. Yeah for the good news. I know that you could use some of that. It's okay not to decorate as much as before. I do that every year now, a little less. funny, because I just decorated with what didn't make the storage boxes. I still need to find ornaments though. Other than that, it still looks good without all the fluff. As long as I have lights here and there I am happy.

  12. Oh Judy, I am so happy that John is doing so much better. Hope the twins are getting stronger. Do you think they will be home by Christmas?
    Your decorations look great and I love the top hat.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  13. Judy your home is looking very festive! I love the snowman's hat planter! Good news about the cancer and hoping the other issues are getting better! Big Hugs to you!


  14. Beautiful vintage touches, Judy! Poinsettias just have to be part of the Christmas decor!

    So glad to hear John is almost cancer free. What a blessing. Sending a hug for both of you!


  15. Wonderful news about John!

    Your Christmas decorations are lovely!

  16. I am so happy to hear the good news about John. I still keep both of you in my prayers. Is there someone close-by who could go up into your attic for you? A kindly neighbor, friend, or relative? The decorations you have out are really cute though. I really like your Happy Holidays sign and the Santa Coke bottle.

  17. Best wishes for both you and John, Judy! What awesome news! Love your decorations, so pretty.

  18. Hi Judy, Hooray for the good news here at the holiday season. Prayers do miracles helping with all of the challenges. I love the Christmas decorations that you have put out. I like the sign. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and Warm. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  19. Such great news! WooHOOO!! I like your holiday entry. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Judy that is wonderful news about your husband!!! So great!! Love all of your Santa's and the hat!!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    xo Kris

  21. Dear Judy and John; I am so very glad that God has Blessed you both so richly. Answered Prayers are a very Wonderful thing!!!!
    Merry Christmas and I hope that you ALL have a Wonderful Christmas with your Family and a Blessed New year!!! :-)

  22. Dear Judy, that is the best news regarding John! Such a wonderful Christmas present! Love your Holiday sign.

  23. So glad you received good news. The best Christmas grift. Love your coke bottle Santa and holiday sign.

  24. What wonderful news for a Christmas present! Glad John is on the road to recovery. I love Santas too and also have a collection. I've never seen anything like the coca-cola one!I'm doing minimal decorations this you too, just not enough time.

  25. So glad John is doing better! That is better than decorations being out! I do love your Santas and all though....especially the Santas...lol.

  26. SO happy to hear that news about your Husband! God is good all the time:) Your decorations are so pretty! I love that Santa coke bottle! Have a blessed day dear friend! BIG HUGS!

  27. That is great news, Judy! Best Christmas present, too. xo

  28. Thrilled to hear John had a good report! I always say a beautiful poinsettia is one of the best Christmas decorations ever: space saving and beautiful!

  29. Oh Judy so glad to hear the good news. What a nice Christmas present for both of you. I love your coke bottle santa too. The whole vignette is so cute.

  30. Praise God!!!
    Love that Santa from a Coke bottle! It all looks so lovely!

  31. Congratulations on the good news.

    I love the display with all the Santas and especially the coke bottle Santa.

  32. Cute and festive! I'm not even decorating this year so I'm enjoying seeing yours! Love the snowman hat!

    Cheery wave from

  33. Good news for John..Love the Black hat and your sign

  34. Judy,

    What fantastic news about your husband, so happy for you, thank the Lord.

    Your candy cane sign is charming as is your Coca Cola Santa, who is my favourite Christmas character, next to Frosty!

    Have a lovely week!


  35. I love that coke bottle santa too. So glad your hubby got good news. What a blessing.

  36. That is good news, Judy, and I'm sure the best present you could both get this year! Your vignette looks lovely. I love that sign with its candy cane stripes. The wicker Frosty hat is wonderful, too. Such a great way to combine two things in one, with the poinsettia.

  37. What wonderful news to receive about John and the "C" word.. He has been in my prayers.
    All of your decorations are so cute and Christmasy.. I have one of the wicker snowman hats. Your's makes a great home for your poinsettia..
    Wishing you, John and your family a wonderful Christmas and all goods things in the new year.
    Charlotte in Virginia



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