Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Treasures,Treasures and more Treasures!

I couldn't call this Saturday Treasures because I shopped on Wednesday,
Friday and
I started out with an Estate Sale on Wednesday, then on Thursday hit two garage sales, on Friday went shopping and lunch with Brenda and Kay and on Saturday went back to the first Estate Sale because everything was 50% off.
I got a cute cuckoo clock that is broken but has all of the parts.  Wonder what color I'll paint it?
A sweet little wooden doll that will go to my good friend Ruth, the black box is a shadowbox, and some chicken s&p shakers.
A pretty piece of cream pottery made by Haeger.
Two cute ribbed glass containers with plastic lids.  Don't know if they are old or not, more s&p shakers and some tiny square tart pans.
A patriotic sailboat, a sweet little china piece with a peacock on it, two BIG rhinestone clips, some doilies and two jars of vintage buttons.
Look at these darling little pincushions made out of old wooden egg cups.
A bunch of burgundy mini mittens, more tin tart pans and an old piece of fabric.
Have you ever used these?  They are plate hangers that you attach on the back and you don't have the little wires showing when you hang them.  I love them but they are quite expensive - these were 75 cents.  I got a large bundle of really nice black, tan and cream fabric also.
A zinc clock to add to my collection.
Service for four in these dainty and delicate children's dishes.
And another cute little shelf with drawers.
I don't think I missed anything.  It was a very good week.



  1. Judy, What a haul. I love the white lady with the buggy. Sweet. I know you had a fun time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. You did good!
    My favorite would be the bling. :)
    Hope you are having a great week.

  3. Judy- You find the best stuff. I can't believe the children's dishes you run across. I NEVER see them anywhere here. I have never used those plate hangers. I was always afraid they would "let go" and my plates would smash. lol I think I have plate trust issues!

    Hope you had a wonderful day- xo Diana

  4. I can't believe all the lovely items you find at your sales. I never seem to find anything. Almost all the garage sales are just clothes.
    Love the s/p shakers.
    Have fun this weekend on your hunt.

  5. You did good, girl! I am flying down to OK...we never have estate sales like that here!! :)


  6. Judy, it was a VERY good week! So many cute things!

  7. Judy, how fun for you
    Sounds like a perfect week.
    Love the plate hangers..
    Xo marissa

  8. Wish I could follow you around - you get some great finds.

  9. You got some mighty good loot! My husband likes roosters..a lot. He would have bought the ones you found for sure.

  10. got some great goodies!! I have a thing for pincushions and love the ones that got.

  11. My did well and I see a few items I would have picked up myself! Finding is Fun :) Blessings, Cindy

  12. Those are great finds. I love the clocks and the pin cushions.

  13. I am looking forward to seeing how you paint your clock - I have a cuckoo clock, quite old and have just this week found new hands for it on Ebay and am getting it working but never thought of painting it! Betty

  14. Well I'll say it was a very good week, wonderful finds Judy!

  15. You've got some impressive finds there. I particularly like the Haeger pottery and your salt and pepper shakers. I can't resist rhinestones, I think the clips are very nice.

  16. You always find the greatest things! I never have that much luck at our local sales...Congrats!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  17. I love all of your finds, especially those salt and pepper shakers.
    Hugs to you Judy,

  18. The clock and the tea-cup are my favourite. Thanks for sharing your findings.

  19. Wow, you made quite a haul! I've pinned your clock to my vintage clock board. Love it!!!

  20. Great treasures, Judy! I am trying to get rid of a lot of stuff...want to come shopping at my house? ;-) I can vouch for those plate hangers working - I have several plates hung on my kitchen and living room walls where I've used these.

  21. Wow, Judy, you really got a lot of treasures! Love the children's's beautiful!

  22. I love the little shelf and the chicken and rooster set! You sure found some neat things!

  23. I always love to see what you find, Judy! Some things are familiar and bring back memories like the little wooden doll, and others are fun because they are new to the little patriotic boat! You are a wonderful treasure hunter!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  24. Yum, yum, yum!!! I love the little clock, and that sweet shelf, and...
    EVERYTHING!!!! Great picking!

  25. Wow, Judy, you hit the mother lode! : ) You found some great things. Since I closed my booth I have been avoiding yard sales and estate sales. I just don't have anywhere to put any great things I might find. I have still been checking out the thrift store because I can makeover little things for my Etsy.

  26. Judy, you find the best treasures! I think the little metal pans with the handle may be inserts from a poached egg pan. I have scrubbed the dickens out of mine when those eggs stick so I am very familiar with that hard to clean shape! :)

  27. are quite a good picker there

  28. Oh I must say I would love to go to an auction with you. Great finds. B

  29. Those pincushions are just adorable! No, I haven't used those disc hanger thingies. I have so many of the other kind of plate hangers!



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