Monday, June 30, 2014

A Pinterest Project, Twins and Flowers

I'm sure you have all seen this project done on Pinterest many, many times.  Well, I wanted to do this one.
I started out with an old Bentwood chair I got for $5.00 at a garage sale.  I then, took jute rope and started at the top right hand corner and knotted the rope on the back.  I then threaded the jute to the opposite side and wrapped it twice around the wooden back piece, took it to the other side, and so on. 
Then I took miniature clothespins and pinned vintage photos on the jute rope.
Sit an ironstone bowl full of apples and you have a vignette that includes old family photos.
Speaking of photos-------
I took this pic last night as the twins were laying in the floor playing around - Kaycee on the left and Laycee on the right.  They are eight months old and darling.
And then, I wanted to show you my gorgeous Angelwing Begonias that are blooming like crazy!!
Now, don't you think that is three great projects??


  1. Those begonias are beautiful. Wait!! I thought you were not a gardener. I guess you are better than you thought. The twins are adorable. I would get nothing done when they were around. The chair is a cute project. That would be cute on bar stool height as well.

  2. The chair gives me an idea. Hubby tossed most of my treasured old chair, but I still have the back...hmmm...might have to try that. the twins are so adorable!

  3. Your begonias are beautiful!! The twins are adorable!! Love the turned out great!!

  4. Very nice! It is good to see the twins doing so well.

  5. And you said you weren't a gardener. Those babies are just too precious for words. xo Laura

  6. Oh, my! Look at the smiles on those darling baby girls! And your begonia is gorgeous, too.

  7. Those are three great projects! The twins are so cute and look darling in their little outfits. But I thought you were not a gardener. You must have been joking because those Begonias are beauties!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. Hello! Lovely projects! I really like your begonias, I have never seen one like that before! Very pretty indeed and a great colour too. xx

  9. Judy those babies are so sweet! Love the chair and the begonias!

  10. Oh Oh Oh! The twins are DARLING! Really, really adorable! I'm sending you something in the mail. Watch for it! XO

  11. I've never seen that idea pinned before. I LOVE it! Such a sweet idea and I see those chairs at a lot of garage sales!


  12. Have not seen that chair project on Pinterest - very pretty! Where will you keep this chair? The twins are absolutely adorable. Can't believe how fast they're growing.

  13. I thought you couldnt garden? My gosh, those begonias are beautiful! Love that chair and those sweet little babies! Sweet like jam.

  14. Those begonias are beautiful! Loved the rest of your photos as well. Blessings

  15. Judy, I'd say you do have a green thumb after all. Your begonia is beautiful.. If I ever find a snake in my yard that may be the end of gardening for me.
    Have a lovely 4th of July weekend.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  16. Hi Judy,
    Love the adorable pic of the twins. They are too sweet. I love the chair idea that is really neat. Have a great 4th my friend.

  17. Those little twins are adorable, Judy! What happy little faces!

    Love your project. Everything you create has your mark on it, your style. xoxo

  18. Darling babies.

    I haven't seen one of those bentwood chairs in years.

  19. beautiful babies!!!
    Beautiful flowers and the chair looks lovely set up like that!!

  20. They are such cuties! That chair really looks great and I love begonias!

  21. Oh my gosh, they are adorable, Judy! Look at those cheeks!



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