Monday, April 21, 2014

A Most Precious Gift

I received the most precious gift(s) from a reader named Ruth.  She and I have communicated back and forth for some time now.  This package came in the mail and I was almost in tears going thru all of the goodies in the box.
There were these two beautiful hatboxes filled to the brim with these....
A beautiful assortment of Blue Willow children's dishes.
You may recall that I have some of these and am always excited when I pick up a few pieces at sales. 
This is the darling card she sent with the package.  Do you think it and my entry wallpaper are related?
She wrote the sweetest note and I will treasure it always.
As if that was not enough, she sent me a beautiful yellow shoe - MC COY!!!!!!  She knows me pretty well.
But, look what she made for my dollhouse - she crocheted these tiny doilies and a small rug - but, look at the tiny potholders!!  I put a dime beside them so you could see how tiny they are.  Amazing talent this woman has.  And the little white handtowel has a hand embroidered flower on it.
I cannot wait to start on my dollhouse and use these precious gifts.
Thank you so much Ruth!!
One thing I have learned for sure, is that bloggers are undoubtedly the sweetest and most giving people I have ever met.  I just cannot tell you how many people wrote me wanting to know what they could do to help Brenda with her move.  Such compassion and love for someone they have never met. 
The move is done and finalized.  Brenda is a new person in her new home.  There's a lot of confusion until she gets everything "just right", but I keep telling her it just takes time.  But, thank you all for your concern and love for her.
Stay tuned for a fun project tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful treasure Judy. Your friend was so kind. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. What a sweet sweet gift! Lots of pretty things you'll enjoy. You do so much for others, I'm happy when you are the recipient, too. Enjoy your week my friend! Sweet hugs!

  3. How lovely! and what a generous and kind reader, too.

    Enjoy your new treasures!

  4. She is indeed talented. And yes, bloggers and blog readers are the best. Thanks, Judy. I feel peaceful here.

  5. What a nice gift to receive. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your doll house. Maybe it will get me motivated to work on mine again.

  6. Hi Judy,
    I am trying to catch up with my blogs. I love that Ruth gifted these dishes to you. How beautiful. I can't wait to see the lovely doll house. Have a great week.

  7. You totally deserve any gifts that come your way, Judy. You are such a good and helpful friend. Those dishes are adorable. I'll bet you are resting up after Brenda's relocation. Bloggers are the best. I have made friends with so many warm and wonderful ones.

  8. WOW!!! What a treasure trove of gifts Ruth sent you. You can tell she loves you to the moon and back. I love those blue willow dishes. I had a set when I was a kid and wish I had it now!

    I have been following Brenda and it sounds like she is doing really well...or will once she gets the arrangement of her furniture and stuff figured out. Thank God for YOU helping her! xo Diana

  9. You are so deserving of those special gifts. Ruth must be a special person as well.
    Do you know about Club Little House. It's a swap for minatures. You make 12 things and get twelve back. I don't know when you would have time but thought I would mention it.
    Thanks for all you do.

  10. Not a blogger, but a reader of blogs. I have the complete seet of these blue willow dishes and the box they came in. I'm now 59 and got these for Christmas when I was 8 to 10 years old. Past the age of breaking them. Have them out and displayed in my bedroom.

  11. Oh Blue willow wow! You are so right, bloggers are the nicest people, so giving and thoughtful. I love the little pot holders she made!!! You are a blessed girl


  12. Such a beautiful gift, with things just right for you! And well deserved, dear Judy.
    Helen xox

  13. That little yellow Dutch shoe reminds me of the pair of real Dutch shoes my Daddy bought for me when I was a little girl. Fun but the most uncomfortable thing I ever put on my feet! Lovely treasures.

    Enjoyed meeting you!

    Grace & Peace.

  14. How sweet of Ruth to send you those gifts!
    Glad things are working out for Brenda and she is getting all moved in.

  15. Such a beautiful and generous gift! I think special friends are made via blogging ~ so many wonderful people.

    So glad you stopped by so I could visit your blog and now follow. Hope you have a beautiful day!


  16. Judy,

    Your own kindness and concern for so many fellow bloggers inspires others to follow in your footsteps! Your treasures are so very pretty and definitely custom made for you!

    Have a lovely week!


  17. Hi Judy, yes, blogger are the best and always so generous and giving. Love your beautiful gifts and the Blue Willow is so close to my heart. What a treasure the little set is. I have all my grandmothers BW dishes and cherish them. Love all the things you received in those darling boxes.
    So glad Brenda is all moved and now setting up her décor. You are right, it takes time and will evolve with time.
    Have a special day.

  18. Beautiful gifts! I love the transferware to just started to hope for a collection (no pieces yet) but will be searching all Blessings!~Amy

  19. Beautiful gifts! I love the transferware to just started to hope for a collection (no pieces yet) but will be searching all Blessings!~Amy

  20. You deserve to bet treated like a Queen because you are so wonderful to everyone. Love the package.



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